Where Do You Get A Chef’s Hat in OSRS?

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A chef’s hat is an iconic free-to-play head slot item in OSRS. You can get it by killing goblins or imps (these are the easiest), or by buying the hat from a shop – like the Shayzien Styles clothing shop in Shayzien.

Or if you build Teak shelves in your POH kitchen then you can get an unlimited supply of Chef’s hats from there.

And this hat is not just a fashion(scape) statement either — it’s also one of the requirements for players that want to enter the Cook’s Guild.

Now let’s look at our best options for getting a Chef’s hat.


Getting a Chef’s Hat From Monster Drops

Chef’s hats are quite easy to get from a few low-leveled monsters that the player will encounter in the early game.

Arguably, Goblins and Imps are the quickest and easiest monsters to kill for a Chef’s hat.

But you can get a Chef’s hat dropped from any of these:

  • A level 2 or level 7 Imp
  • Level 3 Cave goblin
  • Level 2, 5, or 13 Goblin
  • Level 42 Goblin guard, which can only be found under the Observatory, north of Castle Wars
A level 2 Imp / Old School RuneScape

A level 2 imp, pictured above.

A level 3 Cave goblin in under Lumbridge Swamp / OSRS

A level 3 cave goblin in Lumbridge Swamp, pictured above.

A level 2 Goblin in Lumbridge / OSRS

A level 2 goblin in Lumbridge, pictured above.


Getting a Chef’s Hat From A Shop

For just 2 gold pieces, you can pick a Chef’s hat at from Asyff at the Fancy Clothes Store in Varrock.

However, there are 0 Chef’s hats in stock at Asyff’s shop – but there is a placeholder for one. This means you can only buy one here if another player has sold one to the shop.

Ironmen also can’t buy items that other players have sold to shops – so they’ll need to look elsewhere.

Asyff's Fancy Clothes Store in eastern Varrock / OSRS

Robyn at the Shayzien Styles clothing shop in Shayzien, Great Kourend, also sells Chef’s hats for just 2 gold pieces.

Robyn's Shayzien Styles clothing shop in Shayzien / OSRS

Getting A Hat From Your House

At level 67 construction, you can build Teak shelves 2 in the shelf space of your kitchen.

From these shelves you can get an unlimited supply of chef’s hats, as well as kettles, teapots, trimmed porcelain cups, empty beer glasses, bowls, pies dishes, cake tins, and empty pots.

Teak shelves 2 in the player owned house / Old School RuneScape

Building the shelves requires the player to be carrying a hammer and a saw, and the shelves are made of:

  • 3 teak planks
  • 6 soft clay
  • 2 gold leaves

Getting Into The Cooks’ Guild

The Cooks’ Guild sits just southwest of the Grand Exchange in Varrock.

It’s a three-story building with a windmill on the side of it.

The Cook's Guild in western Varrock / OSRS

Players need at least level 32 cooking to enter the Cooks’ Guild, and they must also be wearing one of the following items:

  • A plain white Chef’s hat
  • A Golden chef’s hat
  • A Cooking cape
  • A Cooking hood
  • A Max cape
  • Varrock armour 3, or Varrock armour 4
Player walking into the Cooks' Guild with a Golden chef's hat on / OSRS

The Cooks’ Guild has the closest cooking range to a bank in the game (although you need to have completed the Varrock hard diary to use the bank).

This makes it one of the best places to efficiently level your Cooking skill.

Player using the Cooks' Guild cooking range, a few steps away from the bank booth / OSRS

Trivia: Treasure Trail Requirement

As part of a Beginner Clue Scroll (also known as Treasure Trail), the player needs to wear a red cape and a chef’s hat while doing the Cheer emote inside Thessalia’s Fine Clothes shop in Varrock.

A Hard Clue Scroll step also requires the player to enter the Cooks’ Guild, so you’d need a Chef’s hat for that too.

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