OSRS: How Do You Make Chocolate Cake?

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The easiest way to make a chocolate cake in Old School RuneScape is to use a chocolate bar or chocolate dust on a regular cake.

Making one from scratch requires 50 Cooking and the following ingredients:

  • a cake tin
  • an egg
  • a bucket of milk
  • a pot of flour
  • and a chocolate bar or chocolate dust

Add the ingredients (except chocolate) to a cake tin, cook it on a range, then use the chocolate bar or dust on the regular cake to get your chocolate dessert.


Getting A Cake (The Easy Way)

If you can’t make your own cake, you’ll need to get one elsewhere.

The easiest to way to get a cake is to thieve it from the following locations:

  • Ardougne (Ardougne Baker’s Stall)
  • Keldagrim (Keldagrim’s Best Bread)
  • Kourend (Kourend Castle Baker’s Stall)
Player stealing a cake from the east Baker's stall / OSRS

Alternatively, you can buy one from Sophanem at Nathifa’s Bakery Stall (pictured below).

Nathifa's Bakery Stall / Old School RuneScape

Remember that you need a whole cake to make a chocolate cake.

You can’t use cake slices together to create a whole cake.


Baking A Chocolate Cake From Scratch

To bake a chocolate cake from scratch at level 50 Cooking or above, you need:

  • Cake tin x1
  • Egg x1
  • Bucket of milk x2
  • Pot of flour x1
  • And a chocolate bar or chocolate dust
A cake tin, an egg, a bucket of milk, a pot of flour, a chocolate bar / OSRS

Use all of the ingredients (except the chocolate bar) with the cake tin to get your batter. Then use that cake tin on a cooking range to get a normal cake.

Player cooking a cake in the Lumbridge kitchen / OSRS

After that, simply use the chocolate bar or chocolate dust on the cake (remember to select the “use” option—don’t accidentally eat the chocolate bar or a slice of the cake!)

You get 30 experience points in Cooking when adding a chocolate bar (or chocolate dust) to a cake.


Finding Eggs

There’s usually an egg spawn or two near most chickens.

But on free-to-play worlds, there are four different egg spawns:

Two eggs spawn at the Falador farm, north of Port Sarim.

Two eggs at the Falador farm / OSRS

One egg spawns at Fred the Farmer’s farm house in Lumbridge.

One egg at Fred the Farmer's farm house / OSRS

Five eggs spawn northwest of Fred the Farmer’s house in Lumbridge.

Five eggs northwest of Fred the Farmer's house / OSRS

And three eggs spawn by the house northwest of the bridge on the island of Entrana.

Three eggs on Entrana / Old School RuneScape

On members-only worlds, there are two different egg spawns:

One egg spawns by the chicken shrine in Zanaris.

An egg in front of the Zanaris chicken shrine / OSRS

And two eggs spawn on Mary and Gordon’s farm south of the Farming Guild in the Kebos Lowlands.

Two eggs on Mary and Gordon's farm / OSRS

Eggs can also be bought at the Culinaromancer’s Chest in Lumbridge Basement.

The Culinaromancer Chest in Lumbridge Basement / OSRS

Getting A Bucket of Milk

To get a bucket of milk, simply use a bucket on a dairy cow.

Player milking a dairy cow in the eastern cow pen in Lumbridge / OSRS

Dairy cows can be found on most farms, but the easiest one to get to is either on Falador farm, or the cows on Lumbridge West farm or Lumbridge East farm.

As for spawns, there’s only one bucket of milk spawn in the whole map.

This is located east of the long hall in the town of Relleka, north of Seers’ Village.

Bucket of milk spawn in Relleka / OSRS

Players with any type of larder in the kitchen of their player-owned-house can even get an unlimited supply of buckets of milk.

So this is probably the best location to source milk if you have your own kitchen.

Larder in player-owned house / OSRS

And just like eggs, buckets of milk can also be bought at the Culinaromancer’s Chest in Lumbridge Basement.


Getting A Pot of Flour

Flour is made at windmills (the Zanaris and Harmony Island windmills don’t work).

The closest windmill to a bank is the one in the Cooks’ Guild (which requires level 32 cooking and a chef’s hat to enter).

Cooks' Guild windmill / OSRS

Just add grain to the hopper at the top of the windmill and then operate the hopper controls.

Then, on the ground floor, use an empty pot on the flour bin to get a pot of flour.

Flour bin / Old School RuneScape

This process doesn’t give any cooking experience.

But just like milk & eggs, pots of flour can also be bought at the Culinaromancer’s Chest in Lumbridge Basement.


Getting A Cake Tin

The easiest way to get a cake tin is to buy one a general store, as most general stores stock them.

Alternatively, players with wooden shelves in the kitchen of their player-owned-house have access to an unlimited supply of cake tins.

Shelves in the player-owned house / OSRS

Cake tins can also be bought at the Culinaromancer’s Chest in the Lumbridge Basement as well.

And there’s also a cake tin that spawns in the Cooks’ Guild, along with one in the western ruins of the Wilderness.

Bowl and cake tin spawn in Cooks' Guild / OSRS

Getting Chocolate

It’s best to get chocolate bars from shops.

Any of these will work:

  • Rok’s Choc Box in Nardah stocks 25 chocolate bars at 10gp each.
  • The Grand Tree Groceries shop in the Grand Tree stocks 20 chocolate bars at 10gp each.
  • Funch’s Fine Groceries in the Grand Tree also stocks 20 chocolate bars at 10gp each.
  • The Baker’s Stalls in the east and west of the Ardougne market in East Ardougne stock 9 and 7 chocolate bars respectively at 10gp each.

Pictured below is Rok’s Choc box in Nardah.

Rok's Choc Box in Nardah / OSRS

Chocolate bars can also be bought at the Culinaromancer’s Chest in Lumbridge Basement as well.

Chocolate dust is made by using a chocolate bar on a pestle and mortar. Or it can be bought at 2gp each from Funch’s Fine Groceries and Grand Tree Groceries, both located at the Grand Tree.

In fact, buying chocolate dust is actually cheaper than chocolate bars.



On February 26th, 2015, an update made partially eaten versions of the chocolate cake (1/3 Chocolate cake and 2/3 Chocolate cake) untradeable.

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