Broken Frontline Game Mode Guide (Path to Nowhere)

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The Broken Frontline game mode features three different types of enemy bosses that can be slain for Battle Medals, Hypercubes, and power-up materials.

Broken Frontline works as a sort of “time attack” game mode where you must clear the bosses as quickly and flawlessly as you can. The better your score is, the more rewards you can claim.

This game mode also has three different kinds of difficulties: Low Risk, Medium Risk, and High Risk – with a fourth and higher difficulty coming to Global in a future update.

To move up in difficulty and earn better rewards every week, players must achieve the total score required for each difficulty promotion by clearing all three bosses before the weekly reset.


All Boss Types (Broken Frontline)

Stage Cleared (Broken Frontline) / Path To Nowhere
Stage Cleared (Broken Frontline)

Here are the three enemy bosses that you’ll encounter in the Broken Frontline, as well as how to clear each of them quicker and more efficiently.


#1: Brand

Brand (Pre-battle Page) / Path To Nowhere
Brand (Pre-battle Page)

Boss Schedule: Monday, Thursday, & Sunday

Brand (Enemy Info) / Path To Nowhere
Brand (Enemy Info)

Brand has high HP and Magic Resistance, but low Defense.

This means he’s more susceptible to normal attacks and skills that scale with physical damage than magic damage.

Brand (Combat) / Path To Nowhere
Brand (Combat)

The best way to clear this boss stage as quickly as possible is to bring along physical DPS Sinners who are mostly from the Reticle or Fury class.


#2: Shackled Captive

Shackled Captive (Pre-battle Page) / Path To Nowhere
Shackled Captive (Pre-battle Page)

Boss Schedule: Tuesday, Friday, & Sunday

Shackled Captive (Enemy Info) / Path To Nowhere
Shackled Captive (Enemy Info)

The Shackled Captive also has a high HP – coupled with a high Defense.

Her weak point lies in her low Magic Resistance, which means she’ll take more damage from skills that scale from magic damage.

Shackled Captive (Combat) / Path To Nowhere
Shackled Captive (Combat)

To beat this boss as quickly as possible, I recommend that you use Sinners who can deal tons of magic damage, which are mostly from the Arcane class.


#3: Gray-Haired Maiden

Gray-Haired Maiden (Pre-battle Page) / Path To Nowhere
Gray-Haired Maiden (Pre-battle Page)

Boss Schedule: Wednesday, Saturday, & Sunday

Gray-Haired Maiden (Enemy Info) / Path To Nowhere
Gray-Haired Maiden (Enemy Info)

The Gray-Haired Maiden has both of the other bosses’ flaws in that she both has low Defense and Magic Resistance, but she makes up for it by having a high Attack stat.

Gray-Haired Maiden (Combat) / Path To Nowhere
Gray-Haired Maiden (Combat)

Also, unlike the other two bosses, the Gray-Haired Maiden cannot move. The real problem here is the mobs that she sends out, which are fast and spawn on separate sides of the map.

The best thing to do to clear this boss quickly is to use two tanks (Guardians) and cover both mob spawns on the upper and lower sides of the map.

All that’s left is to support these tanks with your DPS units from either the center or the sides and just let them cook!


Recommended Broken Frontline Buffs & S-Rank Sinners

Buff Selection (Broken Frontline) / Path To Nowhere
Buff Selection (Broken Frontline)

You can choose two game mode-exclusive buffs before facing bosses in Broken Frontline. Note that your selection of buffs is not fixed and is refreshed daily.

Here are the three types of buffs you can use in Broken Frontline and the ones I recommend you pick for each type of boss:

Buff Type Recommended Buffs Against Brand Recommended Buffs Against Shackled Captive Recommended Buffs Against Gray-Haired Maiden
Team Buff
  • Critical Rate +25%
  • Physical Damage +20%
  • Critical Damage +50%
  • +50% Damage To Core Destroyed Units
  • Magic Damage +20%
  • Skill Damage Increased by +30%
  • Energy Recovery Speed +30%
  • Energy Consumption -30%
  • +50% Damage To Core Destroyed Units
  • Any buffs (depends on your team comp)
Solo Buff
  • Any buffs that increase a Sinner’s physical DPS
  • Nox’s Buff (If you have her)
  • Any buffs that increase a Sinner’s Magic DPS
  • Nox’s Buff (If you have her)
  • Any buffs that increase a Sinner’s DPS in general
  • Nox’s Buff (If you have her)
Enemy Debuffs
  • Enemy Physical Defense -20%
  • Number of Boss Cores -2/-3/-4
  • When the enemy’s core is broken, the damage taken increases by +50%
  • Enemy Magic Defense -20%
  • Number of Boss Cores -2/-3/-4
  • When the enemy’s core is broken, the damage taken increases by +50%
  • Enemy Physical Defense -20% OR Enemy Magic Defense -20%
  • Number of Boss Cores -2/-3/-4
  • When the enemy’s core is broken, the damage taken increases by +50%
Langley (Sinner Detained) / Path To Nowhere
Langley (Sinner Detained)

And here are some of the best Sinners that I recommend you use while running Broken Frontline stages:

Recommended Broken Frontline Sinners Sinner Rank
Nox S-Rank
Langley S-Rank
Eirene S-Rank
Crache S-Rank
Enfer S-Rank
Priscilla A-Rank
Luvia Ray A-Rank
Hecate A-Rank
Labyrinth B-Rank
Che B-Rank
EMP B-Rank

Additional Tip: If you’re still a beginner in Path to Nowhere, it would be wise avoid reaching 720,000 points too quickly. This will cause you to go from Low-Risk to Mid-Risk Broken Frontline. The reason for this is so you can have time to maximize the rewards you gain from this game mode, since you’ll gain considerably fewer resources by clearing the low levels of Mid Risk compared to the final level of Low Risk.

Your best bet is to promote most of your units to Phase 3 and make a decent Physical and Magic team first, before moving up the difficulty ladder.

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