The Best Skeleton Types in Sea Of Thieves

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The most common island inhabitants you’ll run into in Sea of Thieves are Skeletons.

And they usually don’t pose a threat, only taking a few swings of your sword to dispatch.

Beware though:

On your adventures you’ll learn that not all Skeletons are created equally. And they don’t need to be bosses to ruin your day!

Here’s our picks for the most notable skeletons you need to look out for in Sea of Thieves.


5. Gold Skeletons

Sea of Thieves Gold Skeletons

In Sea Of Thieves, looks can be deceiving.

And this Skeleton proves one deceiving idea:

Just because something is gold, doesn’t make it valuable!

Gold Skeletons can be tough customers. If you attack them with your cutlass, you’ll just bounce off!

Fortunately, you can slow them down by leading them to water, which makes them rust.

You’ll still bounce if you go for a slash – but a couple of shots from any gun will do the trick.

If you want to make easy work of Gold Skeletons, your best bet is to use firebombs. You can set an entire group of them ablaze with one of these – then sit back and watch them turn to ash.


4. Plant Skeletons

Sea of Thieves Plant Skeletons

If your crew is at sea battling a Skeleton Galleon and you’re wondering how it’s still floating after dozens of shots, this is probably the reason…

Or you just missed a lot. That can happen too.

Plant Skeletons regenerate health if they’re in the water.

This is a non-issue if you encounter them on land. But if they’re manning a ship and are on repairs, they can be a real menace.

These things will keep patching a ship up no matter how much it fills with water.

And unlike you, they can’t drown.

Try and get one of your crew aboard and let them fight up close and personal, if you can’t spare the cannonballs.


3. Shadow Skeleton

Sea of Thieves Shadow Skeleton

The unknown depths of the ocean can be pretty scary.

Especially on your own in the moonlight.

But these nasty enemies make sure you have something to worry about on land as well.

Shadow Skeletons love the dark so much that they’re completely invincible at night.

At least, until you shine a lantern in their faces!

Holding a lantern up towards these enemies will stun them, allowing you to get a few attacks in.

Groups of Shadow Skeletons can be tricky to fight alone, too, as you have to keep switching away from your weapon.

So try to stun a few of them at the same time before you go in for the kill.


2. Gunpowder Skeleton

Sea of Thieves Gunpowder Skeleton

If you ever thought Creepers from Minecraft would fit into Sea Of Thieves, well, these come pretty close.

A Gunpowder Skeleton’s weapon of choice is none other than a great big powder keg.

And once they’re close enough to send you to Davy Jones’ Locker, they’ll prime it to explode!

But if one is shuffling towards you, don’t panic.

You can run away and shoot them from a distance for a nice explosion – or you can carefully kill the Skeleton (shooting the legs is a good tactic) and it’ll leave the powder keg on the ground.

It’s always dangerous to take these onto your ship.

But if you’re not willing to take risks, are you even really a pirate?


1. Ancient Skeleton

Sea of Thieves Ancient Skeleton

Some of the coolest cosmetics (including pets) will cost you Ancient Coins, Sea Of Thieves’ premium currency.

Fortunately, if you’re not looking to spend, there’s still a way to get your hands on these precious coins.

Ancient Skeletons are incredibly rare – and are noticeable by the unique blue and gold body, along with the backpack full of coins.

These skeletons have a tiny chance to appear on any island.

And if they show up, music will play, and they’ll jingle as they move.

You’ll have to act quick on these – as they only appear for 20 seconds before they disappear back into the ground!

If you manage to kill one in that time, you’ll be treated to a bounty of Ancient Coins.

And this can be up to 800 if you’re really lucky!

Sadly, there’s no way to guarantee these elusive enemies will show up. And some people have played the game for hundreds of hours without seeing one.

Just remember: if you hear strange music on an island, act fast!

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