Sims 4 Break Up Pose Packs (All Free To Download)

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Heartache is a part of life.

You’ve got to have the downs to temper all your ups, otherwise you won’t treasure your ups as much.

Or so I’ve been told.

Anyway, very few things on this world are capable of causing the kind of heartache that a bitter unexpected break up can cause.

So, as you can probably guess, I’m here to give you some visual options to replay this in The Sims 4.

Because would we really be Simmers if we didn’t jump at the chance to screenshot all the drama?


1. Tearless on Sunset Street by talentedtrait

Tearless on Sunset Street by talentedtrait for Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

The pack says tearless, but trust me, there’re plenty of tears happening here.

Behind the scenes.


Anyways, this emotional set of 4 poses perfectly depicts a breakup that is less-than-amicable.

As in, one-half of the relationship probably didn’t see this coming.

Sad back story aside, the poses themselves are beautiful.

No height difference, unisex (the creator uses two Female models, I tried it with a Male and Female), and very clearly labeled on the in-game pose list.

Each iteration is captioned with words like “sad,” “mad,” and so on, so you at least know which pose you’re giving to what Sim.


2. Meant to Be Yours Posepack by clumsyalienn

Meant to Be Yours Posepack / Sims 4 CC

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These poses aren’t specifically marketed as a break-up pack.

But with how intense the scenes look? It’s definitely headed there.

Listen; you don’t kick your partner’s door in frustration and demand they talk to you without there being some serious repercussions.

Maybe that’s just me…

Clumsyalienn’s Meant to Be Yours pose set contains quite a few couple poses, and they’re all meant to take place with a door between them.

Just put two teleporters in the middle of the door and you should be all set.

Regarding the poses, they’re not really specified in the in-game list. But after testing them out, I figured that Pose B is meant for whoever’s banging on the door. Pose A is meant for the Sim huddled sadly on the other end.


3. Please Comfort Me Pose Pack by josiesimblr

Please Comfort Me Breakup Pose / TS4 CC

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This doesn’t say “break up” in the pose pack title either.

But one of the poses is labeled as “I can’t believe this is over,” so…

I rest my case.

(The other two poses have equally-as-helpful in-game captions like “you have to listen,” and “I don’t want to hear this.” Huge thank you to the creator for doing that.)

Josiesimblr gives us a short, (bitter)sweet, and simple pose pack of two Sims going through a pretty rough time.

For what it’s worth, at least the Sim who looks like they’re calling things off is doing their level best to comfort their now-ex-partner.

It’s amicable, respectful, and there’re lingering levels of affection.

Am I reading too deep into this? Maybe.

Regardless, it’s still a great pack.


4. Don’t Leave Us Poses by lilbee

Don’t Leave Us / Sims 4 Pose

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This one is more of an ambiguous disagreement than an actual break up, but. Well. The Sim being hugged doesn’t look like they’re going to be swayed any time soon.

In fact, they look like they’ve made up their mind, and no amount of hugging and sobbing is going to change it.

There’s also a random extra pose at the end – in Korean – for two Sims sneakily witnessing the train wreck that is their friends’ relationship.

You know. Just in case that fits your narrative.

These 6 poses are meant to take place against some sort of solid barrier.

The creator’s got it happening against a bookshelf, but a wall or door should work just as well.


5. Real Talk Pt. 1 by cazmari-mods

Real Talk Pt. 1 / Sims 4 Poses

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Oof. Is there anything worse than having to have a level-headed adult conversation when you’re upset?

Didn’t think so.

This deeply conversational pose set by cazmari-mods (one of two!) perfectly portrays a quieter, sadder sort of split.

No raised voices, no thrown objects, no name calling.

Just a sensible mature discussion about why the two are no longer working out.

Less dramatic? Sure.

Less painful? Definitely not.

When I reviewed this pack before, I mentioned that it hit the rom-com, falling-out-of-love-story feels.

I firmly stand by that description.

These are not the expressions and actions of two Sims willing to keep going.


6. Real Talk Pt. 2 by cazmari-mods

Real Talk Pt. 2 / Sims 4 Poses

Check Out This Pose Pack

Different pose pack, same creator, same sad setting.

If you’re looking to depict the kind of break up where emotions are running high and passionate outbursts are the norm, you’re going to have to look somewhere else.

Because just like part one, this continuation of cazmari-mods’s Real Talk pose pack shines with quiet, silent suffering.

Subdued grief, basically, which is incredibly evident in the models’ faces.

There are 9 sad-but-mature poses in this pack.

Half of them need a couch or loveseat (just like the first pack) and the other half can be done standing up.

I could add a whole new paragraph just going on and on about how high quality the poses are, but I’ll let the preview photos speak for themselves.


7. Proposal Rejection Poses by joannebernice

Proposal Rejection Poses / The Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

Can any couple stay together after a rejected proposal?


Then this is a solid break-up pack if I ever saw one. Or at least, it’s the prerequisite to one.

In the last pose here, one of the Sims is even walking away.

But hey. At least they let the other Sim down gently, right?

Their expression is clearly one of regret. So major kudos to the creator – the emotions here really shine.

I couldn’t find the exact ring accessory that the creator used here (and they didn’t link it), so I made do with this engagement ring box.


8. Break-Up Make-Up Redux by eslanes

Break-Up Make-Up Redux Poses for The Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

This is the break up pose pack to end all break up pose packs.

It offers the kind of angry, gritty, uber-dramatic scenarios we see in movies.

Clearly this relationship has ended, and it has ended badly. Any attempt to “talk about it” has been escalated to shouting matches and full-blown debates.

Storytelling Simmers who are looking for tense, emotional, tear-stricken fall-outs, this is for you.

I’m not going to go too much into how well-modelled and detailed the poses are. And don’t even get me started on the expressions.

Just know that there are 10 couple poses here. No height difference, no labels, and no thumbnails.

This pack just numbers the Sims according to the pose. I figured out that Sim 1 in every pose is the Female model (based on the preview photos) and Sim 2 is the Male.

Also, Pose 8 will require some sort of door between the two (just place both teleporters in the middle), and poses 9 and 10 will need a sofa or loveseat.


9. Keep Me in Your Arms by Andromeda Sims

Keep Me in Your Arms / Sims 4 Pose Preview

Check Out This Pose Pack

The creator describes this as set as “sad couple poses,” which basically tells you all you need to know.

We’re heading down from the (anger) high of eslanes Break-Up Make-Up Redux and we’re wallowing in the miserable aftermath.

Don’t let all the negative descriptors in this paragraph fool you, though.

These custom poses are beautiful.

The facial expressions, the positions, the absolutely raw emotions—it’s got everything.

Good luck keeping your Screenshots folder in check; I took like twelve dozen photos of each pose. They’re just that good.

All 10 poses come with an in-game thumbnail and height difference.

But fair warning: the M and F labels are mixed up in the 10th pose set.

So in #10, Pose F is actually for the Male model, and Pose M is actually for the Female. Hope that makes sense!


10. Don’t Tell Me I Don’t Love You Pose Pack (Pt. 2) by sim-plyreality

'Don’t Tell Me I Don’t Love You' Pose Pack (Pt. 2) Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

Continuing the trend of not-so-amicable separation scenarios, I bring you part two of sim-plyreality’s Don’t Tell Me I Don’t Love You pose set.

It’s heavy, it hurts, and it’s probably the aftermath of a break up full of misunderstandings.

Actually, the creator’s got a pretty sweet backstory written out for these poses in the description, so I’d recommend giving that a read if you want a bit of context.

Even if your Sims’ story doesn’t exactly line up with theirs, the poses are versatile enough to suit most any messy split.

There are eight couple poses in total; no height difference, and with in-game thumbnails.

Each pose is clearly marked for the Male or Female model, too, but I think the poses are versatile enough to be unisex.


11. Stolen Kisses: Sad by atashi77

Stolen Kisses: Sad Poses / The Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

When you don’t want to break up but your person insists you break up. And they make really good points about why you should break up. So you ultimately agree.

But, like the emotional wreck that you are, you ask for one more kiss before you part ways.

Bit too specific?

I may or may not have dragged my Sims through a very similar narrative once or twice.

Only I didn’t have these poses on-hand to capture the moment.

There are 6 of them, by the way, and they’re all beautifully sculpted (if you ignore the heartbreak aspect).

The creator even includes cosmetic tears if you want to, I dunno, emphasize the misery.

(All jokes aside, the tears are really beautiful too).


12. Breakup Pose Pack by sim-plyreality

Breakup Pose Pack by sim-plyreality / TS4

Check Out This Pose Pack

Here’s yet another one of the rare packs on this list actually advertised as a break up pack.

And it’s by sim-plyreality who, as you’ve probably seen by now, is one heck of an awesome custom pose creator.

These 11 poses don’t exactly depict the most cordial of parting ways, but you can’t argue with the drama aspect. It’s incredibly tasty.

I’m seeing a good amount of yelling, some emotional outburst, plenty of guilt-stricken tears, and even a desperate back hug.

The kind of stuff you see a lot in cheesy rom-coms and slice-of-life Netflix shows because the audience eats that stuff up.

As for the technical aspects of this pack, much thanks to the creator for clearly labeling the poses F or M. This makes assigning them a lot easier.


13. Posepack: Don’t Be Sad by Luna Sims

Posepack: Don’t Be Sad for The Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

I genuinely don’t know if the creator intended for these poses to depict a break up or just a momentary relationship hiccup.

But they didn’t specify any sort of narrative either, so I took the liberty of adding my own.

This pack feels like it’s setting the stage for a heart-wrenching “we’re over,” moment.

The calm before the storm. The path leading to the inevitable split.

I mean, look at the last pose; that is definitely a goodbye kiss.

In-game, the pose list thumbnails are color coded. They’re also captioned with a short description of what each model is thinking/feeling. So it should be easy to tell which pose to assign to which Sim based off of the preview photos.

There’s no visible height difference too, so you can probably mix the models (i.e., two Male models, two Female models, etc.). But don’t take my word for it and say it’s unisex – try it out and see what you can get to work.

When I tested these I copied the previews down to a T.


14. Please Don’t Leave Me Pose Pack by sim-plyreality

'Please Don’t Leave Me' Pose Pack for The Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

So according to the creator, this pack was apparently made for “a couple who is breaking up and the male is begging the female not to leave”.

It’s an incredibly straightforward explanation for a set of poses that, based off of the previews, are emotionally complex.

Even after testing them in-game, I still don’t know who’s suffering the most in this break up.

The Male model is incredibly distraught—no argument there. He’s curled up over the couch and everything.

But the Female model’s expressions are just as heartbreaking, if not more so.

She clearly doesn’t want to go through this.

If your Sims follow a similarly distressing narrative, trust me; this pose set’s perfect.


15. Sad Hugs by Atashi77

Sad Hugs Pose Pack for The Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

If you notice anything familiar about the Sims used in the preview photos, just know that the creator is apparently a big #reylo fan.

(And if you read their description, I think we can all agree that most of the characters in the Star Wars franchise deserved better)

Sci-fi fantasy nerdiness aside, this pose pack is something else.

It’s so well-made that it’s almost painful.

The raw emotions, facial expressions, body language, and physical positions are practically perfect.

You can really, really feel the misery just coating the relationship.

Even without the Star Wars context, these hugging poses are heartbreaking.

It doesn’t help that the built-in height difference makes it five times sadder for me. Just thought I’d share.

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