Sims 4 Demon CC & Mods: Horns, Tails, Eyes & More

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There are a lot of scary things in the world. Natural disasters, nuclear warfare, corrupt politicians, credit card debt, cockroaches… the list goes on.

Life’s already pretty shitty with just our concrete fears. But once you include the supernatural in the mix, then we can only pray we have enough holy water to survive.

Ghosts and malevolent poltergeists, I think, are quite tolerable given they have no physical form. At best, they’ll simply drag you out of bed and have you wet yourself.

But demons, oh boy… they are in a class of their own. Spawning terrifying folklores, myths, and movies that tell us one thing – they’re beings of pure evil.

If you’re fed up with a goody-goody Sim persona, then become evil incarnate with some of these awesome demon mods and CC packs!


15. Long Tongue

Long Tongue Sims 4 CC

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There’s something about a demon’s physiology that lets it have a ridiculously long tongue.

Maybe it’s an evolutionary trait to help them eat children faster.

Or maybe they’re jealous of snakes or cute tree frogs.

Either way, it’s pretty creepy and a big red flag to your Sim’s date… making it the perfect add-on to scare away mortal Casanovas.


14. Demon Claws

Demon Claws Sims 4 CC screenshot

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Demons have plenty of ways to kill people, or any other living thing they come across.

One way is by impaling their sharp claws into the helpless body of their victims (which are mostly humans).

It’s messy work. But it gets the job done, and provides a graphic gore fest that makes paranormal celebrities out of demons.

Keep your Sim’s claws as sharp as knives with this CC, and choose from 26 swatches that would make any manicurist swoon.


13. Eyeshadow #16 Apocalypse

Eyeshadow #16 Apocalypse TS4 CC

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With an eyeshadow palette name like “Apocalypse,” there’s no debate that hell raisers would love to apply this glittering cosmetic.

Give your Sims a Marilyn Manson-inspired makeover and look wickedly good while spreading evil around the neighborhood.


12. Demon Eyes N04

Demon Eyes N04 for Sims 4

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When someone’s eyes roll back into their head, they either passed out, or a demonic possession is taking place.

It’s an uncommon sight to see people with pure white eyes… but if you do, then it’s only a matter of time before you pee your pants.

Give your Sims the gaze of death with these spooky eye overlays from Pralinesims.


11. Demon Feet

Demon Feet Sims 4 CC

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Artists and poets have given a lot of effort in fleshing out a demon’s appearance.

It changes every century, but the most popular iterations consist of fangs, horns, bat wings, and cloven hooves.

If you think cloven hooves look harmless, then you haven’t seen many horror films.

They’re basically the mark of a devil. And if you’re transforming your Sim into a spawn of Satan, then this Demon Feet CC from Natalia-Auditore should be a perfect fit.


10. Nightcrawler Tail

Nightcrawler Tail TS4 CC

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Growing a Nightcrawler Tail is impossible, unless you’re a mutant and sired by a demonic father named Azazel.

Kurt Wagner of the X-Men didn’t choose to look like his father, but at least by demonic standards, he looks awesome with that pointed tale and surprisingly flawless blue skin.

Let your Sim evolve to a mutant-demon hybrid with this Nightcrawler Tail CC from NotEgain!


9. Oni Genji Mask

Oni Genji Mask for Sims 4

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Aside from creating anime and Super Mario, Japan has an extensive collection of myths and legends about yokai or demons.

The yokai are often depicted with big horns, saber-toothed fangs, and an angry expression similar to the grumpy cat meme.

For protection against the yokai, oni masks like this CC are worn to ward them off.

Or you know, to also scare off greedy children when they take too much candy during Halloween.


8. Pastel Ram Horns

Pastel Ram Horns Sims 4 CC

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The devil’s image has many frightening forms.

But none are as weird as a Sim with Pastel Ram Horns.

Demons thrive in the colors of death and blood, but candy-colored horns don’t look half as bad.

If your Sim’s simply chillin’ like a villain, then there’s no need to outshine the Grim Reaper – looking devilishly cute is satisfying enough.


7. Horns Pack

Horns Pack Sims 4 CC

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If pastel-colored ram horns aren’t your cup of tea then this Horns Pack CC may be a better choice for your budding demonic overlord.

Big or small, long or short, this CC from gerbithats offers more horn variety to create your ideal demon look.

While you’re at it, why not throw in some bat ears and a bat nose for maximum scare factor?


6. Demon Teeth

Demon Teeth Sims 4 CC screenshot

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Anything that resembles Nemesis from Resident Evil 3 deserves a spot in the lowest circles of hell.

This Demon Teeth CC looks like it was torn from the mouth of a Resident Evil zombie and a piranha, creating a monster hybrid that would most likely eat anything that moves.

If that doesn’t sound like the devil’s work, then I don’t know what is.


5. Skull Mask

Skull Mask Sims 4 CC

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Wearing the skull of an animal with antlers as long as a tree branch sounds just about right when you’ve pledged your allegiance to Satan.

This cultish accessory exudes a sinister aura befitting serial killers, mass murderers, and just about every bad guy in existence.

Beware of spotting one of these in the woods – your Sim might just die of a heart attack.


4. Spider Wings and Mouth

Spider Wings and Mouth TS4 CC

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Black Widow is a cool character, but she’s just too pretty and mortal-looking to strike fear in the hearts of men at first glance.

This CC from Natalia-Auditore is an arachnophobe’s worst nightmare, but a Sim demon’s most fearsome asset.

The pack comes with “spider wings” (kinda like Spider-Man’s Instant Kill mode in Avengers: Endgame) and a “spider’s mouth”, which looks more like a Predator’s.

When combined, the two features create a terrifying spider demon straight out of hell.


3. Chernobog Wings

Chernobog Wings Sims 4 CC

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If there’s such a thing as Demons for Dummies, then you’ll quickly get acquainted with Chernobog: a Slavic deity who’s the God of Evil (go figure)!

Chernobog is a popular deity, having appeared in the Marvel universe and even Disney’s Fantasia movie.

Although he looks like a generic video game boss, Chernobog has some wicked features too. Like his bat wings that leave him looking like the model image for the Devil himself.

Elevate your Sims’ demonic look to greater heights with these Chernobog Wings CC that come in 23 swatches.


2. Angel & Demon Traits

Angel & Demon Traits for Sims 4

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Forget following the Ten Commandments – it’s time to raise hell by imbuing your Sim with demonic traits!

This mod encourages your Sim to embrace a lifestyle filled with mischief and chaos, spreading the word of evil, and glorifying a criminal career like it’s the best thing in the world.

Remember: no one’s truly evil until you hear a demon in your ear.

And it’s up to your Sim to become that sinister voice around the neighborhood.


1. Death Angels Modpack

Death Angels Modpack Sims 4 CC

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Have you ever thought that your Sim could do a better job than the Grim Reaper?

Well here’s your chance to make that a reality, by downloading this Death Angels Modpack by neilsimming.

This massive pack contains the main mod, CAS items, gameplay and non-gameplay objects, and a new quest to become a Death Angel.

Once you’ve ascended to your new role, your Sim will now be able to kill other Sims and reap their souls to unlock new abilities and bonuses. Neat.

Now your Sims won’t be able to feel any emotions afterwards.

But this is your chance to transform them into a killing machine and get rewarded for it – a devilish plan worthy of eternal damnation!

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