Custom Dishwasher CC For The Sims 4 (All Free)

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Of all the advances that came from the 20th century, dishwashers have to be among the most genius.

They take a tedious task and make it a lot less work. Many households would be totally lost without one – and that definitely applies to The Sims 4, too.

Some of those fools won’t even so much as rinse a dish off after they use it unless you force them, so they can pile up pretty fast.

Dishwashers have been included in every iteration of The Sims series, all the way back to the first one that was released in 2000.

Understandably, the official additions keep things simple – mostly by sticking to metallic designs and colors. I get it, the majority of real dishwashers look like that. And this is supposed to be a life simulator… but that’s not much fun!

Our list below has brand new CC designs for dishwashers, as well as awesome recolors, so don’t deny your Sims the blessing of a perfect dishwasher any longer.


1. SMEGlish Dishwasher

SMEGlish Dishwasher / Sims 4 CC

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Here’s a fresh take on dishwasher designs from RAVASHEEN, who created this simple model and gave the CC plenty of cool swatches to dig through.

You can include this in your Sim’s kitchen by placing or “building” it into their existing counter space.

It won’t be jarring at all, no matter what colors you go with, since it’s mostly a solid color – just a handle and Simlish logo on the front.

These are part of a set that has various other matching appliances if you want to go for a more uniform look, and that can be found under the “description” tab.

Even when used alone with base game furnishings, any one of these will really switch things up.


2. Soho Dishwasher

Soho Dishwasher / Sims 4 CC

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NynaeveDesign created a little fancier version of a dishwasher, perfect for your classy and contemporary kitchens.

Something interesting about this one is that the door is partially transparent, so you can see the dishes inside.

Maybe some of the ones already in the game are like that and I just haven’t been paying enough attention, but I think it’s an awesome touch!

It comes complete with a built-in granite countertop of either brown or maroon coloring. Both swatches have a sleek silver appearance, and you’ll never have to worry about spills or fingerprints.


3. H&B AquaVortex

H&B AquaVortex / Sims 4 CC

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Littledica made an impressive brand new dishwasher design – and they went the extra mile to really make it feel authentic through the “promo” photos.

If this were a real model, I’d be persuaded to buy it just based on the fact that one of the color options is called “Juicy Orange”.

I’m already sold!

But let’s get back to the machine itself. This has a fairly minimalistic approach on the outside, with a straightforward & uncomplicated design. Even the handle and logo are small and subtle.

This ain’t your grandma’s dishwasher, though. It’s as modern as they come.

You’ll be able to catch a glimpse of the touch-screen user interface at the top of the door when your Sim is loading the machine.

Then, in addition to the anticipated basics like black, gray, and white, you will have various other colors to choose from – like Ocean Blue, Lilac Purple, and Summer Green.

It’s up to you whether to add a splash of color, or give the entire room a theme.


4. BlandCo Contemporary Dishwasher

BlandCo Contemporary Dishwasher / Sims 4 CC

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A lot of modern renovations include installing a dishwasher to make it fit in seamlessly with the counters.

The only giveaway that this CC isn’t a countertop model is that the door is flipped.

Well, there has to be some indication… or people will be wandering the kitchen trying to figure out what’s what.

These are all made to match the base game’s BlandCo counters, which are some of the most affordable options.

This machine comes with two versions. One includes an animated door, where the color will be just a shade or two different from the counter. But if you’re really determined to have everything just so, the other version will match perfectly in exchange for the door not opening.

It’s a small price to pay for your Sim’s kitchen looking better than ever!


5. Cuprum Dishwasher

Cuprum Dishwasher / Sims 4 CC

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This lean, mean, dishwashing machine is neutral enough to be placed in essentially every build.

If you’re someone who likes to do a lot of building and renovating in your game, then this is one that’s guaranteed to become a favorite.

As far as versatility goes, this can’t be beat.

Creator Wondymoon sticks to the basics – and the plain design is a definite plus. It has a modest metal exterior and a small dial.

There are a few swatches that’ll change the front to more unique options like olive green, and even a grainy wood pattern.

But your standard kitchen appliance options like white, black, and silver are all available too.


6. Nature In Dishwasher

Nature In Dishwasher / Sims 4 CC

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A rustic style doesn’t have to mean forgoing modern luxuries and amenities.

Now you can have the best of both worlds with this dishwasher, which has a wood-textured exterior instead of the typical metallic style.

Of the three swatches, one has very defined dark wooden panels, the second is a lighter and more natural style, and the third is pure white. It’s just like snow, so that nature theme is legit!

They each have a corresponding countertop with a marbled design. And the colors complement each other fabulously in all versions.

SIMcredible! gave this a unique touch with the window-like glass panel on the front, which allows you to see into the machine.


7. Whirlpool Dishwasher

Whirlpool Dishwasher / Sims 4 CC

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Nowadays, everything is getting smarter. And nothing is advancing faster than household appliances.

You can get nearly everything you want with touchscreen or voice-control options, rendering real buttons obsolete.

Well, The Sims 4 doesn’t go quite that far… yet.

But this thing looks super high tech and modern, with its black and white color scheme and touchscreen settings.

A general rule of thumb is that the newer something is, the more convenience it should offer.

That’s also not too hard to find, as quickly as technology has evolved.

And there’s nothing better for a Simmer than more convenience (things that’ll make the mundane parts of the game go faster).

That’s exactly why so many of us love dishwashers!

This fully functional object won’t blend in quite as well as other models. But it stands out in a good way.

It’s like a physical reminder that your Sims can afford the best.


8. Germanium Dishwasher

Germanium Dishwasher / Sims 4 CC

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Here we have one more low key modest dishwasher design, again from Wondymoon.

While the machine itself will be gray or black throughout all 6 swatches, the top will be drastically different depending on which one you choose.

Two versions have a wooden appearance, reminiscent of a cutting board, in both light and dark shades.

This can be a really good way to integrate the dishwasher as a full-fledged part of your Sim’s kitchen, rather than just a depository for your Sim’s dirty dishes.

Sure, it already serves an important purpose.

But it’s always awesome when you can double the usefulness of an item.

And not only will this CC suit all your Sim’s needs, it’ll do so in style!

All 4 of the other swatches have a more typical countertop-like look of stone and granite.

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