Best Sims 4 Exercise Pose Packs (Workouts, Running & More)

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Ever wanted to get your Sim interested in hip-hop dancing?

How about competitive cycling? Weightlifting? Intense couples yoga?

Whether or not you’ve entertained that notion of expanding your Sim’s fitness repertoire (or if the thought never even crossed your mind, which, fair), these custom exercise poses definitely make for some aesthetically pretty screenshots.

Machinima maker, storyteller, obsessed Simmer… whatever you’re going to use them for, here are some great exercise pose packs for The Sims 4.


1. Workout Poses by katverse

Workout Poses by katverse / TS4 CC

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Let’s start with the basics—which is something you should do when you start a new fitness plan, anyway.

Couple floor exercises to ease into the flow: forearm plank, rear leg extensions, mountain climbers, and some cross body sit-ups to really get the sweat flowing.

All jokes aside, the creator katverse is known for clean lines and seamless animations between poses.

This pack is no different.

As someone who’s had to do these moves multiple times (because nowadays we’ve got everyone doing home workouts), trust me when I say they’ve done an excellent job of capturing the proper form.

The visual accuracy is incredibly spot-on.


2. Gym Pose Pack by Beto_ae0

Gym Pose Pack by Beto_ae0 for The Sims 4

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Before I get into this one, just know that these poses need quite a few items for context.

However, the finished products look really good, so I’d say gathering and accessorizing is well worth the effort.

Beto_ae0’s Gym Pose Pack set contains seven solo poses for Sims who are really into weights… and a bit of boxing.

More than half the pack is dedicated to weightlifting: three dumbbell poses and a squat pose with a barbell.

There’s also one pose where the Sim seems to be idly standing around, but it’s meant to be used against a gym backdrop (or a setting with lots of exercise equipment).

Overall, a handy pack to have if you need general workout poses.

All the extra (bar)bells and whistles needed are linked in the creator’s description.


3. Fit Couple Pose Pack by lispysimmer

Fit Couple Pose Pack by lispysimmer / Sims 4

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For the social media Sims that are the literal definition of #fitspiration and #couplegoals, lispysimmer’s got an awesome pack of six fairly varied poses that are all about the workout aesthetic.

Are they really working out together, or are they just trying to get sweet shots for the ‘gram?

Dunno, but there’s no denying that they look good.

And compared to some of the other poses I’ve seen with this concept? This set is pretty tame.

Make sure to download the linked (right hand) phone accessory by inabadromance for the Exercise Machine pose and the Selfie Push Up pose (my personal favorite).


4. Couple Yoga Posepack by simming for fun

Couple Yoga Posepack by simmingforfun / TS4

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Remember how I said the poses lispysimmer’s Fit Couple Pose Pack were pretty tame?

I was comparing those poses to the ones here.

Now, hopefully, my observation makes sense.

Look, I know that these poses are physically possible. I’ve seen the Youtube challenges.

But that doesn’t make them look any less wild – even by Sims 4 standards.

All this is to say, of course, that the poses are awesome.

Great quality, well-executed, and gorgeous in-game. I have no doubt that the creator nailed whatever reference photos they were using to a T.

If you’ve got any yogi Sim couples who have a fairly active social media following, these poses can definitely spice up their feed.


5. Hot Yoga Poses by katverse

Hot Yoga Poses by katverse / The Sims 4

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If your Sim prefers flying solo for their yoga practice, no worries; katverse (as always) has got them covered.

This pack has five poses featuring pretty standard yoga asanas: bridge, tree, and a good ol’ forearm inversion to keep things interesting.

I think the expressions are pretty spot-on in this pack. The model has a perpetually calm and serene smile that looks like it would be present on an actual yoga teacher.

Pose packs like this are perfect for when you want pretty yoga shots of your Sim, but you don’t want to wait for them to cycle through the whole “Practice Yoga” in-game animation.


6. Little Bit of Hip-Hop Dancing by Joannebernice

Little Bit of Hip-Hop Dancing by Joannebernice for The Sims 4

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Think only cize, jazzercise, and Zumba qualify as exercise?

Then you’ve probably never tried an introductory course to hip-hop.

It is every bit as intense, cardio-heavy, and demanding as your aunt’s group dance class at the gym—and then some.

These poses might not get your Sims sweating (since they literally can’t), but trust me when I say their heart’s definitely a-pumping.

And the poses themselves are beautiful.

Similar custom dance poses for the Sims 4 can look a little awkward since the creators tend to exaggerate the limbs to simulate movement. Definitely not the case with this pack.

You can feel the rhythm and flawless execution with most (if not all) of the poses.

Bonus points for emotions, too, because I just love the model’s expressions.


7. Running Pose Pack by katverse

Running Pose Pack by katverse for The Sims 4

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These poses are so clean and so realistic, they could honestly pass as 3D reference photos for a runner’s form or something. I wouldn’t be surprised.

There are five distinct poses in this pack: two prep poses (kneeling) and three “action” ones (on the move).

As with their Workout Poses pose pack, these custom poses are plain, simple running poses that would work well with any model, in any setting. The limbs are positioned quite naturally, the poses cycle through smoothly, and the expressions are subtle, but varied.

Nothing but praises for this pack, honestly.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a similar running set that’s as natural-looking as this.


8. Weightlifting Poses by Joannebernice

Weightlifting Poses by Joannebernice for The Sims 4

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This custom lifting pose pack is sort of like Beto_ae0’s Gym Pose Pack from earlier, only it’s dedicated entirely to weightlifting.

I’d say it’s a little more extensive, too.

There are seven poses in total with three for barbells and three for dummbbells.

I do like this pack because of how clean the poses are and how well they fit the theme (because weightlifting is definitely a trending topic right now in the fitness realm), but I do wish there were different expressions for each pose.

It makes it look like your Sim is taking their weightlifting way too seriously.

Still, the model does look happy in the last pose.

And the poses are pretty high-quality, so I’m not going to complain too much.

The dumbbells and barbells used here are the same ones in the Gym Pose Pack (still courtesy of Soloriya).


9. Cycling Pose Pack

Cycling Pose Pack for The Sims 4

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Three more clean, high-quality poses from katverse—this time with a bonus bike.

This pack features a cyclist in action, looking plenty pleased with themselves as they push the pedal to the metal.

As with all katverse poses, the poses in this set are clean, high-quality, and distinctly one-of-a-kind.

The creator also includes a handy teleporter placement guide so that no awkward floating or clipping happens when you’re taking shots.

And speaking of which, I didn’t notice any clipping at all when I tested the poses out. And I used both Male and Female models in Everyday Wear to check.

Take note that you will need the custom mountain bikes that they link in the description.

The regular bikes that come with The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle expansion pack lean at an angle, and the handlebars are too high (yes, I speak from personal experience).


10. Exercise Day (Pose Pack) by Beto_ae0

Exercise Day Poses by Beto_ae0 for The Sims 4

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Ending this list with my favorite pack because the poses are too dang cute!

You know those adorable Mommy & Me yoga classes?

That’s pretty much what this pack is, only tailored more for floor exercises and gentle stretches.

Literally have nothing bad to say about this. It’s unique, it’s clean, and every element – from the expressions to the form – is spot-on.

There are a grand total of four poses in this set, and each one is an absolute treat to photograph.

The in-game pose list also makes it easy to assign poses:

T for Toddler, M for Male/Mother. Yep, the preview photos may show a Male Sim, but I tried it with a Female model and I’m happy to report that the poses are unisex.

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