Sims 4 Fighting & Arguing Pose Packs (All Free)

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From verbal smack-downs to scathing debates, explosive confrontations to actual fisticuffs (just about three pose sets in this list, I promise), arguments happen.

We’re human. We lose our tempers, we’re prone to initiating fights when our emotions are out of control.

And since The Sims 4 is a life simulator, it would appear that Sims are prone to doing so, too.

Why not capture them amid all the yelling, accusing, and passionate finger-pointing?

After all, there’s no denying that custom argument poses make for very dramatic screenshots. Here are some of my favorites!


1. Disagreement Trio Pose by The Sense 4

Disagreement Trio Pose by The Sense 4 / TS4

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Don’t ask me why some dude is mediating (or at least angrily witnessing) what seems to be a pretty harsh argument between two girls—and why the girls are letting him.

All I know is this is a fairly specific pack for a fairly specific situation.

But I am aware that there are Simmers out there who’ll need something like this for their story, so. There you go.

A two-party disagreement with an equally-as-pissed third party sort of nebulously hovering between the two of them (and silently judging them, from the looks of it).

It gets slightly physical towards the end of the pose list (around pose three or four), so maybe don’t use those poses if your Sims are the non-violent & non-confrontational type.


2. Arguing… by Pandora

Arguing Poses for The Sims 4 (Pandora)

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At the end of a long tiring day, the last thing you need is someone yelling at you as you try to relax.

But you know that it’s pointless to fight back. And frankly, you just don’t have the energy to care.

So you do your best to placate your partner so that they drop it and you can all relax.

Or, you know. You really did mess up and your partner’s right to chew you out for it.

Those are just two of the probable scenarios I see for Pandora’s Arguing… pose pack.

I’m sure there’s more, as the pose progression and gestures are fairly versatile enough to suit a slightly one-sided disagreement.


3. Argument Poses No. 1 by atashi77

Argument Poses No. 1 / Sims 4 CC

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This pack contains a dozen solo poses to fit basically any argument that’s serious enough to warrant some slight hand-throwing, but not serious enough that tears are an imminent threat.

So, like, a lot of exasperation and frustration – but maybe not actual full-blown yelling.

That still leaves you with a lot of options, if you think about it.

An argument over splitting chores. A misunderstanding that got blown out of proportion. A semi-serious, semi-passionate disagreement over the future of the relationship.

Who forgot to unload the dishwasher for the nth time.

That sort of thing.

I really like that each pose is independent of the other, so you can definitely mix and match all 12 of them to create a custom(ish) fight scene.


4. Arguing & Grieving Poses by joannebernice

Arguing & Grieving Poses for The Sims 4

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Because anger and sadness so often go hand-in-hand, right?

Yeah, emotions can get pretty messy.

Exhibit A: this pose pack by joannebernice.

It’s a total hodgepodge of restrained anger and grief—with some subtle notes of frustration, sorrow, heartache, and just general unhappiness overall.

Yes, I got all that from the facial expressions alone. Which I feel like that says more than enough about the quality of these poses.

Maybe Sim A is trying to have a civil breakup.

Maybe Sim B wants to move out but Sim A won’t let them.

Who knows?

The poses may be a little more specific than the other general arguing packs here, but it’s still versatile enough to fit several different narratives.


5. Igglemouse’s Arguments by igglemouse

Igglemouse’s Arguments by igglemouse / Sims 4 CC

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One Sim seething, one Sim on the defensive.

Seems like a typical argument, yup!

We can’t all be screaming over each other, after all.

Put a hot-headed character with a levelheaded, soft-spoken pacifist, and you’ll probably get what these arguing poses are trying to illustrate.

I don’t know if the shove in the last pose was absolutely necessary – because Sim B genuinely never fought back in any of the four duo poses – but I get it.

We do illogical stuff when emotions are high.


6. Arguing [In-Game & CAS Poses] by radioactivedotcom

Arguing Pose Pack (CAS + Game) for TS4

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Arguments can happen whether you’re sitting, standing, or alternating between.

I mean, when anger and frustration hit, they hit hard.

If your Sim wants to stay seated for the duration of the disagreement, or get to their feet to emphasize their sheer displeasure, they’re free to do so.

Radioactivedotcom’s poses may not revolve around a specific theme – but they’re hella handy for establishing a major verbal scuffle.

I especially love the “you’re giving me a headache” and “get out of my sight!” pose variations.

I’m a dramatic creative. Of course those are the ones that caught my eye.

Anyway, there are 3 categories with 15 pose variations for each, for a whopping total of 45 pose options.

If you can’t find a pose you can use somewhere in here, I will be very, very surprised.


7. Get Your Hands Off My Girl Poses by joannebernice

Get Your Hands Off My Girl Poses / Sims 4 CC

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Not cool, dude. Not cool.

There’s no possible context in any possible situation that makes this okay.

(Unless you’re looking for dramatic fighting pose packs for your Sims—in which case, this one’s a top pick.)

The pack’s name alone does a pretty good job of explaining just what exactly, is going on here, so I don’t think I need to elaborate.

The poses are equal parts confrontational and physical (I mean, there are two poses showing a Sim flat on the floor while the other Sim is just wailing on them) so maybe skip these if you prefer minimal violence.

But if you’re all for adrenaline-fueled fisticuffs, then this one’s right up your alley.

P.S. If the link in the original post doesn’t work (or if you can’t translate that page from Russian into your language) then you can download these poses directly from Mediafire right here.


8. Argue Poses by joannebernice

Argue Poses by joannebernice / The Sims 4

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I cannot, for the life of me, find the original post on joannebernice’s website (both their Tumblr and their weebly).

So I’ve included some quick shots of my Sims using the poses from this pack.

Basically, it’s a set of six poses that illustrate a fairly emotional fight between two Sims.

I mean, all fights are emotional.

But this one looks to have a lot of weeping, grabbing, walking away, and wildly gesturing.

So god knows what’s going on between the two of them, but I’m a sucker for the raw emotion I’m seeing here.

The creator doesn’t specifically state whether or not the poses are unisex, but I experimented with different Sim models and there was no clipping whatsoever, so. Feel free to mix it up!


9. Crazy Angry Drunk Poses by joannebernice

Crazy Angry Drunk Poses by joannebernice / The Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

We’ve left verbal territory and have gone on to just full-on physical violence with this pack (but not a lot—don’t worry!)

Still created by joannebernice, these poses were apparently modeled after a couple pictures of some bros night out event.

There isn’t a lot of arguing happening here, but I imagine it’s hard to formulate cohesive sentences a few drinks in.

Let the fists do the talking.

There are sixteen poses in this set—a mix of group and duo shots—and most of them involve some variation of wrestling; arm wrestling, floor wrestling, bartop wrestling… believe you me, it’s very well made.

If you need some roughhousing stills of your characters, these poses are perfect.


10. Don’t Tell Me I Don’t Love You Pose Pack (Part 1) by sim_plyreality

Don’t Tell Me I Don’t Love You Pose Pack / TS4 CC

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So the plot for this pack, according to the creator, is basically a confrontational discussion between ex-lovers that ends in a pretty emotional argument.

It’s so named because Sim A apparently accuses Sim B of having never really loved her—which is where Sim B snaps.

Cue poses six and seven, where it looks like Sim B is ready to throw hands.

Or, you know. At least set the story straight.

Highly specific narrative, I know. But I’d argue that all the elements of the poses (expressions, gestures, etc.) are ambiguous enough that these poses would work for slightly different plots and concepts.

Emotional confrontations and slightly accusatory arguments, for instance.


11. Couple Poses #12 by rinvalee

Couple Poses #12 for The Sims 4

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Is it really a passionate lover’s argument if no one’s slapped?

I think not.

This is why rinvalee’s awesome set of poses snagged a spot on this list. I mean, I get burying your face in your hands or tearfully running away, but there was a distressing lack of face slapping amongst all the packs I came across, and I was very confused.

I watch K-drama’s, okay?

I know women are perfectly capable of smacking some sense into men when they’re upset.

Pose number four, for your reference.

And look, the pack even ends with a sweet back embrace!

It’s a fairly simple pack, but I absolutely love the quality (and the all-in-one animation option, which makes it so much easier to take pictures I swear).


12. “Who is She?” Pose Pack by sim_plyreality

“Who is She?” Pose Pack / Sims 4 CC

Check Out This Pose Pack

Don’t try to weasel your way outta this one, slime.

No seriously, who doesn’t need a custom pose pack of Sim A discovering evidence of cheating on Sim B’s phone?

Always makes for a juicy storyline.

And I love the way the poses progress through the plot concept. Plenty of variations in the facial expressions, the gestures, and the body language—you just know this fight dragged on!

Gotta give mad props to the creator for this.

They didn’t need to include the solo shots, but they did. Just to really build the narrative. A great concept that was executed beautifully, overall.


13. “Back Off!” Pose Pack by sim_plyreality

“Back Off!” Pose Pack for The Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

According to the creator, this pose pack was originally meant to be a confrontation between a father and son, with the mother coming in later and de-escalating the situation.

Kinda loved that concept – and how the poses looked – so I decided to give it a try.

Glad I did, because the resulting scenes with my Sims were excellent.

There was tension, there was exasperation, and there was barely concealed anger, and it was great.

10/10 would recommend for any shots involving high-strung relationship drama.

Also, the creator includes some pretty helpful tips about teleporter placement in the original post, so make sure to read the description!


14. You’re Home Late! Arguing Poses by wishelsims

You’re Home Late! Arguing Poses / TS4

Check Out This Pose Pack

This one follows a fairly one-of-a-kind narrative that I didn’t see repeated in other arguing or fighting pose sets, so I thought I’d include it.

Just like joannebernice’s “Back Off!” pack and sim_plyreality’s “Who Is She?” pack, there’s a mini-story that the poses in this set follow.

It seems pretty obvious, but basically, Sim A is upset that Sim B came home late (for what I’m assuming is the umpteenth time).

The plot is established in just seven poses (three for the Male model, four for the Female model), which works great for a simple, straightforward confrontation.

It’s definitely not as drawn out as the other two packs mentioned (“Back Off!” and “Who Is She?,” with 19 and 18 individual poses respectively).

But the pose quality here more than make up for the limited options.


15. The Art of Arguing #2 by something-wicked-sims

The Art of Arguing #2 / Sims 4 Poses Preview

Check Out This Pose Pack

Seriously, I would have included this pack in my recommendations just for the name alone.

“The Art of Arguing,” is a crazy creative name. And no one can tell me otherwise.

Thank goodness the poses are just as creative—and so high quality.

Not much of a story or plot here—just two frustrated Sims who probably aren’t seeing eye-to-eye.

The anger isn’t as pronounced as some other packs on this list (“Disagreement – Trio Pose” by The Sense 4 and “Get Your Hands Off My Girl” by joannebernice come to mind).

But you can for sure see the annoyance, frustration, and quiet irritation in both Sims’s expressions.

I also love that height difference was included – because I am all for smol Sims telling off their taller partners.

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