Sims 4 Texting & Phone Pose Packs (All Free)

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Sure, The Sims 4 has smartphones.

But do they have the poses to go with them?

For this list, I advise you to get really comfortable with inabadromance’s Accessory iPhone. I’m pretty sure they’re the only Sims 4 CC creator that included Left and Right versions of a phone accessory, which is why most (if not all) of the creators listed here used their phone accessory for their texting poses.

Regarding which version to use, all the creators are pretty good at mentioning it in their descriptions.

Now that that’s out of the way, here you go: awesome texting pose packs for The Sims 4 that photograph really, really well.


1. Kids With Their Phone Poses by katverse

Kids With Their Phone Poses / Sims 4 CC

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Kids these days, am I right?

To be fair, I think we’ve pretty much accepted that smartphones are now a basic necessity. So it’s not as scandalous for kids to have them.

Why should your Sims’ kids be any different?

Katverse’s pose pack does a pretty good job of illustrating something we probably see every day: a kid taking selfies, a kid scrolling on their phone, a kid maybe playing a mobile game… you get the picture.

Quality’s great, concept’s straightforward, and I love that this pack focuses on kids.

I mean, there’s not enough canon and fan content for kid Sims as it is (since a lot of us tend to play Adults and Young Adults). So I imagine pose sets like this are great for those who love wholesome family-based gameplay.


2. I Miss Hearing Your Voice Pose Pack by sim_plyreality

Miss Hearing Your Voice Poses for The Sims 4

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I think this title speaks volumes (get it?) enough as it is.

This is a pretty heavy pose pack that kinda perfectly illustrates that moment when you know you’re not supposed to call your ex, but you just can’t help yourself.

Hey, we’ve all been there, done that, took the photo, bought the t-shirt, etc.

The poses themselves are great quality – and I think the narrative’s fairly unique.

I mean, there are a few pose sets out there that utilize the whole “bad phone call conversation” theme.

But this one stands out for beautifully illustrating both sides of that convo.

Seriously, their expressions are heartbreaking.


3. Texting You!!! By Pandora

Texting You!!! Poses for The Sims 4

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I’m not just texting you, I’m texting you!!!

The triple exclamation is probably meant to denote a lot of excitement.

Which, given how all nine poses look, makes a lot of sense.

This here’s a set of pretty standard poses following a clear concept that’s executed beautifully. It’s basically a Sim tapping away at their phone while in different positions that are all varying degrees of comfortable (there are some positions I agree with and some I think I could never pull off).

The poses are all versatile since they don’t follow a specific storyline or theme, and the facial expressions are all pleasant enough to not denote any sort of underlying drama.

So you can definitely use these in almost any context.


4. Running Errands on the Phone Pose Pack by moonshinersims

Running Errands on the Phone for The Sims 4

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These are, without a doubt, some of the most accurate Sims 4 poses I’ve seen involving phones.

Because if you’re capable of running errands without peeking at your phone at least once, consider me impressed. I genuinely can’t.

Even at the grocery, I’m double-checking my chats and my social media feed.

But enough about that.

These poses by moonshinersims are beautiful.

Great positions, clean lines, and no clipping to be seen (at least with Female Sim models; didn’t get a chance to test it out with Males).

I love how casual and relaxed the expressions are, too.


5. Bathtub Poses by okruee

Bathtub Phone Pose Pack / TS4 CC

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What, you’ve never brought your phone into the bath with you?

Gotta be honest, that was what initially caught my attention.

I mean, I was getting used to all the “texting on the bed” and “calling from the couch” themes that I was seeing, so an honest-to-EA bathtub pose caught me off-guard.

And to carry a full-on conversation in it? Pretty neat.

The creator also happens to be one of my favorites for CC hair, so.

Anyway, there are five different poses in this pack, and each pose has four different facial expressions: neutral, worried, angry, and happy.

I think that’s pretty darn cool since it technically bumps up the pose options from five to twenty.

And we Simmers always appreciate having some variety in our choices.


6. Show Me Your Phone Posepack by serenitatem poses

Show Me Your Phone Posepack / Sims 4 CC

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So most of the pose packs I’ve covered up until now have all been the sort of general, flexible, standard phone-using poses that work with almost any narrative or setting.

The poses in this pack – as the creator even states – were made with a story in mind.

According to the description, they’re meant to illustrate that moment you get a text so weird, you decide to throw your phone in the trashcan.

Maybe “weird” isn’t the right word, but hey. If safety is genuinely an issue, phones are literal homing beacons to the right kind of hackers – and I would dump my phone in a bin immediately if it meant staying safe, so. I get how this particular moment could happen.

You also have the option to just not use the phone-throwing poses.

There are seven poses anyways, and the first four or five poses work great for more general “hey, check out this thing on my phone” scenarios.


7. Phone Call Poses by ratboysims

Phone Call Poses Preview for The Sims 4

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And we are back with the versatile, ambiguous, could-work-for-literally-any-scenario poses.

I’m not complaining though. The actual phone chatting animations in-game are really limited.

And they’re all some variation of standing and gesticulating wildly, for some reason.

I guess because Sims just generally have no chill. But I digress.

These poses by ratboysims are the epitome of chill. A quiet, lazy sort of afternoon spent pleasantly chatting over the phone with a friend or significant other—that’s the vibe I’m getting from these poses, and I’m sure it’s a narrative a lot of Simmers could use.

There are three poses meant to be used on loveseats, and three meant for sofas.


8. Text Poses by ratboysims

Texting Poses by ratboysims for The Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

This pack’s the texting variation of ratboysims’s Phone Call Poses pack, and I gotta appreciate a Sims CC creator that’s this thorough.

Like the Phone Call pack, there are six poses in this set—all of which involve phones and chairs (actually an armchair from the looks of the preview photos, but I got these to work on a loveseat, too).

The creator also proposes an alternative title to the pack: “Broken Spine Poses.”

Check out poses three and four and you can probably see why.

Just like Phone Call, this pack’s overall vibe is very chill and pleasant.

No drama here, sir. Just some unproblematic phone scrolling.


9. Chatting on the Phone Pose Pack by Lorie’s Sims 4 Poses

Chatting on the Phone / Sims 4 Poses

Check Out This Pose Pack

This is by far one of the most extensive phone pose packs I’ve found.

And I looked through a lot of them. I mean, thirty-five poses is nothing to scoff at, right?

And the creator was cool enough to make all-in-one animation options to lessen the action queue.

As you can see from the preview photos, this is a pretty standard texting pose pack with several fixed positions and a lot of expression changes.

There are nine standing poses, eight table-leaning poses (they work with dining tables, but desks make more sense), nine sitting poses with the hands hidden, and nine sitting poses with the hands above the desk.

I love that the ambiguity of the poses and the expressions make this pack more versatile.


10. A Bad Phone Call (Story + Pose) by Stay at Home Sim

A Bad Phone Call Poses for The Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

Here’s three storytelling poses that would work for most any “emergency phone call” scenarios.

For instance, a doctor gets called because his patient’s symptoms are dropping. Or a dude gets woken up because his best friend got into an accident.

Or maybe a dad receives a mildly concerning phone call from his inebriated son asking to be picked up.

The story that Stay at Home Sim crafted here is that Sim A (guy on the phone) got a call from his mom informing him about his dad passing away (or in Sims 4 terminology, “expiring”).

These aren’t the sort of poses you could just use for just any nighttime phone call, because the expressions are quite clearly those of panic and upset.

But for the right plot? They’re perfect.


11. Car Phone Poses by Akuiyumi

Car Phone Poses / Sims 4 CC

Check Out This Pose Pack

(Gentle reminder to please drive safely and always use the hands-free option on your phone when you can. Thanks!)

I actually couldn’t find any other pose packs with a similar concept (aka driving while on the phone), so kudos to Akuiyumi for the originality.

I think scenes like this are pretty par for the course when it comes to slice-of-life, semi-dramatic storylines, so I’ve no doubt in my mind someone out there’s going to use this.

I like how the head and facial expressions of the Sim model do most of the talking since the rest of them can’t really move.

It speaks of the quality and attention to detail in these poses, so A+ for that.

There are ten individual poses in the pack for pretty much ten different emotions: stressed, confused, happy, being yelled at… you get the picture.

All are clearly labeled on the in-game list, by the way, so you won’t have to click through each pose to find the one you want.


12. [SP] Pose Request #66 by sciophobis

Poses For Phone Call on Speakerphone / The Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

You know those times when you can’t be bothered to press the phone against your ear—you’d rather just scream into the receiver?

Yep, there’s a pack for that.

It’s not too obvious in the preview photos of the Sim models, but the expressions of the poses actually translate to something really sassy in-game.

Maybe it’s just the way I designed my Sims, but these poses genuinely make them look like they’re calmly giving out orders from a poolside lounge chair or something.

Whether or not that’s the vibe you’re going for, I still think these eight poses from sciophobis are staple phone poses to have in your mods folder for those “just in case” moments.

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