Sims 4 Headphones CC: Earphones, AirPods, Cat Ear Headphones & More

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Some will say headphones are being phased out in favor of going wireless with things like earbuds instead.

But I think it’s safe to say all forms of headphones will always have a place, both as a listening device, and as an accessory.

In The Sims 4, they mostly serve as an accessory.

A Sim’s day is often too hectic for any leisurely listening. But you know what they always have time for? Looking good!

With the CC below, you’re guaranteed to have one sharp Sim who’s prepared to listen to music (and look good doing it) at a moment’s notice. Or at least they would be, if we had items that could be both functional and clothing…

In any case, never doubt the power of headphones when it comes to accessorizing!


Trinity Earphones

Trinity Earphones for Sims 4

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Do earphones have to be boring? Of course not!

These will function as an accessory, almost like a hat for your Sims ears.

Ears don’t usually get to do much dressing up, you know.

There are 11 swatches available in beautiful, bright, metallic colors. They’re categorized as earrings, so your Sims can pair them with any outfit.

Whether they’re hitting the gym, going for a jog, or heading to the pool, there is no doubt they will look stylish in the most modern way.


Accessory Headphones

Accessory Headphones Sims 4 CC

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If you have the Get Together pack, it may have been a rollercoaster ride for you.

You see headphones in CAS and think, “wow, finally I can accessorize my Sims to really look like music lovers.”

But then… you realize the headphones are actually part of a shirt.

They can’t be paired with any other top.

Saddening, isn’t it?

Not anymore!

This Simmer has separated them from the shirt, and technically now they’re a necklace. So you can indeed include them with any outfit you want!

Dresses, sweaters, heck, place them with a three piece suit.

If the music calls, you must listen!


TS4 AirPods

TS4 AirPods Sims 4 CC screenshot

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It makes sense that one of the most sought after inventions of all time has now come to the Sims, albeit in decorative form only.

Everyone wants AirPods, even if they aren’t totally aware of it.

Pesky wires and inexplicable tangling have been the bane of every earbud user’s life for years and years.

Eliminating those annoyances was a genius move by Apple. And the rest has been history – even with that hefty price tag for these tiny hunks of plastic.

Your Sims are fortunate enough that these are free.

So there’s no need for them to buy the AirPods, they’ll simply be waiting for you in the earring section of CAS once you download them.


Skull Earphones

Skull Earphones TS4 CC

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If you want to turn a mundane item into an iconic accessory, just give it a face.

Your mileage may vary with this advice.

I’m not saying draw a smiley on your glasses or anything. But when it comes to earphones, I think this has really been a missed opportunity for years.

There are so many possibilities, as evidenced by this CC creation.

Now your Sims can have some cool little skulls in their ears at all times, which will be a good look for goths or anyone with edgier tastes.


Axent Wear Headphone

Axent Wear Headphone Sims 4 CC

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Chances are, these look very familiar to you if you’ve ever watched a video game streamer.

Whether they’re on YouTube, Twitch, or somewhere else, tons of people have these cat-eared headphones – or a similar set.

And why shouldn’t they?

Everyone loves cats… or at least, everyone who doesn’t have a heart as black as coal.

My personal love of felines aside, you’ve got to admit that adding some kitty ears to the plain headphone design is pretty great.

These will immediately double your Sim’s cuteness factor for sure.

The design of this CC is all-around awesome. And this would fit perfectly with any streamer Sim hoping to make a living playing games.

I can’t imagine that designing these was easy. But CC creator one-billion-pixels has managed to do it, and so flawlessly!


Toddler Conversion Headphones

Toddler Conversion Headphones TS4 CC

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Nowadays, even the kids need high-quality audio gear.

And while technology may have changed through the years, one thing has always rung true: kids like to mimic their parents.

We all wanted to be our parent’s mini-me at one time or another, right?

Well, your Sim and their little one can indeed match, with these toddler-sized headphones that are a downsized version of the very ones we saw above.

Yay, cat ears for all!

These even come in a few more swatches than the adult version, so they don’t have to be twinning right down to the color if you don’t want them to.

Of course, any tot will feel like they’re on cloud nine with these, whether their parents also have them or not.


Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones

Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones for Sims 4

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There’s nothing that tops Beats by Dr. Dre when it comes to popularity.

For years, kids and adults alike have been dying to get their hands on these.

Beats are top notch when it comes to both audio as well as appearance. They’re basically an accessory all their own when it comes to streetwear.

Fortunately, your Sims can join into the craze now too.

These can be worn right around your Sim’s neck, and feature that unforgettable symbol.


3T4 Headphones

3T4 Headphones Sims 4 CC

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Here we have another option for wearable ‘necklace’ headphones, but in a much different style.

These have those more old school, square earpads. With the way retro items keep coming into fashion, these could be the next trend for all we know.

For now, however, they’re a simple and safe choice for your Sims.

These are available in eight colors and can be used for both males and females.

If you never knew the joy of The Sims 3 Store, you may not recognize these. But they’re actually a conversion.

I’m pretty sure that this was just the standard look back then, but now your Sim can look more chill and stylish than ever before.


Cat Ears Headphones

Cat Ears Headphones TS4 CC

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I have to wonder where the cat headphones started.

Why are they so prevalent, in place of floppy-eared dog or rabbit ones?

I suppose that’s a question for another day.

Sometimes it’s better to just not question things, especially when it comes to The Sims. And these are so cute that I’m sure you’ll forget all about everything else.

These have a more realistic cat ear design too, at least as far as headphones go. They have a felt-like appearance as well, so you just know they’re soft!

But most importantly, they’re base game compatible, and available to every Sim in seven colors.


Necklace Headphones

Necklace Headphones for Sims 4

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You might think if you’ve seen one set of headphones, you’ve seen them all.

But that isn’t necessarily true.

These have a distinct look that’s just too good to pass up, such as unique styling along the band. The earpads themselves look very cushiony as well, like you’d never want to take them off.

Too bad they’ll never actually touch your Sim’s ears, right?

Ah, not really.

Let’s be honest, us Simmers are simple people, often valuing form over function.

That’s what makes CC so addicting and wonderful.

Expanding your CAS collection and being able to perfectly accessorize your Sim is sometimes a highlight of playing!

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