Sims 4 Proposal CC For Custom Engagement Décor

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Aside from the wedding itself, a proposal is the biggest occasion for any couple.

It may end well, or maybe not. Either way, the one popping the question definitely will want to do things right – and that includes making sure the environment and atmosphere are perfect.

Proposals are almost as big of a deal in The Sims as they are in real life.

Unless you want to force the romance through some cheats, whether or not your Sim’s special someone says “yes” can determine the whole future of your game.

A bad reaction really throws a wrench in Legacy plans, that’s for sure.

But if everything goes right, you’ll really be glad you put the time in to set the scene. It’s a special time in your Sim’s life!


Marry Me Light

Marry Me Light for The Sims 4

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Sometimes proposals are sneaky, and it’s not done until a date is drawing to a close.

Other times, people will just go straight for it with grand gestures.

And that’s pretty much what we have here.

A giant light with “Marry Me” in all caps basically says it all, right?

For some, cutting the chase is just how they roll.

That doesn’t mean the moment has to be any less spectacular. This will look really sweet incorporated into a little spot outdoors, so your Sims can profess their love to the whole world.

The newly betrothed couple will always be able to remember what a unique setup they had for their proposal, and so will you.


Romantic Table Setting

Romantic Table Setting / Sims 4 CC

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If you play The Sims anything like I do, then you probably like to draw out the night of the proposal a little bit.

Sure, if it’s two Sims who met the day before, then a quick proposal in their living room will suffice.

But for those Sims who you have been focusing on for a while, gradually and painstaking building up their romance meter, it’s nice to have something more intimate.

This set has everything needed to create an incredibly romantic space for your Sims to spend their last moments before they’re engaged. Even just with tables and chairs, you’ll have plenty of options.

There are two table sizes, both of which are covered in a nice white tablecloth.

One seats four Sims and the other one seats six, so it’s totally up to you whether you want the proposal to be a public affair or a one-on-one deal.

The chairs can match the table with either the white swatch, the cushions, or bows on the back.

But what good is a romantic table and chairs if you don’t have much to go with it, right?

No worries!

There’s plenty here in terms of decorations, including candles with roses, a rose petal mat, decorative roses, and flatware.

Even the pergola, with its greenery and pink little flowers, adds a nice lovey-dovey touch.


String of Inspiration Lights

String of Inspiration Lights / TS4 CC

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My favorite “proposal trope” of the past few decades has to be fairy lights.

I see them used all the time in film and television proposals, but they just never get old.

They only look right at nighttime – so it may be rough to wait all day to get your Sims engaged, I know, but it’s worth it.

These strings of lights will allow you to make any space gorgeously illuminated in a really fun way.

Let’s be honest, these totally beat table lamps!

You can choose from several colors, including classic white or yellow as well as plenty of multicolored bulbs.


Dot’s Roses

Dot’s Roses Pack / Sims 4 CC

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I don’t know how roses became so unanimous with love and romantic occasions, but they are certainly timeless.

There are many rose-themed things here to use, converted from The Sims 2.

They’ll look fantastic for indoor proposals as well as outside ones.

Two of the items are potted plants. One is a low little ball of roses, while the other is taller and in a heart shape.

Since it won’t be good to leave the walls bare and boring for indoor proposals, the rose heart wreath will be just the thing to beautify them.

Lastly, there are some rose petals for the floor.

You can place as many of them as you’d like, to make paths or shapes.


Will You Marry Me? Set

Will You Marry Me? CC Set / The Sims 4

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Here we have a CC set dedicated to the four most important words in a Sim’s life:

Will you marry me?

Actually, I think it probably goes something more like “floopy shoo sna gibar?” in this game, but Simlish will never appeal to human ears.

Everything in this set is honestly so adorable that if you don’t already have a couple in mind you’d like to get engaged soon, you’ll have to make one.

I can’t continue any longer without pointing out the heart-shaped personal pizza…wow.

That’s next-level stuff.

Who could say no after being presented with that?!

Something extra noteworthy here is that there is even a decorative ring and box. I had actually never thought of looking for one of those before, and now I’m kicking myself.

That is definitely how you separate a regular date and something more.

There are several heart-themed decorative items here as well, including a tea kettle, a bundle of sticks, cupcakes, and a box. Plus that glorious pizza.


Vintage Simlish Signs

Vintage Simlish Signs / TS4 CC

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The good thing about Simlish is, at least with decorations, you can bend it to your will.

No one really knows what it says, so you can use these signs for everything – including proposals!

I just love the vintage look.

These signs have a great worn wood design, and there are three variations.

One is really worn, while the second only has a few chips in the paint, and the last is rather neat.

It all depends on you and your Sims, whether you fully embrace the rustic look or want everything prim and proper.


Heart and Flowers Set

Heart and Flowers Set / Sims 4 CC

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Nothing makes an occasion feel happier than flowers and hearts.

And flowers in the shape of hearts.

They bring the best symbolisms of love together, in a very aesthetically pleasing way, and that is exactly what CC creator DOT has done.

With this set you’ll have some new unique décor items to choose from when prepping your proposal space.

There are a variety of flowery heart-shaped wall hangings, some of which you can even use on windows.

Even the stones here are hearts and have “love” engraved on them.


Champagne Décor

Champagne Décor CC for The Sims 4

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If you plan to send your Sims on a date for the proposal (as so many people do), you’ll need all the CC you can get to make the space less empty.

Most of the stuff we have in the game just isn’t geared towards that sort of thing. And if it is, then you’ve probably already used it dozens of times.

Do you know what we don’t have?

Alcohol. Liquid courage.

The stuff that’s at the center of thousands of dates every day, for better or worse.

Yeah, Sims have juice, which is pretty much the same thing.

But even if you buy a bar and hire a mixologist, there’s no guarantee your Sim will ever actually see the drink they ordered.

Champagne has a bit of reputation for being romantic, so what’s better than leaving a bottle of it right on the table while your Sim proposes?

These bottles have very realistic detailing.

They’re based on real-life champagne, and a rather pricey one at that. There’s no better way for your Sims to declare their love and celebrate their futures together than with champagne, as millions of people do.

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