The Sims 4: Best Custom Teeth Mods & CC Packs

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When I say “there’s probably Sims CC for everything,” I’m not exaggerating.

The Sims community is full of crafty creative geniuses that can create pure 3D art.

And if you think hair, clothes, and gameplay are the only things these artists focus on, you’d be surprised! There’s a whole slew of custom teeth for Simmers like us to enjoy.

I didn’t even notice the difference teeth could make in-game. Until I tried these downloads for myself.


1. EA Teeth Begone! – Default Replacement Teeth by Pyxis

EA Teeth Begone! – Default Replacement Teeth by Pyxis Sims 4 CC

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This is one of the most popular default replacement mods for TS4 teeth. Not too hard to see why, especially when you look at EA’s default teeth.

The devil’s in the details, as they say. And the detail on EA’s teeth … could be better. It’s not terrible, per se, but it’s a little flat.

Especially once you try Pyxis’ default replacement teeth. They’re this odd combination of 3D and clayified dimensions with a Maxis Match texture that just works.

The base of this replacement mod is ice-creamforbreakfast’s Pearly Whites (which are basically genetic overlays for teeth), but you don’t need to download that mesh to use Pyxis’ default teeth.

There are two file options under the download link: the regular file and a file with “PointyTeeth” tacked on the name. The latter replaces EA’s “gold teeth” set with Pyxis’ “Natural Selection” teeth (which is available individually as a cosmetic overlay, not actual teeth).

Which one you should download totally depends on which set of teeth you use more.

Note: these teeth mods that will replace the default EA teeth, or whatever default teeth you have equipped. Remember that default replacement mods tend to fight one another, so be sure to take out any defaults you’ve got installed before trying this one!


2. Genetic Teeth for Buck, Gap, and Snaggle by Nova JY

Genetic Teeth for Buck, Gap, and Snaggle by Nova JY for Sims 4

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This mod adds a dash of realism to your game, genetics-wise.

(As real as you can get with The Sims, anyway).

It’s basically another replacement mod that allows child Sims to genetically inherit their parent’s orthodontic characteristics and concerns.

This means that baby Sally can inherit mom’s eye color, dad’s skin color, and mom’s snaggle teeth.

Just as nature intended.

Seriously though, it’s a pretty realistic mod all things considered.

I always did find it weird that you had to completely re-enter CAS just to give your child Sims a cute gap tooth or little bunny buck teeth. Since this mod messes with genetics (aka randomization) it shouldn’t fight with any default replacement teeth mods you have installed.

As for the download file, you can actually download the teeth variations individually.

So if you only want buck teeth or snaggle teeth to be genetically passed on, you can do that. Then gap teeth would remain CAS-only.


3. Smoother Buck Teeth by PickyPickachu

Smoother Buck Teeth by PickyPickachu Sims 4 CC

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Do you find the TS4 buck teeth a little … exaggerated?

Not just me?

Okay, good.

Then download PickyPickachu’s 3D Buck Teeth overlay. It smoothens out the default Sims 4 buck teeth design and makes the two front teeth look a bit less like they’re… oh, I don’t know, bursting out of the gums.

Don’t get me wrong; TS4 graphics are a great blend of cartoony and realistic.

But the default size of the two front teeth in comparison the rest of EA’s pearly whites may lean a little too close to cartoony than some would want. If you’re in agreement, PickyPickachu’s subtler gap teeth CC might be just the fix you’re looking for.

They’re a cosmetic overlay that’ll take on the texture of whatever default teeth you’ve got installed, but you can still find them in the Teeth category.


4. Perfectly Crooked Teeth by Simshini

Perfectly Crooked Teeth by Simshini TS4 CC

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Just as with the last item, Simshini’s “Perfectly Crooked” tone down the design of TS4’s snaggle teeth just a tad.

The unevenness is a lot more subtle, the jagged edges are a little smoother, and there are much fewer sudden wild cards littered about (or teeth, as the case may be).

I personally don’t mind the default snaggle teeth as much as the buck teeth. But that doesn’t mean other Simmers are in agreement.

If you really want to alter these styles then I totally recommend this download. Just like PickyPickachu’s mod above, this one dials down the ‘cartoony’ side of the graphics and ups the ‘realistic’ stuff just a little.

Find these perfectly crooked bad boys in the Teeth category. There are separate .package files for Vampire Sims and Child Sims. The main .package file works on all genders for Teens up to Elders.


5. Subtle Gap by Simshini

Subtle Gap by Simshini Sims 4 CC

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And with this mod, all of The Sims 4’s basic teeth variations have been given their own subtle, smoother, less cartoony versions.

Milder buck teeth, simplified snaggle teeth – it would just be completely remiss if I didn’t include the Subtle Gap Teeth set by Simshini.

And it is exactly what the name suggests: a smaller, slighter gap in the two front teeth.

If you compare it to the base game dimensions, it’s like half a centimeter narrower.

Not a lot, but the difference definitely shows.

This will show up in the Teeth category too, just like the buck teeth and snaggle teeth replacements.

The main .package file works for Teens up to Elders, but don’t worry; there is a separate .package file for your bunny-toothed Child, too.


6. Tooth Fairy for Toddlers by Simshini

Tooth Fairy for Toddlers by Simshini Sims 4 CC

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Losing baby teeth is a pretty big event in any kid’s life. And slipping those suckers under their pillow in the hopes of some sweet coinage is a huge part of that event.

Actually while I’m on this tangent, EA definitely needs to make this an in-game interaction kids can have with their bed. Make it happen, EA!

Back to the CC.

Simshini is an awesome creator that gives us some teeth CC we didn’t know we wanted. Check out this cute Toddlers-only pack where your lil Sim is missing his two front teeth.

It’s awkwardly adorable in the best way.

Again, it injects a bit of realism in the game and gives us more Toddler content. The Sims gods know we need more toddler CC.


7. Toddler Teeth by Shysimblr

Toddler Teeth by Shysimblr for Sims 4

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More content for your toddles! Who’s complaining?

Certainly not me.

Not when this CC makes my already-adorable toddlers look like absolute angels. With gummy smiles.

Whereas Simshini’s “Tooth Fairy” toddler teeth knocked out your kiddos two front pearly whites, this one keeps them – and only them.

The rest of your toddler’s teeth are MIA. Which, if you think about it, makes sense. They’re still growing their little peepers in.

In fact, the creator took that into account when designing these. That’s why the gums have some white poking through. How many times can I type “adorable” before it stops looking like a real word?

I dunno, but that’s exactly what these teeth are: adorable.

There are two variations of this CC with separate .package files. You should be able to download and install both without any compatibility or override issues.


8. Colorful Braces by midnightpopsicles

Colorful Braces by midnightpopsicles TS4 CC

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Any ex-buck-toothed, past-brace-face kid will tell you: the only fun part of getting braces has to be the customization.

Getting to pick the color for the rubber bands brought a modicum of excitement to the whole ordeal.

It’s cool that The Sims 4 added braces to the base game, but they’re definitely lacking color. Enter midnightpopsicle’s Colorful Braces CC.

It adds 30 new colors for your Sim’s braces. Mostly solid swatches, but a handful of differently-colored variants are in there to keep things interesting.

Some of the colors (especially the lighter ones) are softer and blend more easily with the teeth. Other shades are bolder, brighter, and more attention-grabbing.

I think this means the color range is versatile enough to suit different styles. 10/10 CC pack, would recommend!


9. Beastly Part 2 – Vampire Fangs by Pyxis

Beastly Part 2 – Vampire Fangs by Pyxis Sims 4 CC

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Ever wanted to see a gapped-tooth vampire? Or a vampire with cute bunny teeth?

These cosmetic vampire fang overlays by Pyxis give you exactly that: the option to give your Sims some pretty sweet vampire teeth without taking away their slightly-crooked dental setup.

These fangs are cool, incredibly detailed, and can be mixed-and-matched to your heart’s content.

And since they’re cosmetic overlays, they won’t replace your Sims’ default teeth. They’ll simply add fangs to it while still adopting the dimension and texture of whatever teeth you have equipped.

In other words, if your Sim is wearing braces to correct his (or her) slight overbite, this CC won’t replace that detail. You’ll see the fangs and the braces every time they smile.

Brace-face vampires? High school’s gonna be tough for them.

You can find these bad boys under Head Accessories and they should show up as Earrings.


10. Gun Show – Fangs by Pyxis

Gun Show – Fangs by Pyxis Sims 4 CC

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How about some mermaid/monster teeth equivalents of those excellent vampire teeth overlays, also by the same creator.

Pyxis’ Gun Show – Fangs will pick up your default teeth texture rather than replacing them entirely. So you can still enjoy these incredibly detailed fangs without having to uninstall your default files.

What’s cooler is that the creator gives us five excellent swatches for these fangs. Yes; swatches.

The only other item on this list with swatches was midnightpopsicle’s Colored Braces! You basically get to choose how pearly white the fangs are, and how dark the insides of the mouth are.

Not something you thought you wanted?

Trust me: that extra customization makes this CC so much better. It’s the little things.


11. Monster – Pointed Teeth by Pyxis

Monster – Pointed Teeth by Pyxis Sims 4 CC

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We mentioned Pyxis’ Unnatural Selection teeth earlier, and how it’s a cosmetic overlay (like the vampire fangs and the gun show).

This download is basically the same teeth: just meshed and converted into actual TS4 teeth instead of cosmetic overlays.

And just like the Gun Show CC, these teeth come with four different meshes. They don’t change the color of the teeth much, but they do dictate how dark the mouth is.

Again, customization. I’m a fan.

I think the biggest difference between Gun Show and Monster is really the type of creature they’d suit.

Gun Show looks great for mermaids, sirens, and supernatural beasties.

Monster looks great for human-animal hybrids (like cats or dogs) or full-on shifters. Hey, it’s your narrative. Pick whichever because they’re both great!


12. TS4 Teeth 201901 by S-Club

TS4 Teeth 201901 by S-Club screenshot

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I will fully admit that this download confused me at first.

I had no idea what was happening in this particular CC. My initial thought was these were cosmetic overlays (like Pyxis’ Beastly vampire fangs) for vampire teeth.

Maybe it would make them look more subtle, glossier, or more realistic? I wasn’t sure. Then I downloaded and tested this out.

Lo and behold; it wasn’t anything vampire-related at all.

These TS4 teeth by S-Club are cosmetic overlays (you can find them in the Skin Details section), but they don’t affect your current default teeth.

What they do is make it seem like your Sim’s mouth is slightly open, displaying just a peep of their pearly whites.

Basically exactly what the picture on the download page shows. Minor, but quite noticeable too.

You know that sultry, barely-open, quasi-pout thing models do for their photos? That’s this CC in a nutshell.

I was so amused; I just had to include it on this list!

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