Sims 4 Turtleneck Dress CC: The Ultimate Collection

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I (and a lot of other people, I’m sure) tend to dress my Sims in outfits I would normally wear.

Sure, I experiment a bit. Play around with clothing items I would never in a million years buy for myself.

But generally speaking, my Sims and I share the same closet.

So as the verified turtleneck wearer that I am, I’m more than happy to share these custom turtleneck dresses for your Sims!


1. Turtleneck Sweater Dress by elliesimple

Turtleneck Sweater Dress by elliesimple Sims 4 CC

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I acknowledge that this is a little too short to be considered a conservative dress. I also acknowledge that if this wasn’t specifically titled Turtleneck Sweater Dress, it could pass off as a very long and very fluffy turtleneck sweater.

However, I’m going to fight for its spot on this list because I personally use this on my Sims all the time.

I found this and downloaded this way before I had to write up this review, so you bet your assets I’m going to share it.

110% in love with the way this sweater dress looks.

The color, the texture, the bunching, the folds… everything checks my boxes.

It’s an excellent blend of fashionable and fluffy, comfy and chic.

And if it really is too short for you, just pair it with some cropped legging accessories. That’s what I do!


2. Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater Dress by Harmonia

Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater Dress by Harmonia for Sims 4

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This is the kind of dress any self-respecting Sim would wear to galas and business events in the colder months of the year.

It’s glam enough for a Sim to sip overpriced cocktails in as they talk business ventures and company mergers.

Yet it’s also tasteful enough (and has just the right amount of accessories; look at that belt!) to keep them safely out of the “overdressed” category.

It comes in a total of 12 solid colors, and I’d say the available swatches are pretty varied.

It’s mostly safe neutrals, but there are two swatches of purple and a fairly bright pink, so yeah. Plenty of variety.


3. Narumi Dress by Plumbobs n Fries

Narumi Dress by Plumbobs n Fries TS4 CC

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Came for the creator’s name, stayed for the creator’s quality.

I mean, cute and quirky display name aside (and it really is so cute), Plumbobs n Fries’ Narumi dress is absolutely stunning.

Like, someone better move over. This dress is here to slay, and woe to the Sims that get in the way.

Just take a moment to really appreciate the details here. The shiny silk texture. The sexy little thigh slit. The way the fabric looks like it’s really cling to the body.

It’s like a modern cheongsam or qipao, sans the embroidered flowers and the cross-body enclosure.

Aside from bright red and dusky pink, it comes in thirteen other color options (for a grand total of fifteen swatches).


4. Figure-Forming Turtleneck Dress by Harmonia

Figure-Forming Turtleneck Dress by Harmonia Sims 4 CC

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The name of this custom item is already crazy descriptive.

The preview photos just back it up.

Harmonia’s turtleneck dress has a tight, ruched design that cinches in the waist and emphasizes the hips.

It’s actually a pretty popular cut that works well with a lot of body shapes and sizes, so it makes sense as a general TS4 CC thing.

Kudos to Harmonia for being stylishly up-to-date in that regard.

They also did a great job with the mesh by really detailing the folds, bunches, and wrinkles around the lower half.

It gives the impression of thick, form-hugging fabric.


5. Woven Turtleneck Dress by MsBeary

Woven Turtleneck Dress by MsBeary for Sims 4

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This is yet another unique turtleneck dress design.

I mean, I was hard-pressed to find something similar, especially in terms of the silhouette.

It looks like a standard woven turtleneck dress, only there’s a slight puff at the top, just a little below the chest area. It gives the illusion of a cropped turtleneck top being worn over a tight dress or tucked into a high-waisted skirt.

The separation is even more distinct with the patterned swatches, since the top of the dress is a completely different color and design than the bottom.

But for the solid color swatches, the distinction isn’t as obvious. It just looks like one whole dress.

Both options are gorgeous, by the way, so it’s really just a matter of preference.


6. Turtle Neck Dress with Belt by lynxsimz

Turtle Neck Dress with Belt by lynxsimz TS4 CC

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This one’s pretty similar to Harmonia’s Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater Dress.

And it’s not just due to the waist-cinching belt, either.

Both custom turtleneck dresses have about the same thick, ribbed texture. This one by lynxsimz just feels a little bigger and slouchier.

It’s not quite the trim, elegant, perfectly-tailored dress that Harmonia’s was. And I don’t mean that in a negative way!

Both dresses are great, and they work well for different situations.

Lynxsimz’s turtleneck dress definitely has a cozier, more casual vibe to it, but it retains a level of “fashionable badass girl boss” that I personally adore.


7. Qblinka’s Turtleneck Dress Autumn Edition by qblinka

Qblinka’s Turtleneck Dress Autumn Edition by qblinka Sims 4 CC

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Qblinka’s Turtleneck Dress is a stylishly casual outfit with clean lines and fitted sleeves.

It doesn’t have the thick, ribbed texture of some of the items here, nor does it look silky or satin-y in the slightest (unlike the Narumi dress by Plumbobs n Fries).

In fact, I’d say it looks like semi-stretchy cotton; clingy enough to mold to your curves without being too body-con.

I’m also a huge sucker for the palette (because warm colors are my vibe, okay?)

And that’s why I’m recommending this version of the dress. It comes in twenty beautiful fall colors.


8. Skinny Turtleneck Dress by elliesimple

Skinny Turtleneck Dress by elliesimple for Sims 4

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This CC is by the same creator that made my personal favorite Turtleneck Sweater Dress (first item I shared on this list).

Elliesimple seems to have a real talent for making beautiful photoskinned clothes with just the right balance of folds, wrinkles, and clean lines.

It makes for an overall fantastic silhouette that’s beautiful both in CAS and in-game.

This Skinny Turtleneck Dress is sleek, simple, and softly skims the body.

It looks like those expensive dresses that cling to all the right places in all the best ways.


9. Mabel Dress by Plumbobs n Fries

Mabel Dress by Plumbobs n Fries TS4 CC

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Plumbobs n Fries is back (on this list), and they’ve got a pretty cute entry this time around.

This Mabel dress isn’t a one piece turtleneck dress like the other entries.

Instead, it’s actually a thick ribbed turtleneck sweater worn under what looks to be a cute, gingham dress.

But for all intents and purposes, Mabel meets all the requirements.

It’s a dress, it’s got a turtleneck, and it can be worn by a Sim.

Plus it’s got really cool color combinations (ten, to be exact).


10. Turtleneck Sweater Dress by ekinege

Turtleneck Sweater Dress by ekinege Sims 4 CC

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Don’t let the oddly imposing models in the preview photos get to you.

I know they look fierce and sophisticated and ready to step on you with a five-inch stiletto heel shoe, but don’t think about them.

Focus on the sweater dresses, because the sweater dresses are beautiful.

A ribbed vertical texture offset with a knit cable fabric that’s elegant and symmetrical.

I am genuinely a big fan of how cozy the dress seems to be without disregarding the “sophisticated fashion” aspect.

This is proof that you can sip 500-dollar martinis beneath crystal chandeliers and still be warm and toasty.

Why sacrifice form for function when you can have both?

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