Best Wall Pose Packs For The Sims 4

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In The Sims 4, the only time your Sims have probably ever touched the wall was when they glitched and walked through it.

To be fair, how much do we touch the walls in real life?

I mean, it’s not like I’m going through the house rubbing them or anything. But poses bring to light just how big of a role walls tend to play in life, aside from supporting a structure and all.

It’s fun to be able to breathe new life into your game and that’s exactly what poses allow you to do.

You’ll see here how your Sims have been missing out, from flirty moments with a lover, to when things get physical in a different way, or even just when they need to rest… walls are the obvious surface to turn to, and now they can.


1. Against The Wall

Against The Wall Poses for The Sims 4

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Candid photos are one thing, and something everybody has been subjected to.

You know the ones, where your eyes are closed or you’re making a funny face, stuff along those lines.

Then there are intentional photoshoots, also known as posing.

Those tend to make the person being photographed much happier since they can put their best foot forward to ensure everything is turning out like they want.

These are definitely the poses to use when you want to get some nice shots of your Sim.

Maybe to show off their outfit, or just to capture them in their prime before they age up and get all withered and wrinkled.

Any Sim will look pretty and like model material thanks to this set.

It contains five poses that will put your Sim leaning against the wall in a few different positions.

In some, her arms will be crossed or behind her back, while in others it’ll be her leg that is propped up against the wall.

Throughout them all, your Sim’s expression will appear very natural, with just the hint of a smile.


2. The Wall and Me Pose Pack #1

The Wall and Me Pose Pack #1 / The Sims 4

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Photos today get more exposure than ever. So you want to make sure they look good.

You never know how far your pics will go throughout the endless depths of the Internet.

So a Sim’s life and photos can reflect that.

They could be a fashion blogger, or perhaps just an avid Simstagram poster.

Or maybe it’s just their mother forcing them to pose by the wall and look handsome.

Whatever your wishes might be, these poses won’t let you down.

There are five of them here with a masculine vibe and they’re made for full-body shots.

Each part of your Sim’s body will be poised and ready for the picture to be taken.


3. The Wall and Me Pose Pack #2

The Wall and Me Pose Pack #2 / The Sims 4

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Here’s a feminine version of the previous pose pack, also from the same creator Katverse.

These aren’t so macho though, and instead carry an air of delicateness.

In these poses, your Sim will be leaning against the wall and shooting sultry looks at the camera.

Or if you’re not taking screenshots, she’ll just be staring you down.

But she’ll sure look fantastic!

Like the first version, your Sim will be posed from head to toe.

These aren’t over the top by any means, and instead look very natural while still allowing your Sim to show off a little bit.


4. Wall Painting Set

Wall Painting Pose Set for The Sims 4

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Not all walls deserve to be part of a pose.

You’ll want to make sure the ones you utilize for the ones on this list are worthy, and that mostly just means looking nice. No holes, chipped paint, or ugly colors allowed.

Unless that’s the look you’re specifically going for, of course.

But plenty of houses are due for a fresh coat of paint, and this set will actually let you see your Sim applying it!

Yes, this is a bit of a bamboozle, isn’t it?

I said you want to make sure the wall is worthy, and these poses are all about your Sim working to make it happen. It’s inception or something.

This set has numerous poses where your Sim will be standing or sitting, paint roller in hand, and it’ll actually look like they are painting thanks to the new wall swatches that are also included.

You’ll have to line everything up just right but the end result will be so worth it!

I for one never thought it would ever be possible to see a Sim contributing to renovations.

Usually they just stand there while we go into Build/Buy and do everything for them.


5. “Violence” Poses

“Violence” Poses for The Sims 4

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These poses are a bit on the darker side.

Sad as it is, violence can come up in relationships.

Many players strive for as much reality as they can get into their game – especially if they write elaborate stories to accompany their gameplay.

So this small pack is quite admirable on that front.

It depicts a Sim backed against the wall by another Sim, who looks rather intimidating.

And ultimately, it’ll end in one Sim choking another.

The feet of the one being abused won’t even be touching the ground.

Pretty heavy stuff, right?

But these will be very valuable when creating a story for your Sims, if you’d like to depict their tribulations and low moments.


6. Model Sitting Poses

Model Sitting Poses for The Sims 4

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All this talk of modeling, and now here are some poses that were made with that very profession in mind.

Experienced models have a lifetime’s worth of knowledge about how to work the camera.

But it’s solely up to you to not do your Sims dirty.

You must take angles, lighting, and poses into account when taking screenshots or it’s just Sim cruelty!

Well this set will be a lovely choice for when you want to see them in some simple poses.

There are 7 sitting poses here, which will place your Sim leaning against the wall behind them.

A wall is most people’s go-to backdrop unless they’re going for scenic shots.

Even in The Sims, that’s the easiest option.

Any space in your Sim’s house will do, or you could even build a studio in their basement or backyard.


7. You’re Mine!

You’re Mine! / TS4 Pose CC

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Nothing says “sexy” like getting body-slammed up against the wall – or at least that’s how movies and television have made it seem.

I’m surprised that’s not a romance interaction in the game at this point.

But since it’s not, you can at least let your Sims enjoy that kind of sensuality through these steamy poses.

They’ll show your Sims having a moment near a wall, then it’ll appear that one is trying to walk away but their partner isn’t having it.

Ultimately it’ll end with the Sims up against the wall, kissing and embracing.

The guy will be holding the girl, she’ll be caressing his face, it’s all around quite romantic.


8. Cazmari-Mods’ Against The Wall Pose Pack

Cazmari-Mods’ Against The Wall Pose Pack / The Sims 4

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It’s rather amazing that for a rather niche topic such as wall poses, two different creators dubbed their packs “Against The Wall”.

So I must specify: these have no connection to the above photoshoot poses!

Here, one Sim will have the other trapped against the wall, boxing them in with their arms.

It pretty much goes from there, with some longing gazes and then a couple different kissing poses.

These are natural yet dramatic, just the sort of thing you’d see out of your goal romances and ships off of TV.

But that’s the great thing about controlling the romantic lives of two Sims: it always ends the way you want.

Unexpected deaths aside, of course.


9. Relaxed Porch Poses

Relaxed Porch Poses for The Sims 4

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Half walls may just be the most useful of all walls.

They allow for more open floor plans as well as nicer looking decks and porches.

LuumiaLoverSims clearly saw how ripe with possibilities such a space is, because this set features some of the most natural & realistic poses you’ll ever see.

Several of them have Sims resting with their arms atop the half wall.

In some they’re meant to be holding a beer bottle, which is also included in the download section as an accessory.

The two final poses depict the Sims slightly leaning over the wall, or standing Sims with their arms crossed over it.


10. Chokepoint Pose Pack

Chokepoint Pose Pack / TS4

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The circumstances that lead to someone being pinned against a wall aren’t always all sunshine and rainbows.

Fights also are not always a one-and-done thing that happens in a dust cloud, like Sims’ brawls.

Sometimes things get out of hand, and a person just may end up jacked up the wall courtesy of someone else’s arm.

It’s not pleasant, but it sure makes for a cool pose pack.

The six poses included here are some of my very favorites – not that I have all of my Sims get into knockdown drag-out fights all of the time.

These are special, like a delicacy.

They’re something it’s awesome to have available when needed.

And you’ll be disappointed you haven’t been using them all along if you’re a big fan of poses.

Your Sims will be part of a confrontation here, and it ends with one being choked against the wall. Plus these poses can be used anywhere, inside and out.

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