Where To Farm Lots of Abecean Longfin in Skyrim

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The best place to look for Abecean Longfin is the area around the Riften Docks and Riften Fishery.

There are a lot of fish barrels in this area, and these barrels have a 25% chance of containing Abecean Longfins.

There’s also a lake in the area where you can try and look for them in fish spawning sites.

But let’s look at all our options to see where to go & how to get these fish.


Fish Spawn Sites

Abecean Longfin underwater at a spawn site / Skyrim

The Abecean Longfin has a 20% chance of appearing in spawn sites in bodies of water, so it’s better to check out areas where fish spawn the most.

These spawn sites can have up to 3 fish to catch.

A few areas worth looking at are the areas around the Apprentice Stone and the Abandoned Shack in Hjaalmarch, the Wreck of the Winterstar in Winterhold, and the Goldenglow Estate in the Rift.

Remember to look for dragonflies hovering above the water as a clue of where to find the spawn sites.

Dragonflies indicate fish spawn sites / Skyrim

Riften Docks & Fishery

Fish Barrels can containing Abecean Longfin / Skyrim

The Riften Docks has lots of fish barrels scattered around outside, and some inside the Fishery.

There’s also a boat with a few fish barrels that can be looted.

You can check out these barrels for Abecean Longfins and other types of fish – but looting these barrels will count as stealing.

In order to loot these barrels without stealing, look for the Argonian named Wujeeta in the Fishery. Help her by give her a healing potion. You can then loot these barrels (and the ones on the boat) without any risk of stealing.

There are also multiple fish spawn sites in the lake here, so look out for dragonflies above the water to find these sites.

Standing beside Lake Ilinalta / Skyrim

If you’re just starting out, Lake Ilinalta also has fish spawn sites where you can farm Abecean Longfins.

It’s near the starting town of Riverwood, just beyond the Guardian Stones.

Walk around the area near the shores and look for dragonflies – you’re sure to find some Abecean Longfins around here, plus some other types of fish as well.

Abecean Longfish in Inventory / Skyrim
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