The Best Chicken Mods For Stardew Valley (All Free)

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Not to sound like Shane, but chickens are adorable.

They’re easily one of the cutest animals in Stardew Valley. And that’s stiff competition!

I personally like to name my chickens after silly things. Some stars in the pen include “Cluck Norris”, “Bawk Choi”, and “Cluck Kent”. Yes, I think I’m very funny, too.

Vanilla Stardew tends to get a little repetitive, though.

So here’s a bunch of poultry-themed mods to fry up, I mean, spice up your game!


10. Alternate Chicken Colors

Alternate Chicken Colors Mod for Stardew Valley

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This mod introduces two-toned chickens and chicks.

When a chicken is hatched, rather than being yellow, you’ll have a cute chick hopping around in some shade of brown or grey.

That chick will grow up into a grown up chicken, of which there are four more realistic colorations.

There’s no new white chickens, but there’s brown and grey colored ones. The vanilla ones still stay as options, though!


9. A Very Special Blue Chicken

A Very Special Blue Chicken Stardew Valley mod

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Did you know that chicken cordon bleu comes from blue chickens?

Just kidding, it doesn’t – but pearls do, with this Very Special Blue Chicken mod!

Apparently being blue doesn’t make these chickens special enough, so they had to amp it up by laying pearls.

As you probably know, pearls are a universally loved gift in Pelican Town.

So a chicken that lays them sure is special.


8. Convert Chickens to Parrots

Convert Chickens to Parrots in Stardew Valley

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Whether you don’t like chickens, or you just think the idea of parrot mayonnaise is a funny concept, this mod is for you.

It replaces all of your chickens with colorful tropical birds.

I do think it would have been funny if they had been pelicans, but these parrots are really nice.

It’s a good thing the farmer doesn’t say very much, otherwise they’d be hearing an echo all over the farm with these silly birds everywhere.


7. Pokemon Birds Replace Chickens & Ducks

Pokemon Bird Sprites Replace Chickens / Stardew Valley mod

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Not everyone likes to play Stardew realistically – and that’s totally okay.

For the big Pokémon fans out there, here’s one mod that switches your chickens & ducks with various bird-themed Pokémon!

You’ll even get a shiny sprite for each Pokémon in here.

(And yes, there’s a surprisingly large number of birds in Pokémon).

Examples include Torchik, Ducklett, Piplup, Farfetch’d, and so many more.

You’ll definitely want to catch them all.

I’m not sure what the ethics around Pokémon mayonnaise is, but I’m sure it’s fine!


6. Better Chickens

Better Chickens Mod for Stardew Valley

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Here’s a mod that retextures the vanilla chickens in the game.

They’re really nice pieces of art, and do a good job of staying true to Concerned Ape’s style, without, you know, being the exact same.

And this mode really does redo all the chickens: white, brown, void, blue, and even the golden chicken.

The blue chicken especially is really pretty.

Is it worth romancing Shane to get? Yes, probably, actually.

Do I get to keep the blue chicken in the divorce, at least?


5. Better Void Chicken

Better Void Chicken Stardew Valley mod

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Void chickens aren’t evil, they’re just misunderstood.

How would you like to be born different?

It’s not their fault they lay creepy eggs that make unsettling mayonnaise. Mayonnaise is ALWAYS unsettling!

This mod redoes the sprites for the void chickens to make it look less like they waddled out of Dante’s Inferno, and more like they’re just cute, squishy, not so much evil as morally ambiguous.

I mean come on, they’re chickens.

How evil can they be?

Maybe the void is a nicer place than here, did you ever think of that?


4. Chicken Overhaul

Chicken Overhaul Mod for Stardew Valley

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This is another mod that reskins and retextures all of the types of chickens – but this modder also does some updates for the chicks.

Now instead of all chicks being yellow, they’re closer to their adult stage colors.

For example, if you get a blue chick, you can be pretty confident it won’t turn into a void chicken.

The art style is also really nice here. Again, it’s close enough to the vanilla style to blend in nicely, but it’s definitely a significant improvement too.


3. Aesthetic Chickens

Aesthetic Chickens Stardew Valley mod

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Forget having boring, realistic, accurate chickens.

This mod adds pink and teal ones – you might even call them “aesthetic chickens”.

With aesthetic chickens, you can have aesthetic eggs, then make aesthetic omelets. Isn’t that the dream?

I kind of picture this mod being perfect for Haley stans.

I could see her and the farmer taking lots of pictures for social media with pink and teal chickens!


2. Roosters

Roosters Mod for Stardew Valley

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Have you ever thought about how weird it is that there’s void chickens and blue chickens, but no roosters?

How are we hatching chicks, here?!

This mod replaces blue chickens with roosters.

They still lay eggs, which isn’t quite right… but it’s still fun & makes it easier to immerse yourself in the game from a visual standpoint.

The sprite for the roosters, which come in brown and white, are really cute too. They stay true to Concerned Ape’s style, but are really convincing.


1. Pink Chickens

Pink Chickens Stardew Valley mod

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This mod is definitely worth looking at for people who like soft colors, or fairycore, or anything else in that same style.

When installed, this replaces all brown chickens with cute pink ones.

Maybe not the most realistic mod out there, but definitely my speed!

The chickens are adorable and look really cute – especially in the spring, surrounded by flowering fruit trees and pops of color.

Let them roam around your farm to blend in with flowers and other seasonal things.

And if you found anything on this interesting then I hope you have an eggsellent time gaming, friends!

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