How To Get The Glacierfish in Stardew Valley (Tips + Location)

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To catch the glacierfish, you’ll need to have a fishing skill level of at least 6. When you do, visit a specific island in the Cindersap Forest during winter and cast your line as far out as possible.

The main goal of catching a glacierfish is proving that you can catch every fish in the game.

That means there aren’t many things you can do with the glacierfish after catching it…

But with that said, they can sell for a decent amount of gold. Although if you aren’t in need of extra gold, you can always just eat it!


Finding The Glacierfish

Fishing in the Glacierfish Location in Stardew Valley
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The glacierfish is what’s known as a legendary fish in Stardew Valley.

Basically, this means that it’s incredibly rare.

In fact, the glacierfish is so rare that you can only catch one for each save file.

In order to catch a glacierfish, you typically have to wait until winter. Also make sure that your fishing level is at least at a 6, or this process won’t work.

When those requirements are met, you have to head to Cindersap Forest and head to the island indicated in the picture above.

Head to the tip at the very bottom and give your fishing pole a hearty swing! The bobber or line you’re using needs to be at least four tiles away from where you are standing.

From there, it’s just a matter of time and patience!

That said, if you don’t have enough patience to meet all of those requirements, you can also catch a glacierfish in any season if you choose to craft some magic bait.


Glacierfish Uses



More often than not, Stardew players aim to catch the glacierfish to test their skills and ensure that they’ve caught every kind of fish in the game.

So once you’ve succeeded in catching your glacierfish, it’s up to you what you do with it!

If you really want to, you can turn that glacierfish into a delicious meal like sashimi or maki rolls. You can also use it to make quality fertilizer.

Sashimi is likely the easiest since it only requires a fish for the recipe.

Meanwhile, maki rolls also require rice and seaweed.

Whichever way you go, you’re sure to enjoy that rewarding meal after catching such a tricky fish.



When it comes to the glacierfish, you’re far better off eating it or selling it.

If you try giving this fish around town, the best response you’ll get out of any Stardew character is a neutral one.

While it does seem odd that even Willy won’t be terribly thrilled with getting a glacierfish as a gift, it does give you the opportunity to use it to benefit yourself.


Is The Glacierfish Valuable?

Aside from making for an excellent meal, glacierfish can actually sell for quite a bit of gold.

For those who don’t have any sort of fishing-related profession, a glacierfish can sell for up to 2,000g. That’s a pretty good deal!

And those with the fisher profession can earn up to 2,500g when they sell this fish.

But if you really want that glacierfish to bring in the dough, you’ll aim for the angler profession. With that you can sell your lone angler fish for up to 3,000g!

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