20 Junglecore Island Ideas For Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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Watch out for that tree!

We’re heading into the jungle in Animal Crossing to check out some of the coolest Junglecore ideas out there.

With so many natural features in the game, it can be difficult to figure out what to do with your island.

So why not turn it into a tropical paradise? You know, lots of jungle themed areas full of trees, flowers, waterfalls, and wonderful creatures.

If you need some inspiration, here’s a bunch of great ideas to get you started.


20. Villager Jungle Huts

Villager junglecore house design idea for ACNH
Image Source by @Bunnycrossing1

I love when players give their villagers customized yard designs.

To me, it feels like each villager gets loved in a special way.

Here’s a fun way to incorporate your villagers into the jungle theme.

Start out by moving your favorite villager to a lush, jungle area.

To turn their house into a jungle hut, set up some stalls on the sides that have been customized to have a wooden straw pattern.

Then customize some simple panels to have a similar pattern, and line them up in front of your villager’s house.

Lay down a custom wooden pathway and now you villager has their own slice of paradise.


19. Bamboo Bathhouse

Junglecore bamboo bathhouse idea in ACNH
Image Source by @acnhsteph

Bring the jungle indoors and relax in a warm hot spring bath with this hot design.

Start out with some botanical tile wallpaper, stone tile, and a straw mat in the corner for the bath area.

Next, craft some bamboo from partitions from bamboo. Ingenious, right?

Then you can craft your outdoor bath and purchase items like a bathroom towel rack and rattan towel basket.

Setup your twelve grape dish too, so you have a nice snack to enjoy while relaxing in the soothing waters.


18. Custom Bamboo Bridge

Bamboo bridge custom patterns in ACNH
Image Source by @acnh.hylia

Perhaps you want to cross a body of water on your island, but it’s just too darn big to build an official bridge across.

With this idea you can simply sculpt one out of land.

And you can lay down some custom designed jungle wood pathways across your land bridge so that it fits in with your jungle trees.

I like the addition of the bamboo partitions on either side of this bridge, too. It helps to hide the cliff faces while still fitting in with the gorgeous aesthetic.


17. Tropical Rainforest Picnic

Easy tropical rainforest picnic idea in ACNH
Image Source by Aisance

There are many types of jungles. So if dark, wooded areas are not your thing, then you may want to try a colorful tropical paradise.

The way this player made small islands interwoven in their waterfalls really gives the scene character, while still looking exquisite.

On some of these islands you’ll want to plant your palm trees from coconuts. Just to add to the aesthetic.

Surround the trees with your favorite tropical flowers as well. I do think the orange pansies help the scene to pop.

Then all you’d need is a cushion and a picnic basket, and you can enjoy a nice meal by the falls.


16. Jungle Canopy

Junglecore canopy tree designs for ACNH
Image Source by qualitycontentt

Don’t you just wish you could swing from tree to tree with the monkeys just like Tarzan?

Even if you don’t, this idea is simple enough and looks really cool. So hey, give it a whirl.

The first step is to pick a spot on your island and completely shroud it with trees of all sorts. Cedars, bamboo, hardwood, palm trees. All of them!

Then just create some cliffs that weave in between the trees and set down some custom designed paths to look like a jungle bridge.

Life sure is fun when you live in the treetops.


15. Wildlife Reserve

Junglecore wildlife reserve idea for ACNH
Image Source by @mikewazowskyzhp

An essential part of any natural habit is the animals.

We must do what we can to keep the animals safe!

So try creating this wildlife conservation area by setting up a small jungle of trees around your island campsite.

Maybe lay down some custom dirt paths too, and even some designs made to look like fossils.

You’ll need to purchase your research tools as well. So be sure to pick up a microscope, homework set, and toolbox.

You can also craft items like DIY workbenches and iron shelves that may help with your work.

The last thing you’ll need is some wildlife.

So set up some paper tigers, baby pandas, dinosaur toys, and even flamingos!


14. Garden Falls

Junglecore greenery and waterfalls - ACNH Idea
Image Source by @moonbrightisle

Waterfalls sure are gorgeous. And there’s many ways you can design some stunning jungle-themed falls.

Start out by doing waterscaping to make some falls to your liking.

They can be small as pictured, or huge like Niagara Falls. That part is really up to you.

What you want to be sure to do is fill in the area with trees and flowers that complement one another.

This player went with bamboo trees, purple hyacinths, and purple and green mums.

The colors here really blend well. And I’m sure you can come up with other vibrant combinations to bring your falls to life!


13. Flamingo Paradise

Flamingo junglecore paradise idea for ACNH
Image Source by @mush_umbrella

Flamingos are cool.

That’s why I’m gunning to get Flora on my island.

But my goals aside, you can create a cool flamingo paradise like this with just a few simple steps.

Start out by doing some landscaping to create some cliffs, rivers, and waterfalls.

Then purchase a bunch of flamingos, both Mr. and Mrs., and set them up all over your falls.

I do like how this player included pink azalea bushes and pink lilies to match the flamingos.

Lastly, craft some bamboo speakers, and crank up those wild tunes. I’d recommend some K.K. Safari!


12. Rainforest Marketplace

Rainforest marketplace in ACNH
Image Source by @tossakan.crossing

With such stunning scenery, the jungle can be a wonderful place to live.

If you want a jungle marketplace like this one, then start out by setting up a large dirt area on your island.

For the big market building you’ll want to create some cliffs for multiple stories.

Set up stalls and simple panels that you’ve customized to look like wooden buildings.

On the stalls you can set up some of the merchandise you’re selling, such as a pine bonsai tree, lucky cat, or even hats customized to look like various pastries.

On the right side you’ll see a small marketplace dining area.

Note that you’ll need some imperial tables, wooden chairs, and even bamboo partitions to decorate the area.

And I’ve gotta say, using wooden bookshelves to act as walls is a genius idea to finish off the site!


11. Ritual Stone Circle

Rock garden stone circle in ACNH
Image Source by @pios.acnh

Stonehenge is one of the great monumental mysteries of the world. So why not throw it into a jungle?

Select a nice secluded & wooded area on your island to set up your stones.

If you’ve obtained a Stonehenge model from Gulliver, then go right ahead and set it up in a circle of trees.

You can also add some custom stone paths to lead to the scene, if you want a hiking trail to lead someone there.

Otherwise, it can be an island secret that only you know about!


10. Hot Spring Shrine

ACNH Hot spring shrine area in ACNH
Image Source by @hyrulebotw_acnh

Here we have a player that modeled this design after the Spring of Courage from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (which just so happens to be my favorite video game of all time).

To make this yourself, you’ll want to set up your museum in an area surrounded by cliffs.

Plant plenty of palm trees and bamboo trees.

You’ll also want to be sure to let the weeds grow in this area.

Now you can decorate the area with plenty of stone structures such as a Stonehenge, a tall garden rock, a tall lantern, and a regular garden rock.

Then be sure to set up a beautiful statue as the shrine to Hylia!


9. Indoor Drum Circle

Drum circle home interior idea
Image Source by @juz1992

If you need a break from the great outdoors, then come inside and enjoy a drum circle with this junglecore idea!

To setup this simple yet fun design, start out with some jungle wallpaper.

I love that this player set up climbing walls back ward around the room to look like you’re in a jungle hut looking out into the rainforest.

But the star of the show has to be the instruments.

You’ll need festivale drums, pan flutes, tambourines, maracas, and even throw in an ocarina if you want.

And be sure to add some cushions so that everyone has a seat.


8. Jungle Island Campsite

Custom junglecore island idea for ACNH
Image Source by thirtytwoounces

I know. I had to do a double take, too.

This is legitimately part of someone’s island made to look like a smaller island.

Let’s just say there’s some very liberal usage of the waterscaping tool done by the mouth of the river. You can figure out the rest.

As for the actual campsite, plant plenty of coconut trees and flowers. Green mums always work well for junglecore.

Then you just need a kid’s tent and campfire, and you’re ready for the island life… again.


7. Jungle Fountain Entryway

Junglecore park with fountain - ACNH Idea
Image Source by PewPewPop

You can create more modern-looking scenes while still keeping the junglecore theme, and I think this idea does just that (and then some!)

Start out by make a small clearing in front of your island entrance, surrounded by trees of all types.

In the clearing, lay down some pathways.

I love the terracotta tiles, so highly recommend them.

Then craft a fountain and some log sofas to sit while you enjoy the view.

Once you decorate the area with street lamps, garden lamps, and biotope planters, everyone will have quite the spectacle to behold when they visit!


6. Prehistoric Rainforest

ACNH idea for a Prehistoric Junglecore Rainforest
Image Source by @lena.honolulu

I mean, didn’t everyone love dinosaurs when they were a kid?

If you didn’t outgrow dinosaurs, then here’s the jungle idea you’ve been waiting for.

This mostly uses ideas I’ve previously discussed on this list, like creating heavily wooded areas, creating custom land bridges, and utilizing bamboo partitions.

You’ll still want to do all those things – but there’s one more thing you want to do.

Setup dinosaurs in your jungle!

I absolutely love how you can’t see the whole fossil display. It’s hidden amongst the trees, as if the Spinosaurus were actually roaming free.


5. Jungle Bungalow

Dark jungle bungalow idea
Image Source by @femur_crossing

During your jungle stay, you perhaps want to rent a nice bungalow that’s filled with plenty of cool decorations such as this.

To create this design yourself, start with bamboo screen wallpaper and jungle flooring, which help create the illusion of being inside a hut placed on the jungle floor.

You’ll also want to obtain a couple rock head statues and set them up on either side of the room.

In between the statues, add a bamboo partition and some bamboo wall decorations.

You’ll need plenty of bamboo to craft them, and you can even customize them as well.

And I should note that the festivale decorations fit the theme nicely, so turn on those lights and bang those drums to the tropical beat.


4. Tropical Beach

Tropical junglecore beach area in ACNH
Image Source by @ac.pandora

Full transparency, I never know what the heck to do with my island’s beaches.

If you’re like me, then maybe something as simple as a small tropical beach could work.

You’ll obviously want some palm trees here. And be sure to craft a swinging bench to sit in the shade.

Then set up some cushion piles in front of the bench – now you have somewhere to rest your coconut juice.

Lastly, just add some of your favorite plants.

I personally love monsteras, but if you want fan palms, cacao trees, or bonsai trees, then go for it.


3. Treehouse Campsite

Custom treehouse campsite idea in ACNH
Image Source by @acnh_nooksisle

I honestly have barely any creativity when it comes to Animal Crossing.

So it always amazes me when people do things like set their island campsite up in a dang treehouse!

To start this idea, create a level of elevation where you’ll place your campsite.

Lay down some custom wooden paths around it, and be sure you make a wooden staircase leading up to that level.

Around the cliffs you’ll want to place loft beds and bamboo partitions to create the wooden treehouse walls.

Just make sure that you surround the site with plenty of trees so visiting villagers have a spectacular treetop stay!


2. Rainforest Campsite

Rainforest camping area in ACNH
Image Source by @hazellcrossing

Speaking of camp, you can go all-out and set up a van, dining table, and more!

For the actual van to this idea, you’ll want some custom standees made to look like the exterior, as well as some stalls to go behind them.

On the stalls you can place various plants, bookstands, or even puppy plushies to view through the windows.

Next is the dining area, consisting of a log dining table and some cushions.

Be sure to top off the table so it has your camping feast with a wedding cake, tea set, and unglazed pottery set.

Oh, and don’t forget the child’s tent so you have somewhere to sleep outside!


1. Secret Temple

Hidden temple in the jungle - ACNH Idea
Image Source by @RubyRumKey

I recently found out that Legends of the Hidden Temple is on Paramount+.

So I’m on a huge temple kick right now.

This idea definitely helped fuel my cravings.

To make this yourself, it’ll require you to create multiple levels of elevation, with the main temple run being one tier above sea level.

Start by laying down custom pathways between some stone arches to begin your quest.

Then you’ll come to some treacherous jumps over small cliffs, surrounded by deadly spiky fencing below.

Once you take the leap, nothing stands between you and the treasure.

You can even add a golden seat and lucky cat as the loot.

And now that you’ve found the treasure in the jungle, what are you going to do with all those riches?

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