20 Stargazing Area Ideas For Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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I live for the day when Isabelle includes a forecast for a meteor shower in her daily announcements!

This event gives players a reason to keep playing the game, even when Nook’s Cranny and Able Sisters are closed for the day. It also presents an opportunity to share the special phenomenon with your friends.

One of my favorite memories of when I first started playing New Horizons was visiting new friends I’d made online, going to their islands, and taking snapshots of us all together, taking in the beauty of the skies…

So let’s look at some of the best designs I’ve found from players who have transformed parts of their islands into stargazing & star viewing areas, all to fit around this magical event!


20. Stargazing Patio

Stargazing Outdoor Patio Area - ACNH Idea
Image Source by @birbsnest / @ac.customdesigns

If you’ve got a little extra space near a villager’s house (or even your own) here’s a quaint little observation patio to put out there.

This design gets a bonus for having a great view of the ocean, as well as the open sky!

The natural stone path leading up to this area, and the hedge fencing, all has a nice natural air to the design.

And this area can also double as a little resting spot during the daytime, with the hammock and bench.


19. Camping Under The Stars

Camping Under The Stars Idea - ACNH
Image Source by @wysteria.isle

The most ideal place to view meteor showers, or in this case an Aurora Borealis, is from the top of the highest level on your island.

I love the simplicity of this area.

This little camping set-up makes a nice and cozy area to spend hours admiring the fleeting colors against the sky, and look for shooting stars.

The lights happen even more rarely than meteor showers. So why not make a comfortable viewing spot to visit while you wait?


18. Psychic Stall

Psychic Stall with Stargazing - ACNH Idea
Image Source by sailorsaturn09

I see in your future…many bells and friends all around!

If you want to add a little mystical flavor to your island, here’s a psychic stall that doesn’t require a lot of space.

Here, you can get your tarot cards read, your fortune told, and get a premium view of the moon in the distance. The constellation paintings on each side add a really nice touch, and this could be a nice daily challenge to set up where villagers can look for constellations through the telescope.

If you look real closely, you can just make out the Little Dipper!


17. Aliens Welcome

Aliens Landing Area - ACNH IDea
Image Source by qr-closet

Here’s a place where E.T. fans can look for their favorite creature from outer space.

These custom alien propaganda papers are just hilarious, and an amazing prop for anyone who wants to try to convince their fellow villagers that we’re not alone on this planet.

Although there is one who I think would be right there with you passing them out. *cough* Octavian *cough*

With an absolutely perfect spot on the cliff to watch the moon turn through its many phases, and with a gorgeous quilt to match, any alien out there would be incredibly lucky to land near this set-up.

Maybe then they’ll stop creeping through our television every Saturday at 3:33 A.M…


16. Stargazing and a Picnic

Stargazing and a Picnic - ACNH Idea
Image Source by @isle_clementine

What a romantic set-up!

Shimmering stars and snacks upon a flowery cliff.

I’m so jealous of the rug this player must’ve gotten from Saharah. It goes perfectly with the choice of various breeds of white flowers on the cliff, among the well-placed trees.

My favorite part about this area has to be the incline on the side; a natural climb to touching the sky!

Surrounded by cozy items like your favorite book and your best telescope, who wouldn’t want to have a viewing area like this?!


15. Observatory Deck

Observatory Deck Idea in ACNH
Image Source by Opsis13

Not only has this player made their own little observatory, but they managed to create a makeshift deck using custom paths!

I’m incredibly impressed with how they managed to give depth to flat ground, making it look like you’re stepping onto a handmade platform.

The star fragment and moon DIYs are very well placed here too.

That UFO looming in the distance right in the path of the telescope really gives it a nice air of discovery.

And best of all, this design can be utilized during any season.

Just grab some close friends and some warm drinks to sit together, and have a deep chat about the universe!


14. Stargazing on the Beach

Stargazing on the Beach - ACNH Idea
Image Source by jhsbum

There are so different ways you can set up a spot to look for planets on your beach, I could almost make an entirely new list for it.

However, this one in particular displays a cute and simple area where you can share a picnic with your bestie, and share a telescope!

I really like the fact this user decided to base the area around one color. The yellow in the flowers go well with the coconut trees in the background, and the star fragments are naturally placed all over.

That’s about all I can…oh my gosh, is that a Staryu in the sand?!

Be right back, I’m gonna go check if any have washed up on my beach…


13. Private Stargazing Island

Private Stargazing Island Design - ACNH Idea
Image Source by @kimochi_crossing / @silvi_island

For those introverts out there, here’s a chance to have your own private viewing spot with an island… on your island!

This is the same basic camp set-up, only taken one step further by putting your terraforming skills to work.

This player has enough space for the essentials, including their trusty telescope.

Maybe it’s just me, but I actually like the weeds on the outer pieces of land. It makes me think this player let them grow wild on purpose.

And this also looks like a great spot to go fishing while you’re waiting for that big celestial light show!


12. Worshipping The Moon

Worshipping The Moon - ACNH Idea
Image Source by @tinyst0ner.acnh

What a perfect design to stare at the big rock in the sky that controls the tides around our island.

Everything in this stargazing area was laid out with a purpose, and coordinates beautifully with a mix of blue and white.

I’m in awe of all the star fragment DIYs that light up the night here, and just how well they match the night sky.

I’m always a sucker for custom patterns like the rock moon formations on the ground, as well as the butterfly models on the side, bringing us even closer to nature!

A place to appreciate all things the Earth has given us, including the nightly views. All these ideas really put this design up there on this list!


11. Zodiac Stargazing Area

Zodiac Stargazing Area in ACNH
Image Source by sassafrassloth

It doesn’t matter if you’re an Aries like me, or a Virgo like our favorite shooting star enthusiast Celeste.

Either way you’ll be able to harness the power of each zodiac sign and witness a spectacular meteor shower with this idea!

The circle of floor lights are a nice touch in this area, as they call attention to each of the symbols. The fountain in the middle makes for a nice centerpiece as well.

If you manage to craft every one of the zodiac furniture pieces, you could put one of each around with the corresponding symbol, and it’d look even more amazing.


10. Stars & Space Research Area

Space Research Area for Stargazing - ACNH Idea
Image Source by @l0rfie

This design makes great use of one of the many rock platforms on your beach.

Using star fragments, just a few DIYs and space-related items, you can turn this ordinary stone quarry into a little research center!

It’s perfect for compiling research by day, and viewing stars by night.

I think Neil Armstrong would totally approve.


9. Starlight Lounge

Starlight Lounge for Stargazing - ACNH
Image Source by @emloves_el

An open seating area with chill vibes and a touch of nature-inspired furniture is a great way to make use of a stretch of empty land you may have on any part of your island.

And the eye-catching custom floor pattern here really sparkles.

The level of detail here is just impressive. From the space chair cushions to the star-studded placemats, this cannot go unnoticed.

Those two giant Queen Alexandra’s Birdwings guarding the entrance makes it look like an exclusive lounge where only true fans of astronomy are allowed in.

And did I mention the secret waterfall?


8. Rainbow Celestial Garden

Rainbow Celestial Garden Idea - ACNH
Image Source by joined_for_avac

What a pretty area.

All of the colors come together to create a beautiful observation garden in this ACNH island space.

Not only can you find every possible shade of the moon and star fragment DIYs here, but the placement of a variety of different-colored flowers and butterflies make this design feel complete.

The flowers even mark off the borders of the cliff nicely, as well as the trees.

All that time and effort put into storing your massive collection of star fragments and customization kits finally pays off!


7. Celestial Bridge

Celestial Bridge Idea for ACNH
Image Source by spacearo

Just take a minute to stare at this gorgeous bridge! Go ahead, I’ll wait…

Not only is this a great space-themed idea for an entrance, but it can also double as a viewing platform when the skies are clear.

The custom path pattern on the land bridge itself is a must-have for any celestial enthusiast!

What really captivates me are the two Moon display islands on each side, with a zodiac pattern on the bottom! The area is elevated even more with the multi-level waterfalls as well.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the entrance to Celeste’s home looks like this.


6. Pretty in Pink For The Planets

Pink Stargazing Area - ACNH Idea
Image Source by @xsummerset_crossingx

What an adorable sitting area to search for your favorite constellations.

Honestly, I was today years old when I learned that you could plant flowers on the beach.

The color coordination is brilliant, and creates a space that’s unique to the player, and quite frankly, it sparks joy.

From the tents to the custom pattens on the rocks that look like chalk drawings, the charm that all of these elements have deserves some recognition!


5. Star-Studded Mountain

Star-Studded Mountainton for Star Viewing - ACNH
Image Source by @PrettyNPastel

I can’t even begin to imagine how long it took to get all of those rocks to organize themselves up on this mountain!

The placement of those white hyacinths is super cute. And the star fragments placed on their own natural pedestals give this idea a sort of impression of an altar.

I wonder if I could use this to help boost the frequency of meteor showers on my island.

I just need one more Pisces fragment…


4. Crescent Moon Lake/Viewing Platform

Crescent Moon Lake Platform - ACNH Idea
Image Source by @txhaa_

Not only is this a spot that shows off amazing terraforming work, but it’s also a spot where you can harness the energy from the moon and be one with the heavens!

This whole area gives off huge nature vibes, with all of the blue and violet flowers, and being surrounded by pine trees.

And if you gaze straight up, you should be able to have a clear view for shooting stars!

You can even utilize this spot during the daytime for yoga with your favorite villagers and quiet contemplation.


3. Research on the Moon

Moon transformation design in ACNH
Image Source by solblade83

Buzz Aldrin once said that the sky is not the limit, because there are footprints on the moon… and he made some of them!

Well, now you can make your own footprints on the moon by bringing it down to you on your island.

This player has completely transformed a good chunk of their island into the moon, complete with astronauts, a satellite, and several research tables.

The rock and crater designs on the ground look so realistic, that any aliens who unknowingly crashed here would feel right at home.


2. Celeste’s Office

Celeste Stargazing Workspace in ACNH
Image Source by TankBoyRoger

Our favorite star-gazing buddy can now have her own personal study area, right on your own island.

Complete with a cozy fireplace, pink star with moon DIYs to match her outfit, and astronomy books galore, Celeste may have to consider visiting your island more often.

I just love how academic this space feels. I mean, with still all of the tools available to watch meteor showers and note down patterns, it really does feel like a personal viewing office area.

It also feels like it was perfectly tailored to match Celeste’s personality.


1. Stairway to Heaven

Stairway to Heaven ACNH Idea
Image Source by @mizerland.acnh

Everything about this area checks off all of the boxes for me.

The color coordination between the flowers, the furniture, and the DIYs is phenomenal.

The view of the Aurora Borealis is seriously out of this world!

Plus the water looks like it’s made of stardust… every single element to this is just gorgeous!

There’s just no end to the levels of creativity that ACNH players come up with.

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