10 Best Pets for Arena Mode in Castle Crashers

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Arena Mode.

It gives you a rush you won’t forget, as you’re testing your mettle against different players or waves of enemies.

Along with your trusty melee weapon, you can bring a Pet with you as well!

Having the right pet will dictate how your opponents approach you in an offensive setting. Your pet can also turn the tide against any situation thanks to their unique special abilities.

But which pets are the best to bring along with you? This ranking should help answer that question – and we’ll be considering both single-player and multiplayer Arena Mode.


10. Chicken

Pink Knight with Chicken fighting a horde of Barbarians Castle Crashers

If you want to be a little versatile, then the Chicken can provide a balanced distribution of bonus stat points for you.

Chicken grants the user +1 skill points in Strength, Defense, and Agility.

Granted, there are far better Animal Orbs to have as your main Pet. But while it’s good, the versatility that this Chicken offers will merely scratches the surface of what the other animals can give you.

How to obtain Chicken:

  • Can be obtained at the beginning of “Medusa’s Lair” level.
  • Dig on the “X” mark before the first water puddle with your Shovel.

9. BiPolar Bear

Gray Knight and BiPolar Bear versus Alien Hominid Castle Crashers

The BiPolar Bear will finish what you started by killing your enemies for you.

Enemies that don’t have any healing items or abilities will most likely perish once they’re at 8% or less of their total health. That’s because BiPolar Bear has the passive ability to sense and attack enemies that have low HP.

Just be careful when you’re in critical health, as BiPolar Bear can attack you as well.

How to obtain BiPolar Bear:

  • Can be found at the end of “Snow World” level.
  • Blow your Horn in front of the cave entrance.

8. Hawkster

Peasant and Hawkster defend themselves against Pink Knight’s arrow Castle Crashers

Mostly useful when you’re up against waves of enemies in single-player Arena Mode.

Hawkster can peck enemies for up to 4 times when they’re down, providing a little offensive backup. Once you’ve slain an enemy, Hawkster will then harvest their body and bring you fruit for you to consume.

If you’re fighting against actual players, then I suggest picking another Pet, since Hawkster won’t be able to use his abilities as much against 3 other capable Knights.

How to obtain Hawkster:

  • Can be obtained at the beginning of the “Tall Grass Field” level.
  • Blow your Horn outside the mud hut and Hawkster will emerge.

7. Yeti

Orange Knight and Yeti prepare themselves against Blue Knight’s Ice Projectile Castle Crashers

If you happen to play the multiplayer version of Arena Mode, chances are you’ve fought against ice-based Magic users.

Their pesky ice magic will freeze you and leave you vulnerable to attack.

With Yeti by your side, their ice-based attacks will no longer freeze you – allowing you to take the hit and catch them by surprise. Yeti will also help you on the offensive side by increasing your melee damage thanks to a Strength boost of 2 points.

How to obtain Yeti:

  • Can be obtained at the end of the “Snow World” level.
  • Go behind the shack that has a lit side window and a smoking chimney.

6. Burly Bear

Peasant and Burly Bear celebrate slaying Orange Knight Castle Crashers

Here’s a pet that focuses on offense and a little defense.

Burly Bear is a safe pick if you want to dabble in both Strength and Defense attributes.

The bonus skill points in both Strength (+3) and Defense (+1) will be useful against any opponent you are up against, whether its hordes of enemy bots or real players.

How to obtain Burly Bear:

  • Burley Bear can be found in the “Tall Grass Field” level.
  • Inside the cave, lift the boulder out of the way by eating a Sandwich. Then throw two bombs at the crack on the wall.

5. Bitey Bat

Fire Demon and Bitey Bat prepare themselves against a Beefy Orange Knight Castle Crashers

I’d say this pet is an absolute game changer when you’re up against real players.

Bitey Bat will chomp down on an opponent and leave them vulnerable to an attack. This would be the ideal time for you to start a juggle combo and deal damage as fast as you can.

When in single-player Arena Mode, Bitey Bat can only bite one opponent at a time. It may seem like a deal breaker, but he makes up for it by being able to decapitate an opponent based on a small chance.

How to obtain Bitey Bat:

  • Defeat Pipistrello in the “Pipistrello’s Cave” level.

4. Rammy

The King sends forth Rammy to tackle Fire Demon Castle Crashers

Whether it’s against real players or bots, as long as you have speed, you’ll be mowing them down like grass with Rammy.

Rammy will tackle and knock down any enemies you sprint and pass through, which opens them up for a barrage of attacks.

Rammy also has the ability to charge at any nearby opponent and knock them down, interrupting any inescapable offensive scheme. So if you find yourself frozen in ice or in the middle of an air juggle, then you can count on Rammy to set you free.

How to obtain Rammy:

  • Can be obtained at the in the “Tall Grass Field” level.
  • Defeat the Bear Boss.

3. Scratchpaw

Orange Knight and Scratchpaw try to hold off a pack of Thieves Castle Crashers

Being one of the most versatile Animal Orbs in the game, Scratchpaw gives you a 2 skill point increase in Strength and Agility.

The Dual Stat Boost provided by Scratchpaw will provide you with mobility throughout the battlefield.

The Strength stat boost will also help you deal a good amount of melee damage. While the Agility stat boost will grant you the ability to run around the map, giving you control of any offensive scheme your opponent may have in mind.

How to obtain Scratchpaw:

  • Can be obtained at the beginning of the “Sand Castle Interior” level. Throw 2 bombs at the crack on the wall.

2. Snoot

Orange Knight and Snoot battle against a mounted Gray Knight and Blacksmith Castle Crashers

The hordes of enemies you’ll be facing will be no match against you and Snoot.

Because the +4 bonus skill points in Strength you get here will provide enough melee damage to deal against everyone on the battlefield!

If you’re the combative type, then Snoot will fit right in and will even improve on whatever offensive scheme you have come up with.

How to obtain Snoot:

  • Can be obtained at the beginning of the “Cyclops’ Fortress” level.
  • Approach the cracked wall near the portrait of the Cyclops. Throw two bombs at the crack to unlock.

1. Meowburt

Orange Knight and Meowburt battle against a group of Snakeys Castle Crashers

In Arena Mode, Agility is the deciding factor that will help you determine whether you can win the game or not.

When you have Meowburt as your Pet, he will give you a 4 point boost in Agility.

This will help you dictate the pace of the game, especially when your Agility is higher than your opponent’s.

The bonus Agility will also allow you to distance yourself from your enemy and attack them from afar, since your arrows will fire at a much faster rate.

How to obtain Meowburt:

  • Reach the end of the “Parade level”.
  • Go into the next level by entering “Cyclops’ Cave”. Quickly exit the cave after you enter and you’ll find Meowburt waiting.
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