Path to Nowhere Shop Guide (What Should You Buy?)

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The Supply Office offers quite a lot of useful items that can be purchased in exchange for either farmable in-game currencies or IRL currency.

In this guide, I’m going to show you all the items worth buying in the Supply Office – both as a F2P player and a P2W player.


Best Items To Buy in the Supply Office

Listed below are the items that you should definitely prioritize buying from the Supply Office – divided according to the sections of the shop.

Note: Prices and availability may vary according to time, location, and in-game Events.



Recommended Shop / Path To Nowhere
Recommended Shop

The most cost-effective item in the Recommended Shop is by far the Black Key VIP, which costs approximately $4.99.

The main draw that this VIP Privilege has is the 100 Stamina you get from it per day, as well as the 60 daily Quartz.

In total, you get the following resources in 30 days:

  • 3,000 Stamina
  • 1,800 Quartz
  • 300 Ultracubes

That’s a ton of Stamina and a 10x Arrest worth of Quartz. It’s undoubtedly one of the best deals you can get for your money in this game.

Surveillance Order (Abyssal Crescent) / Path To Nowhere
Surveillance Order (Abyssal Crescent)

Surveillance Orders can also be purchased here, and they’re the second-best item you can pick up.

You can either buy the normal version of it for $10 and earn the rewards one step at a time, or the boosted version of it for $20 which instantly boosts your Surveillance Order level by 20.

Personally, I recommend just buying the normal version – especially if you’re already an avid player with a spending budget.


Featured Packs

Featured Packs / Path To Nowhere
Featured Packs

For Featured Packs, here are the ones I recommend you pick up the most out of all the items listed there:

Featured Pack Types Prices (Approximate)
Chief Inauguration Special 1 $1
Rookie Arrest Pack $20
Daily Free Supply Free
Promotion Award Free

As you can see, most of these items are one-time purchases or completely free.

Generally, I recommend buying “beginner” packs because they’re more likely to be cost-effective than other packs.

You may also consider buying Time-limited packs that only come around whenever an Event is held or the Monthly Arrest packs, but they’re more or less optional.



Attires Shop / Path To Nowhere
Attires Shop

You don’t need Attires at all to get better at the game, so it’s a no-brainer to consider them as non-priorities.

The choice is still yours (especially if you have a specific waifu/husbando you want to glam up), but do note that you can only use Ultracubes in this shop, which can only be bought by IRL moolah.

My personal opinion?

Just buy Surveillance Orders and get Attires from there.



Exchange Shop (Arrest Exchange) / Path To Nowhere
Exchange Shop (Arrest Exchange)

The Exchange Shop features quite a lot of useful items, and it wouldn’t be a stretch to say all Exchange Shop Items are worth it.

Although some items in the Exchange Shop are indeed a bit more useful than others. Here’s a table of (generally) the most recommended items worth buying:

Recommended Items Sources (Exchange Shops)
  • Arrest Exchange Shop
  • Friendship Exchange Shop
Mania Essence
  • Arrest Exchange Shop
  • Friendship Exchange Shop
  • Alliance Exchange Shop
  • Arrest Exchange Shop
  • Friendship Exchange Shop
  • Alliance Exchange Shop
Dream Dust
  • Friendship Exchange Shop
  • Sample Exchange Shop
Sinner Marks
  • Sample Exchange Shop
  • Battle Medal Exchange Shop

The Exchange Shop is the most F2P-friendly shop in the Supply Office, as all of the items there can be bought by simply farming specific game modes or in-game features.

Make sure you’re checking this shop often, just to see which items you should pick up depending on where you’re at in the game.


Crystal Supply

Crystal Supply Shop / Path To Nowhere
Crystal Supply Shop

The Crystal Supply Shop is where you can buy Ultracubes, which are the only premium/cash-only currency in the game.

Buying Ultracubes costs IRL money, so this shop can be considered exclusively for P2W players who don’t mind spending on the game.

If you’re that player, I recommend buying Bonus Deals that increase the amount of Ultracubes you get, which may appear during Events or First-time Recharges.

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