Epic Seven: Judith vs. Roozid (Who’s The Better Unit?)

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If you’re looking for the best F2P 3★ units to invest in, then Judith and Roozid are among the most viable characters you can pick.

They’re both solid choices for the CR Pusher role in your team — not to mention that it’s also incredibly easy to max out their Skill Imprints.

Although we’re to pick which one of these two is better, then it would undoubtedly be Roozid who can also be Specialty Changed to Righteous Thief Roozid.

To show you why this is, we have compared the effectiveness of their Skill Sets as well as their performance in three of the most important aspects of the game, namely:

  • PVE (General Farming & Adventure)
  • PVP (Arena and World Arena)
  • Wyvern Hunts

Skill Sets

To elaborate and compare their kits, here are all of Judith’s and Roozid’s skills as well as a brief description for each of them:


Judith’s Skills

Judith (Skill 3 - No Animation) / Epic Seven
Judith (Skill 3 – No Animation)
  • Weakness Attack – Attacks a single enemy. If Judith has a Stealth buff, this skill has a chance to Stun the target.
  • Urgent Evasion – If Judith is attacked, she has a chance to self-apply Stealth for one turn.
  • Mark of Acceleration – Increases her allies’ Combat Readiness and grants herself Stealth for one turn. Soul Burn is available for this skill. If used, Judith will be granted an Extra Turn.

Roozid’s Skills

Righteous Thief Roozid (Skill 3 Animation) / Epic Seven
Righteous Thief Roozid (Skill 3 Animation)
  • Hemorrhage – Attacks a single enemy. It has a chance to decrease the target’s Speed for two turns.
  • Wind Slash – Attacks a single enemy. It has a chance to decrease the target’s Attack for two turns.
  • Divine Response – Increases the Combat Readiness of allies as well as their Speed for two turns. Soul Burn is available for this skill. If used, Roozid will be granted an Extra Turn.

In addition to both of them being speedy Thief-type characters who can deal moderate amounts of damage, we can see just from their skill sets that they fulfill slightly similar roles.

Upon seeing this comparison, we can surmise that Roozid has the better kit for supporting his allies.

And of course, let’s not forget that Roozid can also undergo Specialty Change which further improves his Skill 3 — allowing him to recover Health on top of his CR Push!


PVE (Adventure & General Farming)

Judith & Roozid (Adventure Stage) / Epic Seven
Judith & Roozid (Adventure Stage)

In PVE game modes like Adventure, Abyss, and Automaton Tower, both Judith and Roozid perform remarkably well as CR Pusher and Secondary DPS hybrids.

If built appropriately, both of them can and will carry your team to even the hardest stages of the game with ease!

Although once again, Roozid takes the cake when it comes to supporting all sorts of team comps against all kinds of PVE threats.

Do note that he’ll be even stronger overall as Righteous Thief Roozid, which just increases his value as a viable CR Pusher much further compared to Judith’s.


PVP (Arena & World Arena)

Arena Loading Screen / Epic Seven
Arena Loading Screen

Both the Arena and World Arena are where speedy CR Pushers like Roozid and Judith truly shine.

They will fit best in high-speed, high-damage Cleave teams where they can showcase their CR pushes and highly useful debuffs.

Unfortunately for Judith, however, Roozid is once again the much better unit to consider if you want to build a decent PVP team.

The reason for this is simple:

It’s because of Roozid’s Skill Imprint which provides his entire team a Speed Bonus — making him an invaluable addition to any PVP team comp out there.


Wyvern Hunts

Wyvern Hunt Stages / Epic Seven
Wyvern Hunt Stages

While both Judith’s and Roozid’s performances would be solid for the game modes we’ve discussed so far, otherwise could be said for Wyvern Hunts.

This is because none of them is an Ice element unit, which decreases their overall effectiveness and viability against Wyvern Hunt enemies.

Though if we were to pick the better unit to use in Wyvern Hunts, it’ll be Judith because she neither gains an advantage nor a disadvantage going against Wyvern bosses and mobs — unlike Roozid.

If you’d like to know which units perform much better in Wyvern Hunts, feel free to visit the article below!

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