How To Get The Lunar Kamuy Mount in FFXIV

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The Lunar Kamuy Mount is obtained as a rare drop from “The Minstrel’s Ballad: Tsukuyomi’s Pain” Trial.

You’ll first have encountered Tsukuyomi, the tragically transcended Yotsuyu, during the Main Story of Stormblood. Added in Patch 4.3, the normal version drops nothing other than a Triple Triad Card.

You’ll also need to unlock the Minstrel’s Ballad following completion of the normal Trial.

To do so, you’ll have to head over to Kugane after completing the Main Story.

Seek out The Wandering Minstrel (Kugane – The Kogame Dori Markets, X:12 Y:13) to accept the Quest “Songs in the Key of Kugane”. There are no steps here, because speaking to them will both accept and end the Quest.

You’re now prepared to open any Extreme or Ultimate fight from Stormblood.

Simply return to The Wandering Minstrel any time to unlock the corresponding Trial.


Bringing The Pain To Tsukuyomi

Tsukiyomi menacingly awaits in the Castrum Fluminis / FFXIV
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While Tsukuyomi’s Pain can be unsynced, it’s still one of the more difficult Trials to manage.

This is due in part to mechanics that can wipe even an overpowered Party.

And this is especially relevant now that stats have been adjusted for Endwalker.

While Echo has been buffed, the Trials themselves still notched up in difficulty. Additionally, a lot of fresh Eorzeans will be tackling Content for the first time.

One specific mechanic will specifically wipe out your chances at your moon pup.

After a very long cinematic add phase, Tsukuyomi will cast Supreme Selenomancy. This does a couple things:

  • Applies a stack of either “Moonlit” or Moonshadowed”
  • Changes the Floor to waning or waxing shades of black and white.

Standing on the white side of the floor will induce another stack of “Moonlit” every 5s. The black will do the same with “Moonshadowed”.

5 stacks of either will kill you instantly, meaning you have to swap the debuffs.

The trickiest part of this phase is what comes next.

Tsukuyomi Phases Diagram for FFXIV

Tsukuyomi will mark three Players: A DPS, a Tank, and a Healer.

Meteors will drop at that Player’s location after a short time. The issue isn’t the damage, which can be lethal, it’s that they change the color of the Floor.

That means that if the Meteors aren’t positioned properly, the Party wipes.

No amount of gear beats Doom.

Taking a look at the above image, simply have the Player that’s marked go to these spots. Watch out for your debuff stacks, and position accordingly.

The final mechanic of this phase is Midnight Rain.

The entire Arena will become either entirely black or white, and she will cast one of two abilities:

  • Antitwilight: Deals lethal damage to all Players not under the “Veil of Shadow” buff. You want “Moonshadowed” here, step into a black circle.
  • Perilune: Deals lethal damage to all Players not under the “Veil of Light” buff. You want “Moonlit” from a white circle.

After resolving this phase, you should be all set to clear.

Understanding this specific set of mechanics will make your Kamuy farm much smoother.


Tsukuyomi’s Pain Is Your Gain

The Blue Moon Phasmascape furnishing, Eorzean red not included / FFXIV
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In your dog-farming escapade, you’ll amass a rather large quantity of loot.

Tsukiyomi actually drops quite a few things in addition to what Primals usually offer. Namely:

  • Tsukuyomi’s Weaponry (Also can be desynthesized for crafter weapon components)
  • Celestial Kimono Remnant (Component for crafting glamour version of weapons with effects. Can also be used to create a Lunar Chocobo Barding or Stuffed Tsukuyomi furnishing.)
  • Moonlit Tank Trimmings (Special trimmings for your fish tank furnishing; fits any size)
  • Blue Moon Phasmascape (Large graphical wall-mounted furnishing, pictured above)
  • Faded Copy of Under The Moonlight (Used to craft the equivalent Orchestrion Roll)
  • Lunar Kamuy Fife (The reason you’re here, the elusive Lunar Kamuy Mount!)

You’ll also receive one Lunar Totem per clear.

If for some reason you’re unable to land your Lunar Kamuy, you can trade 99 Totems to Eschina (Rhalgr’s Reach, X:14 Y:12) for the Mount.

She’ll also offer you Tsukuyomi Weaponry for 10 Totems per.

But let’s hope it doesn’t come to that much grinding. Best of luck in your hunt!

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