How To Use Al-Khemi’s Fuse Pot in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

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Al-Khemi’s Fuse Pot allows you to fuse five items for random items and Lucky Pot Tickets.

Lucky Pot Tickets are very valuable, as 10 Lucky Pot Tickets can be exchanged for a chance to pull from a pool of five fantastic prizes in Al-Khemi’s Lucky Pot.

Al-Khemi’s Lucky Pot only appears when enough players in a server have used the Fuse Pot.


How To Access Al Khemi’s Fuse Pot

If you want to use Al-Khemi’s Fuse Pot, you simply have to pull up your mini-map and go to Evermore.

Once you’re in Evermore, go to the NPCs list and click the “Move” button beside Al-Khemi’s name.

Al-Khemi (Map NPCs) / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Al-Khemi (Map NPCs)

You’ll then be redirected to Al-Khemi, who also goes by the title “Genie of the Cauldron” — as shown in the image below:

Genie of the Cauldron / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Genie of the Cauldron

Voila! You can now fuse your items for Lucky Pot Tickets and other rewards such as:

Lucky Pot Meter / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Lucky Pot Meter

Once you and other players in your server fused enough items in the Fuse Pot, Al-Khemi’s Lucky Pot meter will be filled and Al-Khemi’s Lucky Pot will appear for 30 minutes.

Al-Khemi's Lucky Pot / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Al-Khemi’s Lucky Pot

There, you’ll be able to draw from five different prizes using 10 Lucky Pot Tickets.

The higher the item’s rank, the lower your chances are to get it.

Prize Rankings Drop Rates
1st 0.234%
2nd 1.405%
3rd 4.684%
4th 46.838%
5th 46.848%

How To Fuse Items

Fuse Pot Results / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Fuse Pot Results

The main reason why you want to Fuse items is to get Lucky Pot Tickets. You can do this by choosing five random items from the following categories:

Item Categories Examples
Misc Items Fuse Pot Badges, Chest Keys, Familiar Eggs, Food Ingredients
Consumable Items Potions, Dishes, Feasts, Posebooks, Costumes
Growth Items Specialties, Monster Soulstones, Varnishes, Equipment Upgrade Stones, Equipment Enhancement Stones
Tetro Puzzle Items Tetro Puzzle Pieces (All colors and types)

Feel free to choose whatever of these items you want to sacrifice to get Lucky Pot Tickets, but I recommend choosing Fuse Pot Badges first, then low-priority items.

Low-priority items include unused Chest Keys, excess Specialties, excess Soulstones, and even Sands of Time if you rarely use them when hatching Familiars. Stuff you have little to no use for, basically.

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