How To Get Flippers in OSRS

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Flippers are a cosmetic footwear obtainable from killing Mogres found at Mudskipper Point. The flippers are dropped at a rate of 1/64.

Mogres are a low-level slayer creature that can only be killed with level 32 Slayer and only after completing the “Skippy and the Mogres” miniquest.

In Old School RuneScape, flippers are commonly obtained for fashionscape, as they look silly and match with some outfits in-game.

Aside from the cosmetic benefits, flippers also allow greater movement in underwater locations, such as the underwater Fossil Island locations.


Skippy and the Mogres Miniquest

This miniquest requires the following items:

– Bucket of water
– Nettle tea
– Chocolate dust
– Bucket of milk
Snape grass

Nettle tea can be made by combining a bowl of water with nettles, and using the nettle water on a range.

Nettles can be found near the wilderness lever in Edgeville and outside the slayer tower in Morytania, and require any type of non-magical gloves to pick up.

To start this quest, head to the shore southeast of Rimmington. Then find Skippy, the drunk wandering man around this area.

Skippy NPC Location in OSRS (Screenshot)

1. Select the option “Sober-up”, chat option 1.

2. Use the nettle tea on Skippy.

3. Talk to Skippy.

4. Make the hangover cure: use the chocolate dust on the bucket of milk. Then use the snape grass on the chocolatey milk.

5. Use this bucket of hangover cure on Skippy, and you’re done!


Killing Mogres

To actually get the flippers, you’ll have to kill Mogres.

To do this you must lure them using Fishing Explosives at Mudskipper Point, the peninsula south of Rimmington and Port Sarim.

Killing a Mogre at Mudskipper Point / OSRS Screenshot

To buy Fishing Explosives, simply trade any slayer master and purchase them. One Fishing Explosive can be used to summon one Mogre.

To lure Mogres, use the vial of explosive and click on the ominous fishing spots.

You need to stand at a little bit of a distance from the fishing spot for it to work.

Mogres drop two unique items: Flippers and the Mudskipper Hat.

Flippers are dropped at a rate of 1/64 (1.56%) and the Mudskipper Hat is dropped at a rate of 1/25.6 (3.91%).

Additionally, killing at least one Mogre is a requirement for the Falador Medium Diary and the Rag and Bone Man II quest.

Mogres have relatively low hitpoints, and can be killed with any attack style. For restricted accounts, Mogres can be cannoned as well.

However only one Mogre can be summoned at a time.

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