How Do You Get To The Cooks’ Guild in OSRS?

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The Cooks’ Guild is located in Misthalin, south of the Grand Exchange and west of Varrock.

In order to enter the guild, players need to have a minimum of 32 Cooking, and one of these items:

  • A chef’s hat or a golden chef’s hat
  • A Cooking Skillcape, Hood, or Max Cape
  • Varrock Armour 3 or 4

Failing to wear any of these will result in the Guildmaster not letting you in. You may take them off inside the Guild, though, because he won’t kick you out once you’re inside.

And more good news:

The Cooks’ Guild is available for both members and free-to-play players, since it’s located in a F2P area, and its requirements are available to everyone as well.


Teleports & Routes To Cooks’ Guild

Map To Cook’s Guild / Old School RuneScape

We’d like to suggest 4 ways of getting to the Cooks’ Guild, listed below from best to worst:

  • Teleport to Varrock and run west (best method)
  • Ring of Wealth teleport (Grand Exchange) and run south (red line above)
  • Skull Sceptre teleport, and run east (purple line above)
  • Amulet of Glory teleport (Edgeville) and run around the river (green line above)

Teleporting to Varrock is the easiest one due to its low requirements (24 Magic) and low cost.

The Skull Sceptre is an alternative to F2P players that lack this requirement.

Wealth and Glory are members-only options that may be more convenient depending on your situation and supplies.

Alternatively, you could also teleport to the Grand Exchange with completion of the Medium Varrock diary.

But once you get here, what is there to do in the Cooks’ Guild?


Cooks’ Guild Tour: Ground Floor

Head Chef at the Ground Floor of the Cooks' Guild / OSRS

Upon entering you will meet the Head Chef, who will tell you about the guild.

He’s also the one to sell the Cooking Skillcape for those who have mastered the skill, for a price of 99,000 coins.

Wandering around the area is Romily Weaklax, a vendor that sells all kinds of pies and a recipe book.

Additionally, if you offer him help, he’ll ask for a certain amount of some type of pie. Bring them to him and you’ll be paid accordingly.

Around this area is a sink, and a chocolate bar respawn on a table at the north end.

Restricted Area inside the Cooks Guild / OSRS

There is a restricted area inside the Guild for Members that have achieved 99 Cooking, or completed the Hard Varrock Diary.

This offers a cooking range and a bank booth.

It’s worth noting that upon running out of membership, free players will be able to use the range, but not the bank booth.


Cooks’ Guild Tour: First Floor

First Floor of the Guild / Old School RuneScape

The first floor offers a number of item respawns:

  • Two cooking apples
  • A pie dish
  • A cake tin and bowl

Additionally, two cooking ranges are available here as well.

They’re identical to all the other ranges, so nothing too unique here.

And lastly, there is a dairy churn is available. This can be used to convert a bucket of milk into cream, butter, or cheese.


Cooks’ Guild Tour: Second Floor

Second Floor of the Guild / OSRS

The second floor offers some more item respawns:

  • An additional cooking apple
  • A jug and a pot
  • One pair of grapes

Also, this is where the Guild’s windmill can be operated.

This may be used to convert wheat into flour.

To do so, fill the hopper on this floor and operate the hopper controls next to it. Doing so will fill the flour bin in the ground floor.

This can be repeated as many times as you’d like, and the flour may be picked up with any pot.

Conveniently enough, there’s a wheat farm just outside the guild.

So feel free to stock up if you need flour!

The Cooks’ Guild does feel a bit behind other Old School RuneScape Guilds in terms of utility and popularity.

But nevertheless, if any of these functions are of use to you (or if you’re a restricted account) then the Cooks’ Guild welcomes you with open arms!

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