Path to Nowhere Soul Chimes (How To Use + How To Farm)

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You can get a lot of valuable resources such as Arrest Warrants and Hypercubes by accumulating Soul Chimes in the Libram System.

And if you want a lot of them, Soul Chimes can be farmed by simply acquiring a Sinner, increasing their Compliance levels, and conducting Interrogations on them.

The more you invest in & explore a unit’s content, the more Soul Chimes you can farm out of them. It’s basically a win-win!


What Are Soul Chimes Used For?

Archives screenshot / Path to Nowhere

Soul Chimes are used to track the progress of your investment in each of the Sinner archetypes in the game.

The way it works is that all Sinners belong to a certain archetype. And the more you invest in a Sinner, the more Soul Chimes or “points” you get – but only in that specific Sinner’s archetype.

Greed (Libram) / Path to Nowhere
Greed (Libram)

There are seven different Sinner archetypes in the Libram System in Path to Nowhere:

  • Violence
  • Love
  • Greed
  • Treachery
  • Limbo
  • Anger
  • Heresy

Each of these archetypes is composed mostly of A-Rank and B-Rank units, with only one or two S-Ranks in between.

These S-Rank units can potentially give you way more Soul Chimes than A-Rank and B-Rank when you invest in them.

Libram (Greed) / Path to Nowhere
Greed Archetype

The image above shows us all the Sinners in the “Greed” archetype.

So for example:

If you invest in either Eirene, Tetra, Priscilla, Mr. Fox, Peggy, or Pepper, you will automatically gain Soul Chimes for the Greed archetype in the Libram System:

Minos System Rewards for Greed Sinners / Path to Nowhere
Minos System (Rewards) – Greed

You’ll be able to claim rewards whenever you reach a milestone for your Soul Chimes, which is set at increments of 500.


How To Farm Soul Chimes

Eirene Soul Chime Rewards / Path to Nowhere
Soul Chime Rewards (Eirene)

There are three great ways that you can farm Soul Chimes for every Sinner archetype in the game.


Method #1: Obtain Sinners

Sinner Detained - Eirene / Path to Nowhere
Eirine Obtained (Arrest Prompt)

The first step to farming Soul Chimes is to acquire several Sinners that belong to the same archetype.

The higher their rarity is, the better.

You can even get a lot of rewards from the Libram System just by investing in one S-Rank Sinner from a specific archetype alone.


Method #2: Complete a Sinner’s Interrogation

Hella Interrogation / Path to Nowhere
Phase 1 Interrogation (Hella)

Interrogating Sinners is great for farming Compliance levels and valuable resources – but it’s also great for farming Soul Chimes.

You do need a lot of Evidence to be able to conduct Interrogations though. So make sure you’re always doing your Daily missions if you want more of them.


Method #3: Increase a Sinner’s Compliance level

Nox Compliance Level screenshot / Path to Nowhere
Compliance Level (Nox)

A Sinner’s Compliance Level is indicative of how often you’ve been exploring their in-game content and how many times you’ve used them in battle.

You gain several important rewards such as Hypercubes, bonus stats, voice lines, and titles just by increasing a Sinner’s Compliance level.

But in addition to all that, you can also get Soul Chimes whenever you raise a Sinner’s Compliance.

The Libram System only stops giving you Soul Chimes once your Sinner reaches 90% Compliance.

This is why I also highly recommend that you only focus on a few units when farming Compliance levels via Raids. Don’t spread your Stamina out too thin.

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