Best Sims 4 Christmas Food & Christmas Cookies CC

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The Christmas season has many different traditions. And to most people, a good number of those traditions revolve around food.

From huge savory feasts to vintage snacks and deserts, this CC collection makes it all possible for your Sims to enjoy a deliciously festive holiday season.


1. Be Merry CC Set

Be Merry CC Set / TS4 CC

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Although Sims won’t be able to sample these tasty treats for themselves, these decorative snacks and dishes will be a great addition to any Christmas table!

Everything here is super-duper festive, from various types to cookies to hot chocolate, a cake, and more.


2. Stollen

Stollen / TS4 CC

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Simmers with German heritage may be very familiar with stollen, the most tasty holiday bread in all the land.

What’s awesome about this is that with the help of a mod, this is a fully functional dish! Sims can prepare and eat it just like any other, and there are even a few variations.


3. Christmas Special Hot Beverages

Christmas Special Hot Beverages / TS4 CC

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There’s nothing like warming up beside the fire at Christmastime with a delicious toasty drink.

Here, Sims can enjoy Carmel Apple Cider and a Gingerbread Latte, two brand new recipes that are very unique to the game.

After your Sim prepares the drinks, they’ll be available in a nice glass mug.


4. Yummy Christmas

Yummy Christmas / TS4 CC

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Of course, there are only so many hours in a Sim’s day.

If they don’t have the time to prepare a whole Grand Meal with all of the fixings, Soloriya’s decorative cookies, breads, and drinks can fill in the gaps.

Everything in this set has a realistic touch, and even the plates are Christmassy.


5. Stuffed Turkey Breast

Stuffed Turkey Breast / TS4 CC

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As far as traditional Christmas dinner goes, you’ve generally got two options: ham or turkey.

Even with Seasons, we don’t get much more than that!

But with this slightly different take on the recipe, Sims can have this flavorful, stuffed turkey breast that combines all of the classic sides into this one dish.


6. Food Tree Tiered Server

Food Tree Tiered Server / TS4 CC

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Now this is how you throw a Christmas party in style.

These tiered treat-serving stands may be simple, but they’re still adorable.

The little snacks they contain will still add a cozy vibe, even if Sims can only admire them from afar.


7. Christmas Buffet

Christmas Buffet / TS4 CC

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Create a whole feast, bringing the best of both savory and sweet, with this lovely buffet CC set.

In addition to some truly gorgeous dishware, we have some really cute lollipops, pretzels, and a yule log! It’s a desert in the shape of a log, how great is that?

And best of all: these décor items fit perfectly with other Maxis Match CC.


8. Gingerbread Cake

Gingerbread Cake / TS4 CC

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Sims will need to have a pretty good grasp on the Cooking Skill to pull off this elaborate cake.

Not just anyone can bake a masterpiece like this, after all!

There’s a whole gingerbread village atop this cake, surrounded by a cheery border of red and green gumdrops.


9. Custom Christmas Cookies Part 1

Custom Christmas Cookies Part 1 / TS4 CC

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What’s Christmas without some adorable cookies?! These almost look too good to eat. Almost.

Now that Sims can cook together, you can create some really wholesome moments this WinterFest. Get the whole family in the kitchen to make these little snowmen, presents, and mug-shaped cookies!


10. Custom Christmas Cookies Part 2

Custom Christmas Cookies Part 2 / TS4 CC

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Three more cookie recipes are brought to us courtesy of Icemunmun, and they are fantastic.

You’ve probably had some like these yourself! The candy canes are just a classic, and the swirly, Dr. Suess-inspired Whoville cookies are pretty legendary.

Lastly, we have the vibrant and charming mitten cookies.


11. Custom Christmas Cookies Part 3

Custom Christmas Cookies Part 3 / TS4 CC

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In the final part of this cookie recipe collection, Icemunmun wraps things up nicely with three more modern and incredibly well-done new designs.

The ugly sweater cookie is just a must. How brilliant is that?!

There’s also a beautiful gingerbread star, plus a classic green Christmas tree design.


12. Box of Chocolates

Box of Chocolates / TS4 CC

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Picking up some delicious gourmet chocolates is always a treat throughout the year – but they also make a fantastic gift at Christmas, too.

Released as part of a custom content advent calendar, this edible box of fancy chocolates even has a festive design on the cover.


13. Custom Festive Recipes Collection

Custom Festive Recipes Collection / TS4 CC

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RobinKLocksley’s mod pack may just be the ultimate Christmas food kit.

Desserts modern and vintage are included here, from standard frosted cupcakes to lebkuchen, another German bread variety. Oh, and in case the base game fruit cake wasn’t enough, there’s a big one here!


14. Winterfest Lasagne

Winterfest Lasagne / TS4 CC

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I’ve never heard of a Winterfest lasagne, so I have no idea what’s in it.

But this Sims version of the dish looks totally delicious.

The red and green color scheme of this desert is just the cherry on top… figuratively, of course. This dish is topped with marshmallows and candy!


15. Spiced Drinks & Chocolate/Wine Cake

Spiced Drinks & Chocolate/Wine Cake / TS4 CC

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Seasonal beverages are a lot of fun, especially for Sims, who don’t get many options.

These spiced wines are a special treat for the adults at the table, while the gorgeous and decadent chocolate cake can be enjoyed by all. It’s got some beautiful decorations in the form of garnish and berries.


16. Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House / TS4 CC

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Building a gingerbread house is always an experience.

You might laugh, you might cry. Whatever happens, it ain’t gonna look like the picture on the box.

Now you can live the dream through your Sims with this custom recipe, which will produce a perfect gingerbread house every time!


17. Christmas Cookies Recipe

Christmas Cookies Recipe / TS4 CC

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This final Christmas cookie recipe yields many different designs. Santa Claus, reindeer, gingerbread men, trees, mittens, candy canes… all of the staples are here!

The detail of these cookies is incredible, and the end result is absolutely adorable.

Sims don’t even have to be a master chef to cook them.


18. Eggnog

Eggnog / TS4 CC

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This timeless holiday drink is probably not one you ever expected to see in The Sims, which makes This CC’s existence even better!

No cooking or recipe is necessary to enjoy this.

With the Grannie’s Cookbook mod, eggnog can be grabbed straight from the fridge like soda or milk.


19. Mulled Wine

Mulled Wine / TS4 CC

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Nothing will get your Sims rockin’ around the Christmas tree like a few drinks of mulled wine!

This popular beverage, packed with flavor, can be recreated at both the fridge and the bar.

Both the punch bowl and single serving versions are very high quality Maxis Match, and definitely look flavorful.


20. A Gift For Santa (Cookies & Milk)

A Gift For Santa (Cookies & Milk) / TS4 CC

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One tradition that was left out of TS4 is leaving out cookies and milk for Santa… er, Father Winter!

These custom chocolate chip cookies are a classic, and they come on some lovely holiday plates. You can add a milk jug and glass of milk as well, if your Sims are feeling generous.

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