Sims 4 Computer Printer CC: The Ultimate Collection

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It’s fair to say a lot of us have gotten comfortable working from home – and that requires some planning. After all, you can’t just work on your bed for two years. You’d destroy your back.

(Trust me. This is coming from personal experience.)

Many of us have bought a better desk chair. Maybe even a better desk. And, of course, some standard office supplies – including a printer.

Your Sims might want to invest in a printer, too.

After all, an office just doesn’t look natural when it’s only a desk and a computer. It needs clutter! Not even your Sims could possibly work in such a sterile environment.

Here’s our collection of awesome computer printer CC worth grabbing for your Sim’s home office.


1. Sonic Printer by NynaeveDesign

Sonic Printer by NynaeveDesign TS4 CC

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This sonic printer is ideal for those of you who like sleek and modern designs, but aren’t afraid to include a pop of color.

There are two swatches available here – a fully black printer, and a more fun white and green version.

And there’s even some paper coming out of the printer, which will make your Sim’s office feel like it’s actually being used.

Plus, the pattern on the paper is really cool. Maybe something an architect would print. Or a Doctor Who fan (it looks a bit like Gallifreyan).


2. Printer Deco by LeoSims

Printer Deco by LeoSims for Sims 4

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This printer is a true classic, and it would be perfect for any Sim that’s a photographer.

Mainly because there’s a photograph being printed from it.

And it’s pretty small, so it will fit in smaller spaces, too. Which is great because I’m not sure how much money photographers actually make. They might only be able to afford small houses or flats for all I know.

Two swatches are available for this one – black and white. Nothing too fancy, but you still get a choice so you can better match it to the rest of the décor.


3. Business Office by Sandy

Business Office Set / Sims 4 CC

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I know I went on about home offices for quite a bit, but we’ll all eventually have to return to work. Even our Sims.

And when they do, you want to make sure they have a printer at work.

This incredible office set comes with a dozen items including a fax machine, a filing cabinet, and, of course, a printer.

You can download all the items and decorate your scientist Sim’s office, or just get the printer if that’s all you’re looking for. The choice is yours.


4. Cecile Printer by Syboubou

Cecile Printer by Syboubou TS4 CC

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I’ll tell you a secret:

This modern compact printer CC is my favorite out of all of these.


Because it comes in some of my favorite colors. I love me some novelty-colored technology.

Whether you’re looking for a standard black printer, or a more adventurous baby blue or pastel green, this set has you covered.


5. Porter Home Office Décor Printer by Lulu265

Porter Home Office Décor Printer by Lulu265 for Sims 4

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For some reason, this HP printer is giving me major retro vibes.

It reminds me of the printers we would have in school – they never really worked, but they looked super modern for the time.

That was pre-mandatory home office. Good old times.

So if you’re looking for a blast from the past and a dose of nostalgia, this is the one to snag for your Sims.


6. Realma Printer Deco by jomsims

Realma Printer Deco / TS4 CC

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Now, this is what I’m talking about.

This printer has everything. And by that, I mean it has a lot of cool-looking buttons.

This one would be perfect for a computer engineer, or maybe just some kind of technology wizard. But don’t ask me. I don’t know a lot about any of that.

Plain and simple, a Sim that likes their electronics to be high quality and not break after two years of sporadic use will definitely love this one.


7. University Residence Printer by kardofe

University Residence Printer by kardofe Sims 4 CC

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As the name suggests, this design feels like a perfect fit for university students.

Students have to do an outrageous amount of printing. And not everyone is into going to the library every single time their professor emails another handout.

Getting a printer for your Sim’s dorm room is a great idea to mitigate some of that time-wasting.

Plus, you know – your Sim is definitely going to be the most popular kid around if they have their own printer.

Get ready for free biscuits and bribery. They’re going to be the top dog of their dorm very soon.


8. Bedroom Madrid Printer by kardofe

Bedroom Madrid Printer by kardofe for Sims 4

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I’d say this CC would be perfect for parents that like to decorate their child’s room with prints, but can’t afford to buy original artwork.

There’s nothing wrong with that!

Trust me; the little ones will appreciate their parents’ dedication to making their childhood perfect. Plus, you know, these prints will be original. No one else will have them.

Who needs money to live a happy family life?

Certainly not me.


9. LDG Conversions by Mio-Sims

LDG Conversions by Mio-Sims TS4 CC

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If you’re looking for a home office CC set that’ll provide everything you might possibly need, look no further.

Not only does this pack have a cool printer, but it also comes with 15 other office essentials.

Candles, books, magazines, file boxes, and, the most essential of them all, some decorative pears. (Yeah, I don’t know either, but they do seem kind of cool.)

So what are you waiting for? Get decorating!


10. Peripheral Devices by Marco13

Peripheral Devices by Marco13 Sims 4 CC

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Last but not least, we have this variety pack of tech stuff.

It comes with a printer, mouse, microphone, and a USB pen drive.

And this custom CC will make your Sim’s life so much easier.

They insert the USB, click on the file, press print, and then make sure everyone can properly hear them over Zoom.

Truly all you need.

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