Best Sims 4 Gardening Mods & CC (All Free To Download)

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Since the original Sims, we’ve enjoyed living our best imaginary lives to the fullest.

From speed-building luxurious mansions to earning 50,000 simoleons by the minute, The Sims franchise has given players god-like privileges.

We keep playing for the wonderful reality of having and becoming anything we want in just a few hours of playtime.

So… why not invest that time in gardening?

Growing apples and lemons might not be as exciting as pursuing an acting or music career.

But when you have the world at your feet, there’s only one thing left to do: teach your Sim some humility!

Surprisingly, growing the Gardening skill is one of the most challenging hobbies or careers to take on in TS4.

Rather than wrecking your Sims’ lives for fun, make them flourish with some of these awesome mods & CC packs to kickstart their gardening career!


20. Barrel Planter

Barrel Planter Sims 4 CC screenshot

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You’ve just bought some seeds off your computer, congratulations! Now what do you do with them, exactly?

For starters, your Sims can get down and dirty by planting those seeds directly into the ground.

Or have a lovely Barrel Planter pot to nurture your seedlings in style.

TBH, this CC doesn’t have much going on other than looking pretty for your outdoor or indoor garden.

But having on-point garden aesthetics is just as important as learning how to grow your first patch of carrots!


19. Bamboo Planter Box

Bamboo Planter Box Sims 4 CC

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When spending long hours in build mode, it’s hard to ignore a sad-looking backyard and front lawn.

But you can only design it so far with the base game options.

The modding community has been hard at work since 2014 so that even planters are getting more variation.

From one plain ceramic garden pot, we now have this gorgeous Bamboo Planter Box to house shrubs and even trees!


18. Mega Garden Terrain Set 2

Mega Garden Terrain Set 2 Sims 4 CC

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Some worlds in Sims 4 are more naturally gifted than others.

Worlds like Granite Falls and Sulani are just some examples where life is evergreen and global warming is fake news.

Then at the other end of the spectrum you have Oasis Springs, smack in the middle of a desert.

It’s not impossible for your Sim to grow a garden on this godforsaken land. But the grass is always greener with CCs.

This Mega Garden Terrain Set 2 from karzalee is the perfect cover-up for lifeless lots!

The pack includes 44 swatches varying how dead or alive you want your land to look like, offering you a fabricated image of a healthy landscape.


17. Wooden Pot

Wooden Pot CC for Sims 4

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You may not have graduated with a degree in landscape design. But TS4 will force you into learning about it anyway.

This delicate art of arranging these features of the land into a picturesque manner calls for a Sim with sophisticated taste and a creative eye.

A task way above the paygrade of your Sim’s gardener for hire.

It can be overwhelming to decide where to place shrubs, trees, and newly grown death flowers.

But if you can cherry-pick the basics like this Wooden Pot CC then you’re on the right track to landscape perfection.


16. Rainbow Orb Plant

Rainbow Orb Plant Sims 4 CC

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TS4 has an eccentric collection of plants and crops that make gardening a worthwhile hobby.

Sims can grow common crops like potatoes and simple flowers like daisies.

Then along the way, you find your Sim growing cannibalistic Cowplants and U.F.Os (or Unidentified Fruit Objects).

And maybe a batch of Rainbow Orb Plants to complete your set of rare finds.

30+ harvestables in the base game alone is already a lot. But it can’t hurt to add one more to brighten up your Sim’s space.


15. Garden Sign Collection

Garden Sign Collection for Sims 4

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Fun fact: did you know that base game Sims 4 has over 32 harvestables?

What’s more, if you have all the content packs installed, you get an extra 50 for a staggering total of 82 harvestables!

Even without the content packs, it’s already hard to pinpoint where I planted my mushrooms and parsleys.

That’s why a little help from Caigel’s Garden Sign Collection can ensure everyone stays sane before harvesting time comes.


14. Summer Gardening Adventures

Summer Gardening Adventures Sims 4 CC

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If knights have swords and witches have brooms, what do gardeners have?

This CC pack from sim_man123, that’s what!

The Summer Gardening Adventures is the best starter pack for newbie gardeners.

You can make it look like your Sim actually knows a thing or two about horticulture by letting them pose near a wheelbarrow or a pack of potting soil.

Be supportive of your Sims’ gardening careers by surrounding them with essential clutter.


13. Gardening Foyer

Gardening Foyer Sims 4 CC screenshot

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It’s not always rainbows and butterflies for a full-time gardener. Because Sims are not programmed to be Disney princesses, the possibility of having dying plants is high and likely.

If that’s too frustrating for you, then there’s no need to worry – CCs are here to save the day!

This V pack won’t guarantee a greener thumb for your Sim. But it can replace all the plants they left to die.

Blooming and thriving, these potted beauties can give gardeners a run for their money.


12. Tennessine Garden

Tennessine Garden Sims 4 CC

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Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.

Give a Sim all the items every gardener would need to live off the land and see what happens.

This Tennessine Garden pack from wondymoon has two parts: Growing Plants and Gardening Tools.

When combined, both CCs can do wonders to verify your Sim’s status as a master gardener!

It also contains 19 gardening items that you can brag to every member in your Garden club.


11. Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll CC for Sims 4

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Tending to a garden is hard work.

Every day your Sims have to squat, water, harvest, evolve, graft, and do five more interactions to close the gap between skill levels.

Having a cozy porch for some peace and rest sounds perfect after a few hours of forced labor.

SIMcredible’s Chlorophyll is a stunning garden extension you didn’t know you needed.

It comes with 13 items that can give your Sims a satisfying view of their (hopefully) growing garden.


10. Apples

Apples Sims 4 CC screenshot

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Apples aren’t usually my first choice to grow and harvest. But this CC from Soloriya is quickly changing my mind.

As one of the most common harvestables, apples are simple and unproblematic.

And a cute inspiration for garden decor too.

Embracing the great outdoors with an apple-themed garden set sounds like your typical dose of TS4 weirdness.

But I’m willing to bet a money tree that some of you might still download it anyway.


9. Greenhouse Set Part 2 + Greenhouse Set Part 3

Greenhouse Set Part 2 and Part 3 Sims 4 CC

Check Out the CC for Part 2

Check Out the CC for Part 3

Gardening in TS4 is a tiring chore, but a fulfilling career (not to mention it’s a big moneymaker).

Few have the patience for it. But once harvest time comes, you’ll be counting your Simoleons in the thousands.

Or have a reason to set up a charming greenhouse with a fully functional lemonade stand.

Reward your Sims with this Greenhouse CC Set that highlights what they can achieve if they would do more watering and weeding.


8. Mini Greenhouse

Mini Greenhouse CC for Sims 4

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Now this Mini Greenhouse mod is a personal favorite.

It’s that kind of addition that can make anyone wish they could cheat a green thumb.

Even with its miniature size, this greenhouse can greatly increase the quality of your Sim’s space when tucked nicely in the garden.

It comes in several versions that range from pastel colors to wood swatches, too.

If gardening is becoming more than a hobby for you, then choose to shelter your Sim’s plants in the most stunning way possible.


7. Cottage Garden Stuff

Cottage Garden Stuff CC for Sims 4

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The modding community of The Sims 4 is massive both in size and creativity. I’ve seen amazing collaborations between fellow simmers, but this Cottage Garden Stuff Pack has got to be one of the most expansive.

With a whopping total of 171 items, this pack is loaded with CC to bring your rustic cottage fantasy to life.

Dress your toddlers in cute overalls, enjoy a collection of flowery delights, have kids play with a wheelbarrow, or bring nature with you wherever you go by wearing a crown of blossoms.

In just one pack you can build a themed lot without having to download or buy anything else!

Of course, I expected nothing less from 15 talented CC creators.


6. Kids Can Garden Mod

Kids Can Garden Mod Sims 4 screenshot

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You know what sucks? Unrealistic children in TS4.

Raising a kid in-game would be more fun and worth the time if they can actually do more stuff than completing homework.

But The Sims franchise has a bad rap for stunting the growth and potential of Child Sims, making them virtually useless until they grow up (thanks, EA).

That’s why it’s up to modders to make it right, as usual.

With this mod, you can get kids to permanently help out in the garden and earn their keep until they can help in paying the bills.


5. Faster Gardening Mod

Faster Gardening Mod Sims 4

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It all starts with one seed pack.

Then before you know it, your Sim’s whole lot is sprinkled with 30 different harvestables in need of individual attention.

Not one to subject my Sim and gardener to a quick death, Scumbumbo’s Faster Gardening Mod is made to speed up the process.

This mod will shorten the amount of time it takes to do simple gardening tasks like weeding and watering. More complex tasks will stay the same, but hey… do you want your Sim to grow old and die in a garden?


4. Gardening for All Seasons

Gardening for All Seasons Sims 4 CC

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The science of gardening is more than just relying on the sun to do all the work.

If your Sims are pursuing a Botanist career, chances are they would have more appreciation for in-game horticulture.

Which includes knowing what plants can be planted in specific seasons.

This only applies if you have the Seasons expansion pack installed. But if you do, then you know the feeling of not wanting extra complications gardening.

Ain’t nobody got time for that! And this mod knows it.

This allows all available plants to grow, spawn harvestables, and evolve in all seasons.

If you want to grow roses in winter or dragon fruits all year round, then, by all means, go right ahead!


3. Harvestables

Harvestables Sims 4 CC screenshot

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From pot to plate, harvestables have helped players create new recipes and cook food that can bring ghosts back to life.

It’s the small surprises from each harvest that makes gardening all the more valuable and enjoyable.

EA has been notably generous in setting the number of base game harvestables, but I think we could all enjoy more additions.

CC creator icemunmun went all-out creating 49 new harvestables that would make any real-life gardeners and farmers drool.

Enjoy feeding a whole neighborhood with vanilla beans, pistachios, cocoa, cinnamon, mango, and dozens more!


2. Retail Produce Stands

Retail Produce Stands CC for Sims 4

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By now, I hope I’ve convinced you that gardening is a cool pursuit.

But there’s just one frustrating thing left to fix: the harvests stuck in the inventory.

Full-fledged gardeners wouldn’t want those juicy fruits rotting away, never seeing the light of refrigerators. The best way to share the literal fruits of your labor is by having a functional retail produce stand!

This god-sent CC allows your Sims to store and sell harvested produce from their inventory.

It also includes custom animations for shoppers to create a realistic environment similar to a farmer’s market!

What’s more, you can now earn extra simoleons while doing the hobby your Sims love.


1. Homesteader Aspiration

Homesteader Aspiration Sims 4 CC screenshot

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You have the best gardening CCs available for TS4.

But does your Sim have the aspiration to match it?

Aside from the nature-related traits that you can select in the base game, this Homesteader Aspiration mod makes gardening a way of life.

It programs your Sim to become self-sufficient, relying on gardening and fishing skills to live off nature’s bounty.

This mod also comes with a CAS bonus trait called Green Thumb that can level up a Sim’s gardening skill much faster.

Additionally, there’s the Master ‘Steader reward trait that grants your Sims a guaranteed boost in catching the best fish and creating an evergreen garden.

If it’s a farmer’s life you want, then make it a goal for your Sim to become a Hotshot Homesteader in no time!

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