Best Kids, Toddler, And Baby Clutter For The Sims 4

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If someone has a kid, you can usually tell as soon as you walk into their house.

I don’t say that as a criticism though. A house full of toys and kid’s stuff is a sign that those children are loved and well cared for.

That’s why it’s rather unfortunate we have so little to work with in The Sims 4.

Not everyone is a fan of clutter. But for those of us that are, we can’t get enough.

Our fellow Simmers have really outdone themselves making it possible for us to decorate every space with stuff for the kiddos, so let’s dive in!


1. What’s In My Bag? Clutter

What’s In My Bag? Clutter for The Sims 4

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This is definitely the backpack and possessions of the popular kid.

Imagine turning up with cookies, a fidget spinner, and a shark pencil case… all that’s missing is a pack of gum. It’s basically a recipe for making new friends.

Seriously, that shark pencil case… I want it right now, and I have no need for a pencil case.

There are several other cool items here, in many styles, including a friendship bracelet, coin purse available in a few different animal swatches, keys on a bunny keychain, and a small notebook.

Overall, I think this set really sums up the burgeoning freedom preteens have.

At that age you might be old enough to need a key to the house, but you still don’t mind a toy or cute school supplies.


2. Nursery Clutter

Nursery Clutter Sims 4 CC

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It’s funny how sometimes I see an item for The Sims, and I’m confused why someone made it into a download when it’s already in the game.

Then I realize it’s actually a conversion from The Sims 3. And I can’t remember last week but I recognize a purple unicorn from a game I haven’t played in years.

Now that’s a testament to how these games stick with you.

Baby toys are usually very identifiable.

They somehow look even more cutesy than kid’s toys. These are the perfect examples, and will definitely provide some much-needed clutter to your nursery.

There’s even one of those floor mat thingies with hanging toys, even though our babies in Sims 4 are bound to their bassinets. It’s nice to have an object so you can pretend though.


3. Play Time Set

Play Time Set TS4 CC

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This set converts some more items from The Sims 3.

Remember back when you could just set down your baby literally anywhere, including on the ground in snow?

Yikes. Maybe the bassinet thing isn’t so bad.

This set features some of the same toys as above, like the adorable giraffe in overalls and big yellow duck, but also the very “kiddy” coat rack and wall butterflies.

Outside of toys or beds, there aren’t a ton of items that are clearly dedicated to kids – which is why I really like being able to have that rack in the game.

I don’t think there are many adults who would opt for a coat rack with stars and a dinosaur jacket. So when you see this, you know who it’s meant for.

Well… a dinosaur jacket might be pretty cool, actually. But those stars are so childish!


4. Baby Clutter

Baby Clutter for Sims 4

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Babies are such an overlooked and forgotten life stage, it has never even occurred to me how few items there are for them.

Really not a lot going on even in terms of decor or furniture, huh?

Well, at least this clutter will give the illusion that your Sims cared about them before they became toddlers.

This little set comes with typical infant necessities, like diapers, both in stacks as well as a Simlish box, stacks of clothes, baby wipes, and cream.


5. Baby Clutter Set

Baby Clutter Set Sims 4 CC

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I’m sure anyone with a baby will agree that the clutter is definitely not limited to the nursery.

Infants require a whole lot in other rooms of the house too. Especially a kitchen.

Which makes sense, considering their lives are mostly made up of eating, sleeping, and pottying, at least until they can crawl.

Well this set contains some items you’re likely to see in any home with a baby, like Gerber foods and snacks, breast milk storage bags, bottles, and juice, among other things.

I think we’ve all wished there was more clutter for kitchens, so this is a great solution for households with babies.


6. Anna’s Toys

Anna’s Toys TS4 CC

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Baby toys are just too darn cute.

Sometimes as cute as the babies themselves.

And this clutter set features some wooden old school type toys for you to decorate your Sim’s homes and nurseries with.

There are 11 things here in total, and they’re all stuff you’d love to see a baby with to help them learn colors, shapes, and numbers.

The elephants on wheels are adorable, and the xylophone makes me miss The Sims 3, when toddlers could actually play with them.

Sigh, kids today with their Wabbit Tablets.


7. Kids Toy Clutter

Kids Toy Clutter Sims 4 CC

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Every kid will tell you they can never have too many toys.

Every parent will tell you differently.

That never stops extended family members from showing their love by spoiling the kids with presents, though.

This set is filled with toys that every kid will love, from cute stuffed critters to tough action figures.

If you’ve ever thought the kid’s rooms in your Sim homes were a little too empty, these will definitely fill in any gaps. There are ten large all new decorative toys here, plus two backpacks.


8. More Toddler Activities

More Toddler Activities for Sims 4

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It’s easy to forget sometimes that toddlers are capable of a lot more than we give them credit for.

Sure, they’re barely toilet trained and all. But their motor skills are growing all of the time – which means they can usually do basic crafts or help out with gardening.

This fanmade pack includes a ton of new items to scatter throughout your Sim’s house, and some are even functional. Your toddler can be an artist in the making with scissors, glue, and paint in bottles as well as cups.

They can even play with Playdough or just decorate their rooms with the containers.

I think my favorite part is the gardening tools and plant, though.

Sims are always inside way too much. So I love the idea that the toddler could help their parent out with the flower bed.


9. Kids Decor and Toys

Kids Decor and Toys TS4 CC

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You’ll never be annoyed by the lack of kid decor again after this set.

It includes a ton of totally new items, like a wagon, bowling ball and pins, and some more sport balls.

There are some items your Sims can really use, too. The cube can actually be sat on, and the giraffe and race car are functional toys.

It’s all available in four different color swatches, so whether you want to deck your kid’s room out in matching items or mix it up for a more eclectic look, it is left up to you.


10. Toddler Walkers

Toddler Walkers Sims 4 CC

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Sim kids, no matter the life stage, don’t have nearly enough to do outside.

I really wish we had more stuff so we could just send them out the house to do their own thing for a while. I’m sure Sim parents all have those same thoughts.

Well, even CC creators can’t quite give us that since the game really gave them nothing to build on.

But these toddler walkers will at least make your yard look less bare and unsuited for the kiddos.

They come in many different styles, from tricycles to carts and even vehicles, like a tractor or a car. And for any house with toddlers, these will fit right in.

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