Sims 4 Lacoste CC: The Ultimate Collection

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Almost everything a Sim wears is ambiguous.

You don’t know where it came from or who made it.

Of course, the real answer is the developers, but that’s no fun.

We as players can look at the tags inside of our clothes and know whether they’re from a luxurious household name, local boutique, or department store.

Labels that might not matter at all to one person can mean a great deal to someone else.

In the case of Lacoste, they have been making all sorts of clothing, accessories, towels, and watches since the early ‘30s.

With Create-A-Sim being one of the main focuses of many player’s efforts, it’s no surprise that only Lacoste clothes are available for our Sims right now.

But some very impressive and fashionable CC is out there – and you’ll find the best right here in this collection.


1. Lacoste Men’s Polo Shirts

Lacoste Men’s Polo Shirts for The Sims 4

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What’s not to love about polos?

They have the casualness of a t-shirt, but with a little bit nicer flair provided by the collar and buttons.

With such a basic canvas to work with, clothing manufacturers can really go wild with designs, and Lacoste has a few signature ones. I know the striped patterns like StreeneeSims used here are very familiar!

These tops are just for your guy Sims, and they come in 26 swatches of classy, stylish, and bright options.


2. Lacoste Basket For Women

Lacoste Basket Shoes For Women / TS4 CC

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I’m a firm believer that we can never have too many shoe options in CAS.

In fact, that’s the one category that still feels a little neglected.

We’ve gotten so many awesome new tops, dresses, outfits, and bottoms through the years… but generally only one or two pieces of footwear here and there.

It’s tragic.

Most people have multiple pairs of shoes, but sneakers are definitely the most popular type.

They’re stylish and good for everyday wear as well as exercise – so they’re really great for all sorts of outfits.

These are like a breath of fresh air after having mostly the same sneaker selection since the base game launched.

They’re semi-low cut and white with a little triangle of peach on the back. Lacoste’s iconic crocodile logo is present and clear, so there’s no mistaking the brand!

But it’s PINEAPPLEGIRL who managed to bring these to the game, and do it so incredibly well.


3. Basic Lacoste Polos

Basic Lacoste Polos (Male) Sims 4 CC

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Here are some more polos, this time from McLayneSims.

First thought: they have a nice texture.

It’s very subtle, but they look soft, like they’re made of cotton or silk. They also have a slight wrinkle effect that just adds a natural feel.

What really makes these shine are their swatches, though.

Each one has a very unique design with bold patterns and vibrant colors. Many versions have the Lacoste name across them in big letters, while several others keep it simple with the little croc logo.

A properly fitted shirt not only makes any outfit look better, but will make the wearer look more handsome, too.

You can really up your game when it comes to creating male Sims by having these available!


4. Lacoste Polo For Women

Lacoste Polo For Women / Sims 4 CC

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There’s no law stating that men get to hog all the fun when it comes to polos.

While most are tailored and advertised for the guys, more options are being made available for women.

And this one has a stunning knit texture.

You can practically see each individual stitch – and that brings out the rich blue color even more.

Unlike the other polo shirts CC mentioned above, this one is long sleeved, and it sure looks cozy.

Your Sim will be snug as a bug in a rug!


5. Lacoste T-Shirt + Jean Shorts

Lacoste T-Shirt + Jean Shorts / Sims 4 CC

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The outfit category of CAS is honestly such a lifesaver.

I don’t always have the motivation to put together my Sim’s whole look from head to toe.

So not only are ready-made outfits a little shortcut, they’re often fantastic choices in their own right as well.

This is a really cute warm weather style, consisting of a t-shirt and shorts. The shirt represents Lacoste in various forms and throughout the 16 swatches, there are several different looks and colors.

But that signature crocodile will be present throughout – and he adds a nice bit of originality to these tees.

As for the shorts, the denim texture is amazing.

These are just the ones everyone wishes they have when summer hits!

They’re available in two separate but equally cute styles.

One has some stylish & very realistic rips along the legs, and the other has heart accents.

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