Sims 4 CC: Best Old-School Antiques (Furniture, Décor & More)

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People love to incorporate antique items into both their real-life homes and Sim’s homes for a number of reasons.

Maybe it’s knowing that the items have such a history, or perhaps for some people they’re more pleasing to the eye than new things.

There are even shops dedicated to these items, so those that appreciate them can get a wide selection all at once.

That’s kind of what this list is: a condensed antique shop for your Sims!

Simmers are certainly antique-lovers in some way, since there’s so much out there to choose from.

Whether you just want a few pieces to vary the décor in your Sim’s home, or want to totally deck it out in old-school goodies, there’s plenty to go around.


1. Antique Chinese Vases

Antique Chinese Vases / Sims 4 CC

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The gorgeousness of antique Chinese items cannot be understated.

They are always so ornate and vivid. It’s hard to look away.

And these vases, converted from The Sims 3, definitely have an antique feel.

Each one is totally unique as well. No two swatches are even similar, plus each vase has incredible detailing and colors.

Since so much stuff in the game is modeled after typically American styles, unless you have specific packs, Chinese decor really stands out in an epic way.

Whether you’re going for a completely antique look in your Sims home or would just like to use these vases in your Sim’s loft, there’s no bad way to include them.

Fireplace mantles, sideboards in the dining room, empty spaces on bookshelves… all of them are begging for an antique Chinese vase.


2. Antique Basin

Antique Basin CC for The Sims 4

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Basins don’t have much of a place in modern society, at least not for their intended function.

No one wants to wash up using something that looks like a tea pitcher anymore. It’s just strange.

But just because the initial usage of basins went out of style, doesn’t mean they themselves did.

These pretty porcelain designs still make great décor, and you could theoretically use them for anything.

In other words, you can pretend your Sims use them for anything.

Maybe that’s their answer to not having a teapot, or they’re the type of person to have that beside their bed instead of a water bottle. Who knows.

I just love how classy these are, with little pastel flower designs on the front.


3. Impressionist Paintings by Monet+Van Gogh

Impressionist Paintings / TS4 CC

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When it comes to antique paintings, there’s a lot to choose from.

Humans have been creating art for thousands and thousands of years. And much of it has survived.

Today it hangs in museums, or occasionally turns up on Antiques Roadshow.

Well now your Sims can have some classic painting in their own homes, too.

Many of these ones, based off real paintings by Monet and Van Gogh, are immediately recognizable. There’s no mistaking Starry Night!

But even if you aren’t an all-knowing art buff, these are still gorgeous pieces of art to put in your Sim’s home.

Plus there are many different styles here, like nature scenes as well as abstract paintings.


4. Antique Living Room Set

Antique Living Room Set / Sims 4 CC

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Living rooms are really where it’s at if you want to display several antiques at once.

They just seem a bit sturdier somehow, and more suited to integrate with modern furniture than antiques for bedrooms or kitchens.

Old-school chests and entertainments are very unobtrusive and will fit right in.

All of the items in this set have beautiful wood swatches in different tones, so you don’t have to get overloaded with wood by everything matching exactly.

The chairs are awesome as well.

They have an obviously antique look, and their fabric has a subtle but realistic texture.


5. Antique Wardrobe

Antique Wardrobe / Sims 4 CC

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Antique furniture is especially sought after.

The style and craftsmanship from decades past are things you can’t get anymore, and the demand far outweighs the supply.

When you think about, the mere existence of antiques requires that someone has been maintaining them.

If you just have an old item gathering dust and mold in your basement, then it’s not really an antique.

They’re meant to be quality well-preserved items.

At least in The Sims, short of catching it on fire, furniture lasts forever.

You can have pieces that survive generation after generation, getting passed down through the family.

This dresser is perfect for that sort of thing. Especially considering it literally is being passed down, or converted, from The Sims 3.

It’s just as beautiful now as it was then.

Each of the seven swatches has a different wood tone, but the gold embellishments are always consistent. They definitely add a bit of “old world” charm.


6. Two Marble Busts

Two Marble Busts / TS4 CC

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Back in the day, having an exact replica of someone’s head on your mantle was considered an indication of good taste.

Usually made of marble, busts are basically highly detailed and expensive little statues.

And if television has taught me anything, it’s that they are heavy enough to make a great weapon in a pinch.

They are also exactly the type of antique many people would die to add to their home.

If your Sim is the type to be into the finer things of life, then these busts will fit right in.

Both styles feature an exact depiction of a man’s head. Each one comes with six swatches, varying from spotless white to darker grayish and purple tones.


7. Antique Stove Hood

Antique Stove Hood / Sims 4 CC

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I know what you’re thinking:

“Yay, a stove hood! We don’t have nearly enough to choose from in the game!”

…yeah, it may be hard to tell over text, but that was sarcasm.

It’s a running joke among some Simmers about how many stove hoods we have, versus the lack of variety for some other items.

But this one is different.

It’s an antique, and that’s something we actually don’t have.

In fact, we have fairly little in terms of antiques when it comes to kitchens.

And what makes this stove hood extra special is that it actually has slots for decor! Both in the little shelf and on the ledge around it, there’s room for you to place small clutter items.

The colors and little accents also truly make it feel vintage, so this will be perfect if you’d like your build to have an older kitchen!


8. Vintage Clutter

Vintage Clutter for The Sims 4

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There may just be nothing cooler than antique books.

They’re one of the only tangible items you can get from an antique shop or estate sale that you can actually hold in your hands, cherish, and absorb.

The word and stories within them have survived generations and world events, plus a lot of everyday stuff us modern people will never know anything of.

If only they could talk.

For any fan of antiques, books are definitely at the top of the list.

And while your Sims won’t actually be able to read the books included here, they’ll certainly serve as great décor.

There’s a little stack of them on a wooden tray, as well as a book with candles on top. With these, you’ll be able to really integrate that subtle “weathered” look into your build naturally.

The other items here won’t hurt, either.

Old family portraits are fantastic to have in your game. Either just as décor (again, to add to that modern vintage mix) or to add realism in your Decades Challenge saves.


9. Antique Wicker Set

Antique Wicker Set / Sims 4 CC

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You don’t see much wicker anymore.

That officially makes all past wicker items “antiques”. Right?

Not really.

But since wicker had a sort of rollercoaster popularity through the 20th century, there are plenty of antique items around.

This CC set, converted from The Sims 3, will surely be all that you desire.

There’s a sofa, dining chair, lounge chair, coffee table, and end table, which can be used to beautifully furnish any space you’d like to have an old-timey feel.

You can even put this stuff outdoors and it won’t look a bit out of place.


10. Anatolia Antique Rugs

Anatolia Antique Rugs for The Sims 4

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Old rugs are pretty unique.

They always seem to be super ornate and fancy. It could be that these are just the rugs that stood the test of time and our great-grandparents tossed their boring ones, but I don’t think we’ll ever truly know.

The term “Anatolia” is used specifically because rugs like this were made in a special, intricate way originating in western Asia.

Today, the work and expertise that must have gone into such designs definitely doesn’t go unnoticed.

Now your Sims can have one of the classy beautiful rugs in their homes, too.

These ones are round, just the right size for a living room or office space.

No two swatches are the same, either. So you’ll have four amazing & elegant rugs to use.


11. Floral Fantasy Couches

Floral Fantasy Couches / TS4 CC

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“Antique” doesn’t necessarily mean something that’s a hundred years old or more.

Especially when it comes to furniture, stuff from the ‘50s and ‘60s can now be found in plenty of antique shops.

And one of the best things to come out of those decades had to be… floral couches.

Something about them is just so awesome.

I wish they never went out of style, but the beauty of The Sims is that you dictate what’s in and what’s out.

You can bend the entire world to your whim. Not one thing has to happen without there being some way for you to undo or control it.

That sounds really sinister, but um… I’m totally just talking about interior design matters.

These couches converted from The Sims 2, have vibrant vintage designs. They’re in great shape, as is guaranteed with most Sims furniture, unlike real life.

You can choose from five swatches of varying flowery designs, shapes, and sizes.


12. Portraits in Copper

Portraits in Copper / Sims 4 CC

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Photographs are already an amazing thing.

I mean, immortalizing a single moment in time? That has to be one of humanity’s greatest achievements.

Especially since (as long as they’re taken care of) photographs can practically last forever.

Today, looking back at pictures from decades or centuries behind can give us a glimpse into that time.

That’s why any antique lover can’t get enough of photos. If you have an interest in the past, especially because of their history, then visualizations of that are incredible.

Besides, slap a copper frame on anything and it’ll look like an antique.

This CC creator recolored another Simmer’s designs to make wonderfully old pictures.

The 40 swatches available cover a wide array of options, including landscapes and portraits.


13. The Big Granny Pack #2

The Big Granny Pack #2 / Sims 4 CC Preview

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If there’s anyone you can trust to give you good antiques, it’s your grandparents.

Mainly because no matter what the item is, it wasn’t an antique to them when they bought it.

Just like now.

If you hang onto your phones and video games for another 50 years, they’ll be antiques. But that’s crazy now, right?

Many elderly people’s homes are like windows to the past, and this pack reflects that.

The armchair swatches are just perfect, solid colors and patterns alike. I can definitely envision them in a shop!

The Tiffany-style lamp is a real gem, too.

People have been dying to have those colorful & vibrant designs throughout the past century.

Most of this pack has recolors from The Cats & Dogs Pack, so the couch, chair, and ottoman all have matching swatches.


14. Classic Hutch

Classic Hutch / Sims 4 CC

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As great as it is to find items that are pre-cluttered, it can be really run to use furniture with empty slots, too.

This way, you really get to do what feels right for you and your Sim.

Would you prefer shelves packed with clutter, or a more minimal look with just a few practical pieces here and there?

Well here’s one of the few items that leaves it all up to you.

This classic hutch has rich wood swatches and, depending on the swatch, the hinges and drawer handles will be gold, black, or silver.

If this item looks familiar, don’t worry, you aren’t crazy.

It’s actually an altered piece from the Cats & Dogs pack (so you’ll need that to use it).


15. Vanitas Paintings

Vanitas Paintings Set / TS4 CC

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Through certain eras, there seems to be a rather morbid fascination with death.

Antique artwork is certainly no stranger to the macabre.

And Vanitas artwork is specifically made to depict “the futility of pleasure” and “certainty of death”… according to the Internet.

I assume it’s true.

There sure are a lot of skulls in these, anyway.

They’re based on real-life paintings that are several hundred years old, and all come in nice golden frames.

Your gothic or generally morbid Sims will love these, I’m sure!

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