Best Sprayer Mods For Farming Simulator 19 (All Free)

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Fertilizing is an important part of any Farming Simulator game. It increases crop output by enough that the cost of the equipment required is trivial.

That becomes even truer with a few easy to install mods!

Be it a rear sprayer for a 3-point hitch, or a fully-fledged fertilizer machine, these FS19 sprayer mods will get the job done.


10. Lizard D20

Lizard D20 Mod for Farming Simulator 19

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The Lizard D20 is a great place to start with the fertilizer mods, because it’s most useful in the beginning of the game.

And this mod gives you the option to spray your fields by hand.

This Lizard D20 is backpack sprayer like you would use in your garden, with a bit wider of a spray area. It is small, and the capacity isn’t very high.

But you get what you pay for here. And this is a cheap, easy to use sprayer that makes a great addition to the game.


9. Lizard Sleza

Lizard Sleza Farming Simulator 19 Mod

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Now this little sprayer trailer may not look like much.

But it will do all the work of the narrow wheeled machines.

It has a working width of 14 meters, which is plenty wide for most of the fields in the game.

So you can get your crops sprayed faster with the tractors you already have (or with some custom tractors) all with this older-style spray rig.


8. Amazone ZGB 6001

Amazone ZGB 6001 FS19 Mod

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This is a solid fertilizer trailer worth trying.

These sprayers are generally much more efficient, especially if you aren’t making your own fertilizer anyway.

The Amazone ZGB also has a higher capacity than the solid sprayers in the base game. They come in the traditional Amazone green color, with an optional cover in Amazone yellow.


7. Rauch ZSA580

Rauch ZSA580 Farming Simulator 19 Mod

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This solid fertilizer spreader is a wonderful addition to the game for a simpler tool.

It’s a three point hitch style spreader, which means it hooks to the back of any tractor. The advantage to this spreader over the trailer type is the turn radius.

All the time it takes to jockey the trailer around can lose you time in the field, which means more time in the seat.

And this isn’t the only three point hitch style available. But everyone loves a few new options.

Sometimes bigger isn’t always better, and these types of sprayers generally have a working width as wide as the bigger harvester-style spray rigs too.


6. Lizard Maximus 20000 TH

Lizard Maximus 20000 TH FS19 Mod

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Now this monster of a trailer spreader is for the bigger farms.

You can judge from the size of this thing that it’s much bigger than anything currently in vanilla.

This Lizard Maximus has a capacity of 20000 liters (hence the name) and a working width of 32 meters.

Less stops to refill and less time turning around means faster production, and will leave you with more time for other money making ventures. The extra wide tires just make it look even cooler.


5. John Deere 4730

John Deere 4730 FS19 Mod screenshot

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The John Deere 4730 may not seem like anything special, and honestly it isn’t.

It’s just your average run of the mill sprayer. So why add it to my game, you ask?

Because it’s John Deere, of course!

The devs may have added John Deere tractors into FS19, but they didn’t seem to be interested in much else.

Well now you can add this machine to your game to help complete your green farm collection.


4. Distribuidor Lizard Nevoeiro 10010

Distribuidor Lizard Nevoeiro 10010 FS19 Mod

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This unique sprayer is actually not so much of a sprayer as it is a spreader.

And unlike the other sprayers in the game, this fertilizer attachment drags along the ground and spreads lime or other solid fertilizers as it goes.

This may sound like a strange concept, but it has actually been around for decades.

Admittedly it is a bit inefficient compared to newer model sprayers, but that doesn’t make it any less neat to watch work.


3. Stara Hercules 6

Stara Hercules 6 Farming Simulator 19 Mod

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Our friendly Stara Hercules 6 is a harvester style sprayer.

This whole line of equipment is actually new to Farming Simulator as a series, so of course we need to have mods to make up for that lack in development.

The spray rig in this mod has a working width of 36 meters! Making it an extra wide machine.

Lucky for us the sprayer boom folds up for easy transport.

There are other options out there, including the New Holland machine that comes with the game.

But this sprayer stands out with four wheel steering, combined with the super narrow and super tall tires, which makes for a great sprayer and fertilizer.


2. Pack Special Sprayer

Pack Special Sprayer FS19 Mod screenshot

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Now this mod pack is more of an visual improvement over the sprayers included in the game. Still really nice to have.

It includes a sprayer for the main brands of tractors in vanilla FS19.

That means with this pack, no matter what your choice brand of tractors, there’s a sprayer just for you and your special tractor.

Brands included are New Holland, John Deere, and Amazone. This mod pack also includes tanks for the front. These tanks give you bonus capacity and have matching logos for your tractor as well.


1. John Deere 4730 Versao Sul Americana

John Deere 4730 Versao Sul Americana Mod for Farming Simulator 19

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This final mod in our list is truly an American classic.

Around since the late 90’s, this John Deere sprayer is a work of engineering art.

It was actually made for spraying in flooded American fields.

Being a swamp walker, this tractor has extra wide drive train with narrow tires. The extra width is to help spread the weight of the machine out, which helps it keep from sinking. Not that you’ll have that problem in Farming Simulator!

The narrow tires help it sink into the mud and get traction deeper in the ground where it’s much more firm and dry. They’re also narrow enough to get in between those rows of crops.

But the best thing about this machine? The detachable spray booms.

Which means you can attach any version of the sprayer you want. You can spread lime, manure, pesticides, liquid fertilizer, and solid fertilizers. No other sprayer boasts this feature, so this particular John Deere model is truly a classic for a reason.

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