Best Red-Colored Hoodie Minecraft Skins (Boys + Girls)

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When someone looks for hoodies, they don’t mean to look flashy – they want something low-key.

Hoodies give us a low-profile style without it being too obvious that we’re just too lazy to dress up.

Although that doesn’t mean you can’t gain some attention while wearing one. All you have to do is find hoodies in the ultimate power color: red!


1. Red Hoodie Boy

Red Hoodie Boy Minecraft Skin

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Do you know that one cute jock in every teen show?

That’s the vibe I’m getting from this skin.

He’s exactly the type of guy a hopeless romantic protagonist would fall for after realizing he’s not a snobby athlete after all.

Get your boy next door by grabbing this laidback look from creator Beanie.


2. Cool Teen w/ Red Hoodie & Jacket

Cool Teen w/ Red Hoodie & Jacket Skin For Minecraft

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The moment I saw this skin, I knew that Creepers had it coming for them.

The nasty little mobs make my blood boil for spawning at the wrong place at the wrong time.

If there’s a skin that could reflect that raging feeling, it’s this whole look right here, created by SuperSmashBrawlr.


3. Red Penguin Boy Hoodie

Red Penguin Boy Hoodie Minecraft Skin

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I know that red penguins don’t exist.

But seeing this skin makes me hope that they do.

If you’ve ever wanted a penguin-inspired hoodie, then maybe send a “thanks” over to creator CupCakesAreYum.


4. Red & Black Hoodie (Boy)

Red & Black Hoodie (Boy) Skin For Minecraft

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Even with all its flowers and lush landscapes, the world of Minecraft is far from peaceful.

For example, Hunters exist specifically to kill players. And they will stop at nothing until either one are dead.

It’s not a nice situation to be in.

But at least with this skin on, you’ll look far from a helpless victim.

Snag this to dress up in a long red-and-black hoodie armed with a wicked pickaxe.


5. Red/Orange/Yellow Hoodie (Boy)

Red/Orange/Yellow Hoodie (Boy) Minecraft Skin

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I wouldn’t really call Minecraft skin creators “trendsetters”, but itz_susu sure knows how to design a cool hoodie.

The top here mixes red, orange, and yellow shades, simulating the colors of a sunset.

It’s paired with jeans with black-and-white checkered patterns at the sides.

If you’re looking for a stylish addition to your skin collection, this one’s a must-have.


6. Nintendo Switch Hoodie (Boy)

Nintendo Switch Hoodie (Boy) Skin For Minecraft

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Looking like a walking Joy-Con controller is the least of my worries, when any skin looks as good as this.

Creator Shxep’s custom Switch-styled hoodie design incorporates the iconic blue and red colors of the best-selling console.

And the palette continues up to the character’s horns, eyes, and down to their shoes.

Last but not the least, the Nintendo Switch logo takes up the space at the back in case it wasn’t obvious enough.


7. Christmas Hoodie (Boy)

Christmas Hoodie (Boy) Minecraft Skin

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If hoodies are comfy, then Christmas hoodies are downright heavenly.

People try to drag it down because of its tacky designs, but Christmas hoodies weren’t made for style:

It was built to withstand hot choco spills, awkward family gatherings, and the coldest winter nights.

Prep for the most wonderful time of the year with this skin by HxZe, which comes with a red hoodie accented by white and gold stripes – plus a Christmas light crown!


8. Deadpool Hoodie

Deadpool Hoodie Skin For Minecraft

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Spider-Man may be killing it at the box office.

But Deadpool will always be our favorite anti-hero.

Now you can don the iconic red-and-black mask & colors of Deadpool from head-to-toe with this fantastic design, made by J4CK599.


9. Devil Girl Red Hoodie

Devil Girl Red Hoodie Minecraft Skin

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It wouldn’t be that surprising to spot a devil in Minecraft, considering zombies, witches, and the Enderman exists.

But how about a devil girl?

Sounds cool right? But throw a hoodie on her and you’ve got one fiery look.


10. Casual Cutie in Pink Hearts (Girl)

Casual Cutie in Pink Hearts (Girl) Skin For Minecraft

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Spreading the love in Minecraft is as easy as wearing this cute pink-colored girl skin from SorryFromAoi.

This design features a two-toned color scheme, mixing pink and red hues that undoubtedly represent love.

And to top it off, we get huge hearts all along the front and back, creating an overly sweet ensemble for your loved-up character.


11. Miss Strawberry (Girl)

Miss Strawberry (Girl) Minecraft Skin

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I don’t crave strawberries (heck, I haven’t even tried one).

But I wouldn’t mind taking a bite out of this hoodie.

Miss Strawberry is a skin dressed in a bright red hoodie, sprinkled with white pixels that act as seeds.

The same design is applied to the hood as well – producing a cute outfit for your next harvest run.


12. Red Panda Hoodie (Girl)

Red Panda Hoodie (Girl) Skin For Minecraft

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It’s official:

Anything “panda” is too damn cute.

Case in point, this custom hoodie skin from SaraTheChef just proves that there are still good things in the world.

Both in real life and in Minecraft.

This skin takes on the unique colors and traits of the adorable red panda, which includes their reddish-brown coat and small ears.

If you’re a sucker for adorable design then don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind skin.


13. Cookie Girl Red Hoodie & Socks

Cookie Girl Red Hoodie & Socks Minecraft Skin

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Being a ‘90s kid, I grew up hating and loving overalls at the same time.

I hated it because peeing became the most difficult task ever, loved it because it’s forever trendy AF.

Today, though, I’m loving it – thanks to this skin by Cookiedoughnut2.

It’s one incredible design that matches these cookie overalls with a red hoodie, socks, and pink ears.


14. Watermelon Hoodie Girl

Watermelon Hoodie Girl Skin For Minecraft

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Minecraft skin creators sure do love their fruits, huh?

Because here’s another hoodie inspired by one – a watermelon, in case you skipped the name.

Now you can look deliciously chill with this red-and-green hoodie, smacked with black pixels/seeds and paired with classic ripped jeans.


15. Crown Girl in Red Hoodie

Crown Girl in Red Hoodie Minecraft Skin

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Gone are the days when queens were identified with gowns, capes, and scepters.

Now, all it takes is unwavering confidence and a rocking outfit.

Grab this trendy ‘fit composed of a red crop top hoodie, faded high-waist jeans, and a golden crown for good measure.

Or if you want some other ideas for princess-styled skins, take a look at our other list here.

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