Sims 4 Cheerleader CC & Mods: The Ultimate List

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It’s that time of year again. Gatherings with friends, more snacks then you can imagine, and everyone shouting around the television.

Football season!

Whether you’re big into sports or not, there’s something for everyone whether you’re here for the players, the halftime shows, the mascots, or the cheerleaders.

And let’s get one thing straight here: cheerleading is definitely a sport. Sure, they get all dressed up and cute beforehand. But doesn’t that make it all the more intense? It’s truly an art.

And whether you’re designing a high school cheerleader or a college girl (or guy!), or even a pro cheerleader, this CC is sure to help your fantasy become a (virtual) reality in The Sims 4.


13. School Spirit

School Spirit Sims 4 CC screenshot

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Nothing says school spirit like a cheerleader’s outfit.

If your Sim is going to represent their team right, they’re going to need the right outfit to play the part. This look is classic, functional, and fun.

Fit for any game with the white turtleneck worn underneath, and the crop top with your Sim’s school logo loud & proud.

Try pairing this look with some facepaint of your Sim’s school colors, and even a pair of comfortable sports sneakers. They’ll have everything they need to soar in the sky and get the audience in the mood for a great game!


12. Berry Sweet Cheerleading Uniforms

Berry Sweet Cheerleading Uniforms for Sims 4

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This Berry Sweet Cheerleading collection has everything you need to make sure all of your Sims have the right outfits for their cheerleading needs.

It can be hard to find the right style for your male cheerleaders, but this CC is a nice option for some sweats that are sure to show off school pride.

Also, if you’re tired of the normal crop top and skirt combo that we’ve come to know for our female cheerleaders, this collection comes with a cheerleading dress too.

And that’s sure to shake things up a bit with a fresh new look. Not to mention, these uniforms come in a variety of bright colors and team names like “Gnomes” and “Llama Corns” (very on-brand for The Sims, might I add).


11. Welcome to Riverdale

Welcome to Riverdale Sims 4 CC

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Who could resist having something for your Sim to wear from your favorite show?

This CC set is perfect for anyone who’s been a long-time fan of Riverdale. It’s complete with three outfits to choose from, which includes a super comfy cheerleading outfit.

I’d say it’s not only perfect for your cheerleader Sim, but can come in handy for trying to replicate your favorite scenes!

Not a big fan of Riverdale?

Lucky for you, the outfits are subtle and versatile. You can let your imagination run wild and have nothing to do with the show at all.


10. Spring Knit Vests and Pleats Skirt

Spring Knit Vests and Pleats Skirt Sims 4 CC

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We’re pretty familiar with what cheerleaders wear in action.

But what about when they’re going about their daily lives? Cheerleaders are known for their style and attitude, and you need to make sure that you have just the look that matches their energy.

These preppy outfits are pretty much everything we could have hoped for.

On days off have your Sim dressed in these classic pleated skirts, collared shirts, and vest combinations.

There are 20 different swatches in this collection too. And to tie the look together they come with a hair barrette for an extra accessory.

All you need is a nice pair of shoes and somewhere for your Sim to go. The rest has been taken care of.


9. School Spirit Face Paint

School Spirit Face Paint for Sims 4

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One of the best parts about going to a football game has to be painting your face for the occasion.

Who doesn’t love an excuse to do something unconventional with their makeup?

These face paints can be used for any and all Sims, your cheerleaders: your Sims who just hang their friends, your die-hard football fans, and everyone inbetween.


8. Show Your School Spirit

Show Your School Spirit Sims 4 CC

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Another fantastic option for a cheerleading uniform for your Sims.

This has got everything that we know and love about the way cheerleaders dress on the field, with detailed pictures of their school mascot displayed proudly across their chest.

There’s no way that the audience would get them mixed up for the other team.


7. Cheer Outfits Uni Emblem

Cheer Outfits Uni Emblem Sims 4 CC

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Of course, we have to follow up the last option with the cheer outfit that inspired it all.

You’ll notice some subtle differences between the two: the logos are different so you have a lot of options to choose how you want your Sim’s school to be represented.

It also comes as a tank top for the shirt, instead of an option for the layered look that we’ve seen a lot on this list.

A great option for when your Sim is practicing in the summer heat. They’ll be sure to stay on top of their game no matter what.


6. Bring It On

Bring It On Sims 4 CC screenshot

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When it comes to cheerleaders, it’s hard not to think about the iconic movie Bring It On. A lot of us grew up watching that movie, or even enjoy reruns of it to this day.

For any big fans of the film, this CC set is a must-have.

Now you and your Sim can recreate the look of the Clovers in your game, have your own competitions, and always take home the gold.


5. Pompom Recolor

Pompom Recolor Sims 4 CC

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Who could forget our favorite cheerleading accessory? Because I definitely couldn’t!

You’ve gotta make sure there’s no detail left behind. And this pompom recolor definitely does the job for us.

Make sure your Sim’s pompoms match the color of their school, or their cheering squad. Whatever you’re going for, this CC will fit the role.


4. Cute Cheerleader Costume

Cute Cheerleader Costume Sims 4 CC

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Maybe you’ve always loved the idea of cheerleaders, but you’ve never wanted to be one yourself.

Alternatively, maybe you’re looking for a good costume idea for your Sim to wear to this season’s Halloween party.

Either way, this costume CC has got you covered.

This adorable glittery costume is made complete with the butterfly detail on the front, and the heart cut out on the back, and even comes with its own pom poms. So your Sim has a complete outfit to wear, no accessories missing or out of place.

The costume comes in either pink or blue, glitter trim on the top, and is sure to win your Sim first place in a costume contest.


3. College Cheerleader Look Book

College Cheerleader Look Book Sims 4 CC

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I should hope your Sim doesn’t live in their cheerleading uniform. They need options for when they’re going to the gym, toughing out the winter, or even heading to bed.

The Simpanions has collected an entire look book of different outfits for you to give to your cheering Sim, for any and all occasions.

Better yet, these are geared more towards our older cheerleading Sims. For any of us who know cheerleading isn’t just for kids in high school.

The variety featured here is sure to have something you’ll love, adding to your ever-growing wardrobe of CC.

And you’ll never have to spend hours trying to figure out what the perfect outfit would be.


2. Cheerleader Poses

Cheerleader Poses Sims 4 CC screenshot

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Your Sim’s gonna have to do more than dress like a cheerleader to be one.

Help them practice their poses, work on a routine, and work with their team with this set of cheerleader poses!

This pack offered by Simamara features 9 individual poses and 3 group poses, and even has different types of pyramids for your Sims to form. All depending on how many people make up your team at the moment.

Pretty neat!

When you’re using these poses in-game, make sure to remember that in order for them to work, you’re going to need Andrew’s Pose Player and Teleport Any Sim enabled.

Once you’ve got those downloaded, you’re ready to play!


1. After School Activities

After School Activities Sims 4 CC

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The After School Activities mod is the ultimate add-on when it comes to making sure your Sims get the best school experience they could have.

There are 36 programs to choose from, including some of my personal favorites like Science Club, Anime Club, Public Enemy Club, and of course Cheerleading!

Your teenage Sims will be able to build up their skills, develop important friendships, and build up an impressive resume for when they apply to scholarships. All while having a ton of fun being a part of a club.

This is where a true cheerleader gets their game on.

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