Sims 4 Homeless CC: Clothes, Mods & More

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Some play The Sims for the glitz and glam. Others live and breathe for family play. And then there are those who like to do things a little… differently.

For a game where one of the major selling points is to build and customize your own house, there’s a lot of mods and custom content out there geared towards homelessness.

And I’ve got to admit: many of them are quite impressive.

Much like real life, Sims face struggles when they don’t have the luxury of modern amenities. Can’t just hop in the shower. Having a meal isn’t as easy as grabbing something from the fridge. And the day might not end with your Sim snuggled up in a bed.

These hardships are something a lot of Simmers explore, and you can do it all to your heart’s content with this TS4 mod & CC collection.


15. Beg for Money Mod

Beg for Money Mod Sims 4 CC

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First things first: if you’ve got a homeless Sim, you’ll probably still need a few Simoleons here and there.

This mod from mome89x will get you on the right track, giving you the option to rely on the generosity of other Sims to build funds.

This is a game changer to me. Anytime you’re just starting out on any sort of Rags to Riches type thing, it’s kind of the same.

You’re gonna wind up growing and selling vegetables, searching for collectibles throughout the world, or fishing just to get by.

Well, not anymore.

Begging for money is sure to add a touch of realism (however unfortunate) to your Sim’s story.


14. Cardboard Box Shelter

Cardboard Box Shelter TS4 CC

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There are many ways for your homeless Sims to get some shut-eye.

But I think this cardboard box shelter from ohmysims404 is the most fitting.

It almost looks too good, especially for a Sims 3 to Sims 4 mesh conversion.

And it matches the game’s style with Simlish writing. Upon first glance, I actually thought this was a recolored item from a pack.

Like most things on this list, the box can go right into your Sim’s inventory, making it simple for you to go wherever the wind blows if you’re tired of hanging out on one lot all of the time.


13. Dirt Overlay

Dirt Overlay for Sims 4

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A little dirt never hurt anybody, right?

Sometimes cleanliness just isn’t a priority, or a possibility, and you want your Sims to show that.

The game will eventually muck up your Sim anyway if you don’t keep up with their hygiene, but creator Nixel has made it so you can have that look instantly.


12. Portable (and Functional) Bucket

Portable (and Functional) Bucket Sims 4 CC

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Remember earlier when I mentioned being really impressed by some of these creations?

Yeah, this is one of them.

A portable and functional bucket? Like…what?! How!?

While Serinion seems to have made this with archaeologists and campers in mind, it actually just made playing homeless Sims a hundred times easier.

With this bucket you can brush your teeth, wash up, and even do dishes.

Boom, half the barriers of unconventional gameplay just disappeared.


11. Toddler and Pet Wash Tub

Toddler and Pet Wash Tub for Sims 4

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If your homeless Sim has little ones with them, be it in the form of small humans or furry critters, they can now keep them clean without the tub.

I remember actually being disappointed you couldn’t do this with the wash tub that came with Laundry Day Stuff. I don’t know if people actually bathe their toddlers in wash tubs anymore, but it sure is cute.

Thankfully, dogs aren’t left out here either!

Probably shouldn’t use the same water for both, though.

Or at least bathe the toddler first. That’s just the right thing to do.


10. Camping Set

Camping Set Sims 4 CC screenshot

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To add a little more realism to your homeless Sim’s setup, you’ve got to have this camping set from soloriya.

While these items aren’t functional, they’re still unlike anything you can find within the game.

The cooking pot especially looks nice, in my opinion.


9. Female Homeless Clothes

Female Homeless Clothes Sims 4 CC

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I know I’m not the only one who has found themselves thinking the in-game clothes sometimes look too nice.

If your Sim is out there roughing it, it doesn’t make much sense for her clothes to be spotless. This dress and sweater from MaiaMadness will get her looking reasonably grungy, with sprawling stains and patches of dirt.

There are also torn jeans with soiled knees and ‘well worn’ boots to complete the look.


8. Dirty Hoodie

Dirty Hoodie for Sims 4

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Keeping fashion in mind, this dirty hoodie from Matou is… well, dirty.

Somewhat green as a matter of fact. There’s no getting the stains out of that.

I think it’s telling that this was created just two months after the game came out. Y’all really like your runaway challenges and rags to riches stories.

It’ll go nicely with the clothes listed earlier, for when your Sim gets into the colder seasons.


7. Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag Sims 4 CC

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This is something that The Sims 4 has been sorely lacking, if you ask me. Oh, you didn’t ask? Hmm… suddenly I can’t read.

Pikypikachu offers another sleeping option, one as old as time (well, not really)…

The trusty ‘ol sleeping bag.

This is a step up from the Cardboard Box Shelter CC, and looks a lot nicer, beckoning memories of slumber parties and camping from previous games.

It’s functional for both children and adults. Get everyone a sleeping bag!


6. Survival Clutter

Survival Clutter Sims 4 CC

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You want to survive? You’ve got to have clutter.

Is it odd this made me a little nostalgic? It’s just…the jug, cans of food, and flashlight. Anyone who grew up in an area with severe weather will get it.

While your Sim may not have to worry about that kind of thing, almost every item in this set will fit nicely. I personally just like any sort of box or crate in my game, and you’ll get both from brazenlotus, along with several other props that just make sense.

The only thing that might be slightly out of place is the gas mask. But hey, use your imagination!

The rest is too good to pass up.


5. Functional Cardboard Boxes

Functional Cardboard Boxes TS4 CC

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So simple, yet so many possibilities.

Need to find a balance between clutter and organization, or free up some of your Sim’s inventory?

These functional cardboard boxes from CC maker Arch will give your settled Sims somewhere to store their belongings.

Use as many as you want to furnish your homeless Sim’s living space. Heck, maybe you can even build a box fort. That would be pretty cool!


4. Talented Kids Mod

Talented Kids Mod Sims 4 CC

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Child Sims not being able to prepare their own food is an annoyance at the best of times. The gall of the little freeloaders, acting like they can’t use the stove!

We all get burnt once or twice, it’s not that big of a deal!

What’s with that, anyway? It’s cool if child Sims get set on fire doing laundry, but they can’t cook? Ugh.

Anyway…the point is, for those homeless Sims, independence is an absolute must. Even the kiddos are gonna have to pull their weight.

This awesome mod from zulf12 will enable them to do just that: from cooking to gardening to repairing.

Ah, finally. It’s almost like they’re sentient.


3. Wild Grass Toilet

Wild Grass Toilet Sims 4 CC

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When you gotta go, you gotta go.

And that may not always be easy for your homeless Sim.

I actually can’t tell you how pleased I am to have found this. A Wild Grass Toilet is just the holy grail of need-based CC.

It seems like every time my Sim ventures out, their bladder need plummets, and there’s never a toilet anywhere nearby.

I’m probably just gonna place these all over Willow Creek, for simplicity’s sake.


2. Garbage Fund Sofa

Garbage Fund Sofa for Sims 4

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Just because a sofa is stained, patched with duct tape, and has stuffing falling out, does that really mean it’s ready for the trash?

No. No it does not.

This Garbage Fund Sofa CC is still a perfectly fine piece of furniture for your Sims, especially those who don’t have the money for those fancy leather couches.

Who wants a leather couch, anyway? Your legs will stick to it. That won’t be a problem here!


1. Homeless Pet Set

Homeless Pet Set Sims 4 CC

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No matter your Sim’s circumstances, I’m sure they’ll want the best for their furry friends.

Much like Sims themselves, cats and dogs still have needs you’ll want to accommodate.

And that may be difficult if they don’t live in a house.

Well not anymore.

Once again, the custom content community has come through by pushing TS4 even further.

This CC set comes with a variety of cardboard box shelters for pets, along with a cardboard litter box, bed, and tin can food bowls.

It’s kind of sad looking, but I’m guessing that’s a plus if you’re reading this article.

In any case, your homeless Sims and pets will be taken care of. And that’s what is important here.

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