The Sims 4: Best Library & Home Study CC + Clutter Packs

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All Sims deserve some time to settle in, read a book, or just get some work done.

Whether that’s for their job, a college paper, or just some coding practice; everyone needs a space to get focused.

So for this list we’ll be looking at the best CC for in-home studies and libraries. And there’s a lot to go around.

So sit back, sip your coffee, and let’s unlock the bookworm in you!


15. Rover Desk Chair

Basic desk chair CC for Sims 4

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The chair you sit on for hours is a good indicator of how much work you can get done.

You want something comfy, but still good for your posture (er, your Sim’s posture).

This rover desk chair is spot on in that regard, and it offers 2 great color options including a glittery silver grey.

The best part of desk chairs is, of course, the rolling wheels.

That’s always fun no matter your age.


14. Small Spaces Bookshelf

Small Space Bookshelf CC for The Sims 4

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Struggling to find tons of room for your bookshelf?

This bookshelf CC by kardofe gives you the ability to tuck away a lot of books into some tight spaces.

Shaped like a backwards letter “U”, this bookshelf seems sizeable, but actually fits great in rooms lacking space.

The CC in 4 awesome swatches, and can be used as a room divider – or even design it so that your Sim has to pass under it like a bridge. Great creative!


13. dAnconia Desk

Futuristic Desk CC for Sims 4

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A study isn’t a study if you don’t have somewhere to work.

I think we can agree a desk is essential for any home library. And this dAnconia desk by NynaeveDesign is a quirky object to include in your next build.

It’s designed with steel metallic rods with a steamed black tabletop finish, and it’s just a great working desk all-around.

This also features a unique blue glass color option, giving you some choices to match with your overall theme.


12. Bromley Study Materials

Study materials clutter pack CC for Sims 4

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Creator Onyxium gives us some great clutter that you can stick into any study room.

Large books, a paper basket, and an alarm clock are just some of the items you’ll find here.

And pretty much everything in this pack can make for the perfect at-home study clutter items.

And with multiple color options and so many items, you can make this a go-to set for filling up those empty nooks & crannies.


11. Cats Bookshelf

Simple kids cat-themed bookshelf CC - Sims 4

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Kids have homework too y’know.

So it’s only fair that they have a study area as well.

And this bookshelf features an animated cat plastered into it. Cute, adorable, and an easy way to get your child Sims get into reading.

And for even more potential uses, this could be great for a school library, or even a local library in your Sim’s town.

Among its 3 color options is a gorgeous forest teal which I would’ve loved to have in my childhood days.


10. Amelia Shelving

Amelia custom shelving units CC - Sims 4

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Here’s another make shift bookshelf coming from creator kardofe.

This one plays the role for good shelving too, not just for books, but even for other items.

It’s a good artsy design piece with multiple arms giving off a little bit of shelf space. What’s not to love?

This is truly unique and modern, fitting for any Sims looking to make their study stand out from the bunch.


9. Vega Office

Vega Office CC set for The Sims 4

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Now here we’ll take a look at our very first full study CC set, coming from severinka.

This set is straight to the point and simple, featuring the main colorways of wooden brown and clean white across all the furniture.

Quite fitting for an independent female who’s always on the go. This CC definitely screams out “Miss Independent” vibes.


8. Corner Workspace

Corner work desk CC - Sims 4

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Here’s another study set similar to our last one, but this gives us some entrepreneurial energy.

Vinyl sets, motivating quote posters, and the double laptop setup make this place a hustle and bustle station for the next great business person.

There’s lots of good surrounding clutter and unique color combinations too.

All of this makes one heck of a study area CC set by creator MXIMS.


7. Ocean Kids Desk

Ocean-themed kids desk CC - Sims 4

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Do it for the kids!

Here’s an awesome kid’s desk coming in a blue swatch for the boys, and a pink swatch for the girls.

You’ll find tons of little stickers, some poke’ balls, and loads of books. Basically a great starter desk for any kid.

My favorite part of this piece is the nicely detailed stickers, especially the little fish guys on the side.


6. Eco Futuristic Desk

Custom futuristic desk with modern design - Sims 4

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If Tesla and Microsoft built desks, this would be their desk baby.

But for real, soloriya absolutely kills it with this piece, and meets the standard of futuristic with this design.

You’ll notice there’s a cool roof with lighting over the main desk, along with clean cuts and a sharp finish.

This piece is great for any tech savvy studies, and may help be responsible in finding the next Bill Gates.

The CC comes in 4 incredible swatches, with a tinted yellow finish being my personal standout.


5. Zara Study

Zara Study Area CC for Sims 4

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Here’s a cute, tight-knit study set that’d be great for condos or smaller apartments.

Life in the big city might get busy. But this study area can help you keep things in order.

This has everything you need, with a small desk and some lighting, along with some art pieces too.

Sometimes the best things come in smaller packages.


4. Athena Study Set

Athena CC Study Set for Sims 4

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Let’s pretend our entrepreneur Sim has a new business and it’s starting to boom.

Well this study set would be the upgrade your Sim would need.

Bold and simple, it’s got everything you need to focus and make those Simoleans. Not to mention some cool art like the mood board, and a gorgeous easel, all of which make this area artsy and assertive.

I also love the chess board matching the theme, making it a room that might also be good for an excelling college student.


3. “It’s a K-Pop Thing” Study Room

Kpop study room CC for The Sims 4

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BTS fans, please rise.

While this does include a bed, I believe this room as a whole embodies what a study is.

Cool lighting, unique art, and a good area to get work done. All of this can help your new study “pop” to stand out.

Not to mention all the K-Pop memorabilia, making it a great place to bump some tunes while grinding away at your Sim’s to-do list.


2. Altara Study

Altara Modern Study Decor CC for The Sims 4

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Now this CC would be perfect for a top-notch study area, and it looks like something out of a movie.

The black and steel just look stupendous, masterfully organized, and could blend into almost any room design.

Definitely a great CC set for a larger home, but it could still work well in medium spaces too.

I’d argue this CC would fit nicely in an area for a CEO or boss. Probably for one of those studies that requires a key to get in.

Real boss life.


1. The Bookshelf

Bookshelf Lot building design for The Sims 4

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So this final item may not work as a home study, but it still acts as a library addon.

And it’s a brilliant piece of CC which is why it lands so far up on this list.

Not only is it a library lot, but the entire exterior is designed to look like a bookshelf. Damn.

The word “creative” is an understatement, as this just looks spectacular no matter which town you decide to place it in.

The inside acts as a regular library with a small café. Maybe a nice spot to put on a local college campus.

All I’ve got to say is, inception has nothing on this.

Just imagine reading a book inside a bookshelf.

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