Best Minecraft Skins with Beards & Mustaches (All Free)

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The 2010s and 2020s have had a lot of interesting fashion trends, like vintage aesthetics that have come back into vogue (the rise of the hipster comes to mind).

To be honest, trends come and go so quickly that it’s hard to pin down what has and hasn’t been a trend – but one of my favorite revivals of this era has to be facial hair.

From burly beards to curled mustaches, facial hair has been an objectively good thing for modern fashion – and that is a hill that I’m willing to die on.

And if you don’t believe me, or if you’re a facial hair hater, let me show you the wonders of facial hair through the medium of Minecraft.


1. Diggy, Diggy (Dwarf with Beard)

Diggy, Diggy (Dwarf with Beard) Minecraft Skin

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If you’ve been around the Minecraft block for as long as I have, then this skin should be recognizable to you.

Way back in the day when Minecraft was first blowing up, with its fame came a slew of YouTube channels that blew up alongside the game. Those were the days of the Let’s Play channels and Parody music videos.

The Yogscast were one of those groups that capitalized on early Minecraft. Simon from the Yogscast popularized this skin by creator kyn, originally released way back in 2010, and immortalized it through the song “Diggy, Diggy Hole.”

While this is almost certainly not the first skin that featured a beard, it was the first bearded skin I saw, and for this reason, it shall forever hold a special place in my heart.


2. Treehugger Jim

Treehugger Jim Skin For Minecraft

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Who is Treehugger Jim, you ask?

Well, that’s really more of something for you to find out. The skin is a goofy, kind of scary hippie fellow who I presume is Jim, a man who likes to hug trees.

But really, this is a hilarious skin through which you can show off your belligerent and undying love for beards.


3. Steampunk Guy with Mustache

Steampunk Guy with Mustache Minecraft Skin

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Here’s another one of the aesthetics that bubbled into popularity in the last decade.

The Steampunk genre has had me smitten since the moment I first saw it.

How could anyone see someone in an old timey outfit like this with a glorious mustache like that, and feel anything other than the utmost love?


4. Old Man Mustache

Old Man Mustache Skin For Minecraft

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I hope that when I get up in years, I can have a fraction of the charisma that this skin does.

This old man is killing it in his summery, Hawaiian outfit.

The open shirt, the sunglasses, and the sandals combine to create a dream aesthetic for a retiree.

All that swagger and all that age wouldn’t mean anything with that sizable mustache though. The mustache always brings it together.


5. Epic Beard

Epic Beard Minecraft Skin

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The biggest, burliest dudes tend to have the biggest, burliest beards, don’t they?

For the internet historians or younger millennials out there, you might remember Epic Meal Time from the earlier days of YouTube. I can’t say for certain that’s who creator DoggChamp made this skin to emulate, but…

It definitely looks like Epic Meal Time, doesn’t it?


6. Farmstache

Farmstache Skin For Minecraft

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I am prepared to give creator Tamsu all the credit in the world for this skin.

I’ve been having a bit of trouble pointing out exactly what it is about this skin that works so well, but from the hat down to the shoes, everything about this skin is perfect.

This unique farmer and his attire are so down to earth, much like the color palette and style of this design. The mustache on top of how precisely made the skin is – that’s an immediate download from me.

I’m not even exaggerating; this might be my favorite skin that I’ll use on the regular.


7. Notch

Notch Minecraft Skin

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From creating the game to being a skin for players in it, Notch has certainly taken an interesting turn in life.

I wonder what Notch has been up to since he sold the game to Microsoft for 2.5 billion dollars cash? I’d like to think that he made this skin and plays on servers as himself.

That’s probably not true, but also let me believe what I want to.


8. Jesus with Beard

Jesus with Beard Skin For Minecraft

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If the sight of this skin doesn’t tickle you, then you need to upgrade your sense of humor.

The prospect of playing Jesus in Minecraft is hilarious, and wearing a Jesus skin as well-bearded as this one makes me laugh aloud.


9. Monocle Monopoly Man

Monocle Monopoly Man Minecraft Skin

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While the Monopoly man doesn’t actually have a monocle, we all agree that he certainly ought to have one.

The 1920s monopoly, money-making, business tycoon character has to have a few key design characteristics.

There needs to be a top hat. There needs to be a monocle.

And there needs to be a mustache.

I don’t make the rules. These are simply the facts of the universe we live in.


10. Dwarven Beard Guy

Dwarven Beard Guy Skin For Minecraft

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While the first skin on this list was vaguely dwarven in design, this skin by creator Boscawinks hits all the Dwarven notes perfectly.

Sometimes, you don’t want to wear a skin that’s evocative of a dwarf. Sometimes, you want a skin that’s so Tolkien, so Dwarven, just looking at it has you speaking in a Scottish accent and looking to fight some orcs (or creepers).


11. Steave (Small Mustache)

Steave (Small Mustache) Minecraft Skin

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Steave has to be up there among the strangest skins I’ve seen.

I feel like everywhere I turn, I see this peculiar, middle-aged/deadbeat version of Steve, and I cannot tell if I love him or hate him.

All I know is that Steave’s mustache really puts the cherry on top of this particular, weird aesthetic.


12. Braum (League of Legends)

Braum (League of Legends) Skin For Minecraft

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For the League of Legends players out there, only one champion should come to mind when the word “mustache” is mentioned.

Braum’s jovial nature and cute companions add lots of flavor to the character. But that mustache is the stuff of legends.


13. Bob Belcher

Bob Belcher Minecraft Skin

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It shouldn’t be surprising that creator Kefka’s Bob Belcher (from Bob’s Burgers) skin is frighteningly good.

They’ve been creating uber high quality skins for years, yet I still get blown away.

Seriously, the way the skin’s smooth shading and cartoony dimensions work together with the mustache… It’s freaky. I love it.


14. Poseidon with Beard (Detailed)

Poseidon with Beard (Detailed) Skin For Minecraft

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It feels relatively rare to see a Poseidon or Neptune skin done in the golden hues of a sunset, and I have to admit, it pays off.

The sunset armor and stormy sky beard on creator Benevolence’s Poseidon get three thumbs up from me.


15. Mustachioed Nutcracker

Mustachioed Nutcracker Minecraft Skin

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While I’m sure we’ve all been seeing these funny looking nutcrackers around Christmas time for most of our lives, it only just connected with me that these guys have kind of impressive mustaches.

Sure, I don’t exactly know what the ballet-inspired design of these things actually is.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate some quality facial hair when I see it.


16. City Watch

City Watch Skin For Minecraft

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Honestly, I’ve been looking for some quality RPG-inspired guardsmen skins, and creator Rakqoi has exactly what I want.

I love the way the chainmail, medieval colors, and goatee create the fantastical guard aesthetic, and I can’t think of one I’ve seen better executed than this.


17. Colonel Sanders (KFC)

Colonel Sanders (KFC) Minecraft Skin

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Is there any American citizen with more famous facial hair than the Colonel himself?

Don’t answer that. There almost certainly is, but this fast food icon has been gracing advertising for as long as me or my parents can remember.

It’s high time for him to grace my Minecraft world as well.


18. Super Mario

Super Mario Skin For Minecraft

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Speaking of pop culture icons, I really can’t think of any character more iconic than Mario.

I mean, he’s so famous he goes by one name, like Beyonce or Zendaya. Plus, that mustache can be seen from miles away; and it’s instantly recognizable to boot.

Bonus: we also have a collection of Super Mario-themed MC skins so take a peek if you want even more ideas.


19. Super Santa

Super Santa Minecraft Skin

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Super Santa is an incredible concept for an action figure skin: a superhero character that’s blown up during the Christmas toy season, except it’s Santa Claus himself.

I almost can’t believe it took me this long to put Santa on a skin list of beards.

This beard has to be one of the most definitive character traits of any character ever.


20. Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln Skin For Minecraft

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As far as historically important beards go, I’ve got to give the award to President Abraham Lincoln. I don’t care what anyone says, this guy was a pretty good president.

In the same vein, this skin by creator halucid is – to put it lightly – pretty darn good.

That’s no surprise coming from a veteran creator like halucid, but even so, this skin holds up over 10 years after it was initially published.

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