Best Swimsuit & Swimwear Skins for Minecraft (Boys + Girls)

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Let’s be honest:

Even summertime haters like me sometimes start to get excited once it gets warm out again.

Once the spring rolls around and starts dipping closer to the summer, I know most of us are excited to get on our favorite swimsuit and enjoy some sunshine.

So whether you’re struggling through the winter months, or about to head to the pool, it never hurts to bring some of this excitement into Minecraft.


1. Duck Floaty

Duck Floaty Minecraft Skin

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I’m fully aware that the floating yellow rubber ducky is an overused cliché.

Does that mean a tastefully used duck floaty looks bad?

Not in the least. Creator oDamm’s peach-colored swimsuit skin hits one of the best swimwear designs I’ve seen in a long time.

The inflatable duck around the skin’s waist is just a cherry on top of an already amazing skin. As most inflatable duck floaties are.


2. Snorkel Boy

Snorkel Boy Skin For Minecraft

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If you’re looking for skins with a summery vibe to them, be forewarned.

You’re likely going to run into at least one or two of these fish footed ones.

I do not know where the fish foot came from, but I am constantly frustrated by it, mostly because it looks great all the time. Somehow the snorkel and fish foot make this skin a must have swimsuit for me, and I just have to accept that these are my tastes now.


3. Classic Trunks (Guy)

Classic Trunks (Guy) Minecraft Skin

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For those less fish foot-oriented, perhaps you’re looking for more of a classic swim trunk look.

Creator Jackie1st has made what I consider to be the quintessential swim short skin.

There’s enough detail to flesh out the skin, but it’s so basic and sleek that this might as well be the originator for all the other swimsuits in this list.


4. Flower Crown Girl

Flower Crown Girl Skin For Minecraft

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Part of the reason why I’m excited to explore the swimwear skins available throughout Minecraft is seeing all the different aesthetics that creators have, well, created.

PlanetMinecraft’s Mikuh pulls off this angelic look for their “Sweetheart” skin equipped with a full-white swimsuit and flower crown.

The kawaii glowing white aesthetic is a perfect example of the cute e-girl aesthetics that have been popular for the past few years, and honestly, I vibe with it.


5. Grandpa in Bathing Suit

Grandpa in Bathing Suit Minecraft Skin

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Swimsuits don’t need to be limited to young people with their summer bods.

All bodies are summer bods if you’re feeling confident and believe in yourself. Creator E5ME gets it and made this fantastic Grandpa swimsuit skin.

Old man in board shorts may quickly be one of my favorite up and coming aesthetics, and I’d recommend you get on the trend before you’re 70 and regret it.


6. Summer Penguin

Summer Penguin Skin For Minecraft

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Just because they live in freezing conditions in Antarctica doesn’t mean that penguins can’t enjoy the summertime.

Besides, summer in North America is winter for them, so it makes sense, sort of.

Even if you’re a stickler for details, are you really going to argue that this cute bird shouldn’t be allowed to enjoy those polka dot swim trunks or that duck floaty? I didn’t think so.


7. Muscle Man

Muscle Man Minecraft Skin

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I had never thought about it, but I suppose bodybuilders do tend to wear Speedos, a particularly small set of swimwear.

I’m not even sure if you can call a Speedo a “set,” but I have no other word for it… so we’ll settle for “set” here.

The point is, muscle bros and bodybuilders are always beach-ready and there ain’t nothing wrong with that.


8. Teal Hair Boy in Swimwear

Teal Hair Boy in Swimwear Skin For Minecraft

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Skin creator MinegraftBoss has:

  1. A hilarious name, and
  2. A great Minecraft skin for the summer

I love the way that the hair has added texture to make it 3 dimensional all around, and the way MinegraftBoss extended the swim trunks over the skin’s torso and legs.

It’s the little details that add up to make skins remarkable, and this skin should be on anyone’s swimwear list.


9. Girl in Bikini (With Moving Eyes)

Girl in Bikini (With Moving Eyes) Minecraft Skin

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Dubbed “Tropical Ocean,” this skin by creator Purrfectionist is a treasure of a swimsuit skin from how pixel art the design is to the skin’s trademark moving eyes.

OK, auto-moving eyes on a Minecraft skin aren’t actually trademarked.

But Purrfectionist points them out.

And once you notice them, there really is no going back. It’s equal parts unsettling and summer fun – and I’ll be real, that’s the vibe that I’m trying to shoot for once warm weather hits.


10. Steve Geared Up to Swim

Steve Geared Up to Swim Skin For Minecraft

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Once my eyes had fallen upon this skin, there was no doubt in my mind it would make the list.

I love Steve in all his forms. Put Steve in some purple polka dotted swim trunks and floaties? I’m ready to break the bank for this skin.

It’s a good thing it’s free.


11. Summer Break (Girl)

Summer Break (Girl) Minecraft Skin

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I’ve seen this skin by creator Michiru before, and every time I spot it, my socks are blown clean off.

I’m a sucker for the pixel artstyle, and this skin screams cute, summer fun, like it’s straight out of a cut scene from a Stardew Valley holiday.


12. Summer Shindig (Boy)

Summer Shindig (Boy) Skin For Minecraft

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If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend getting your friends together on your Realm or your favorite server and having a summer bash.

I’m talking golden watermelon, warm ocean biome, fireworks in hand, and this swimsuit skin by Yonathan7 on. I mean, you could pick any of these swimsuit skins, but this one feels like it’s destined to be at a summer shindig.


13. Orange Fish Foot

Orange Fish Foot Minecraft Skin

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The fish foot strikes again!

As much as it irks me to say it, the fish matching with the snorkel and shorts on this skin totally makes it a complete fit. Maybe I should invest in a fish for my own foot.


14. Roses (Girl in Bikini)

Roses (Girl in Bikini) Skin For Minecraft

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This skin has had plenty of fun swimsuits, but we need some more egirl representation in the summer Minecraft party.

I adore creator plasticheart’s bikini skin.

The design feels timeless and sleek.

The addition of the roses brings just enough edge and pop to draw the eye in and the mouse to the download button.


15. Blue Girl in Bikini

Blue Girl in Bikini Minecraft Skin

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Just as there’s a time and place for a normal person-looking swimsuit skin, so is there a time and place for a blue skin.

I think the main reason I like this skin as much as I do is because of just how absurdly blue this skin is.

Between the two-tone hair and the glow-in-the-dark skin tone, I’m infatuated with this one.


16. Red Swimwear (Girl)

Red Swimwear (Girl) Skin For Minecraft

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Creator MochillaTriste’s red two-piece swimsuit skin pops off without even having to try.

The skin hardly has any extra texturing to make it more 3-dimensional, but the highlights on the hair work so well that the skin feels like it’s almost too cool for me.


17. Girl in a One Piece

Girl in a One Piece Minecraft Skin

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One piece swimsuits are for sure underrated.

And creator SweetLiv makes the best argument for that statement that I’ve seen in a long, long time.

I challenge anyone to look at the design on this black one piece with cute floral highlights and tell me that it doesn’t look like a swimsuit that would stop you in your tracks.

You couldn’t. There’s no way.


18. Girl in Shark-themed Swimsuit

Girl in Shark-themed Swimsuit Skin For Minecraft

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Today I learned galeophobia is the fear of sharks.

I can’t say I have it though, especially if the sharks in question are on creator Fawne’s skin here.

The design of this skin is so creative and so stunningly pulled off that I don’t even know where to begin when talking about it. The color palette, the shark foot, everything about this is summer to the max.


19. Corrin (Fire Emblem Fates)

Corrin (Fire Emblem Fates) Minecraft Skin

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The Fire Emblem fanbase runs deep.

And skin creator PaladarZNG_XX2 is here to represent with this Corrin bikini alt design.

While most people I know are Three Houses stans, the old heads haven’t forgotten how great a protagonist Corrin was. Nor will we forget how you’ll rock this next summer as Corrin.


20. Boy with Duck Floaties

Bathing Suit Boy with Duck Floaties / Minecraft Skin

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This list began with a skin in floaties, and by golly, it’s going to end with floaties.

This skin is adorable, and that’s that.

From the sunscreen on the nose to the arm floaties to the wristband, this design has a dozen details that make it float to the top of my heart.

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