Sims 4 Bedroom Clutter CC: The Ultimate Collection

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Out of every room in the home, a bedroom is the most likely to become the catch-all place.

It’s out of sight to visitors. And generally, whatever clutter you wind up with in there won’t affect your daily life.

It’ll be practical, in fact.

Most bedrooms aren’t just places dedicated to sleep. They tend to have two, three, or even more uses.

Vanity, office, reading nook, entertainment center – depending on someone’s lifestyle or living situation, their bedroom could be all of that and more.

However, that doesn’t mean the clutter has to haphazardly tossed around.

It can still be organized and pleasing to the eye.

If there’s anything Simmers love, it’s clutter. So don’t fear if your Sim’s bedroom has been feeling a little empty lately.

This list has all the clutter you’ll need to make that new bedroom a realistic & multi-functional space.


1. Clutter Calipso

Clutter Calipso Set for The Sims 4

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This is a lovely modern set featuring lots of pastels and little items to brighten your Sim’s bedroom.

The potted plants are like two-fold additions, since the plants themselves will add a nice natural touch, while the pots are pretty and decorative.

You’ll have plenty of things here to fill those moderate to large clutter-less areas, too.

There are a variety of boxes and suitcases, of all different sizes, to place in a number of ways.

And you’ll never have to worry about empty surfaces again, either.

There are enough books, framed photos, and little knick-knacks here to keep the room looking interesting for a long time.


2. Tuomo Bookcase Clutter

Tuomo Bookcase Clutter / Sims 4 CC

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For most people (unless they have a dedicated study) the bedroom becomes a “library”.

It’s the next best place to both store and read books.

Ending the day by curling up in bed with a new book is just about one of the healthiest & most relaxing things you can do.

But in today’s world, the minimalism route is becoming more and more popular.

Not everybody is keen on large clunky bookshelves that take up floor and wallspace. So a small stack of books will suffice.

They also serve as nice, simple décor, which is the best way to describe this bit of clutter from RightHearted.

You’ll have a few variations of book stacks with a bowl on top to choose from, which will be perfect for night stands.


3. Fashion Clutter

Fashion Clutter Set for The Sims 4

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No matter who you are or the size of your house, storing clothing will become an issue eventually.

It can be very difficult to do so in a way that doesn’t take up too much closet or dresser space, yet is still practical.

After all, your wardrobe is something that will be accessed every day, if not multiple times.

Ugh. Getting dressed is such an imposition.

Keeping minimalism in mind, many folks have ditched big dressers in lieu of simple racks.

Sure, it’ll require some downsizing. But the end result is a more organized bedroom space.

These clothes racks come pre-cluttered with plenty of hoodies, jackets, and tees, plus some space on the bottom for more clutter.

And with so many color options here, you should have no problem seamlessly integrating this into your Sim’s bedroom.


4. Agnes Bedroom Set

Agnes Bedroom Set / TS4 CC

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Now here’s a set that fully appreciates what a versatile & busy space our bedrooms tend to be.

There’s something here for every surface, to give it that “lived-in” look.

First up, there’s plenty of stuff to place on the bed.

And let’s be honest, that tends to be ground zero when you’ve got something you need to dump temporarily.

Here you can place stacks of sheets or clothes, as well as some custom disheveled duvets and pillows.

Then there are some more things we’ve already seen, but you can never have enough of: clothes and books.

The books are stacked tall and neat. And you can use the shelves and bars (also included) to create a corner closet space with the hanging clothes.

You’ll get plenty of décor items here as well, like a rug, sculpture, paintings, and a pair of heels.


5. BRIE Bedroom Decor Set

BRIE Bedroom Decor Set / Sims 4 CC

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A bedroom is a deeply personal space, whether you spend most of your day there or only use it for sleep.

Who you are and what you like are probably evident at first glance.

Now you can add some of those same personalized touches for your Sims.

This clutter set has it all:

From decorative glasses and books, to an opened magazine, pencil cups, and framed photos.

There’s even a lovely plant, with a glass vase of gorgeous flowers.

Thanks to this stuff your Sim’s bedroom will really look more “them” than ever before.


6. Glory Shoes & Box Décor

Glory Shoes & Box Décor for The Sims 4

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If a closet isn’t large enough to support its owner’s wardrobe, then the whole bedroom can become like an extended closet.

These heels and boxes will just make sense for your fashionista Sims.

You can clutter to your heart’s content here, thanks to the five swatches. Each one is very different, too, so they’ll represent all of your Sim’s fine tastes.

Personally, I’ve always wanted more things like this for bedrooms.

Those shoe racks we get in the basegame are okay… but really, who puts their shoes away every time they take them off?

Most actual adults? Oh. Alright.

Well, some people just aren’t that organized.

Besides, some shoes are best kept in their original boxes for protection.


7. Monik Bedroom Clutter

Monik Bedroom Clutter Set / Sims 4 CC

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Talented creator pqSims4, the same person who brought us two of the previous clutter sets, has even more great stuff to fill your Sim’s bedroom here.

This time, the set has a heavily feminine touch.

The framed photos are really something special, featuring some old-school style sketches of women in dresses.

When it comes to making surfaces look less bare, no worries, this set has got you covered as well.

You’ll have a variety of cute little deco boxes to choose from, plus designer shopping bags and some pillows.


8. Bedroom Yodern Decor Set

Bedroom Yodern Decor Set for The Sims 4

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You may have noticed a lot of clutter is geared towards shelves or tables, but the whole room will need clutter too.

Well this set has got something for every area of your Sim’s bedroom.

For the walls, you’ll have several great decorative items to choose from, including colorful words.

The bicycle is pretty cute, too!

And no bedroom is complete without headphones on the floor… right? So maybe that was just me at the height of my slobby teen years.

But this set seems themed for younger people, so at least it’s accurate.

There’s also a decorative diary, a nice new plant, plenty of wall art, and of course some more throw pillows.

If I’ve learned anything from checking out these clutter sets, it’s that I’m lacking pillows, both in my game and in real life. They’re the perfect decoration!


9. Rustic Romance Decor Set

Rustic Romance Decor Set / TS4 CC

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This clutter is of a more organized & aesthetically pleasing variety.

The way I see it, there’s stuff on this list for two different realities:

Stuff for messy Sims, and stuff for tidy Sims.

Neither one is wrong. And they aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive.

You can have piles of junk lying around just as well as succulents.

The bedroom is a complex place.

And the items included here are honestly unique and beautiful.

From vases to sculptures, you can fully furnish your Sim’s bedroom in a way that’s true to them. The creator made these with a rustic vibe in mind, and they sure achieved that.

There are a lot of floral designs and animals, and the combination of those (on top of the soothing palette) makes this set amazing.


10. Bernardette Bedroom

Bernardette Stuffed Animals Clutter / Sims 4 CC

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No matter how old you are, stuffed animals are great friends.

With them in your bedroom you’ll never go to sleep alone.

And you’ll never have to argue with them… hopefully.

In this pack you’ll get six adorable plushies, perfect for placing along a dresser, shelf, or even on the bed itself.

Their cute faces will make you want to send your Sim to bed as often as you can to revisit them.

Plus the texture is really amazing, you just know they would be great to hug.

There’s a decorative quilt as well, which will add a great extra layer to a bed. Now that I think about it, I definitely would not survive in The Sims universe with just one blanket on the bed.

I have two, even through summer!

In conclusion, this might be the most comforting set ever.

But if you’re looking for even more custom stuffed animals then we’ve got plenty of options for your Sims to pick from.

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