Best Car & Driving Pose Packs For The Sims 4 (All Free)

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The Sims 4 may not have functional cars.

But you know what it does have?

An active, creative, and crazy-talented CC community.

Yup! So long as custom content creators continue to put out decorative car objects for TS4, car-centric poses are a possibility.

Our Sims may not be able to drive around the streets of San Myshuno or Willow Creek – but they sure as heck can pose like they are.


1. Male Poses For Cars by maylilysims

Male Poses For Cars / TS4 CC

Check Out This Pose Pack

Got any cold, successful, untouchable CEO types who drive a Bentley or BMW?

This pose pack’s got their name written all over it.

It works even better if your Sim CEO likes to brood.

I’m not saying this set caters to a specific K-drama stereotype but, hey. If the shoe fits.

All joking aside, I think this pack is great. There are 9 solo poses for a Male Sim (not sure if they can be unisex, as I stuck to a male model when I tested them) and they all move just a bit.

Eyes open and then closed, looking up and then left and then right, fingers flexed and then clenched … you get the picture.

Slight variations that give you two or three different photos with one pose.

Honestly, the attention to detail is pretty impressive!


2. Car Poses by simsgami

Car Poses Set by simsgami / Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

There doesn’t seem to be a specific story or plotline for this pack.

It’s just a few simple and straightforward poses that look pretty good in-game.

There also doesn’t seem to be a specific emotion for this pack.

If you check the preview photos, the first two poses have the Sim model looking quite happy, if not positively content. The bottom two poses spin a very different narrative, if the slumped-over posture and the pensive looks are anything to go by.

That being said, this is a solid pose set to have on-hand for when you need filler poses or muted emotional scenes.

I think the quality’s great, the emotions are raw, and the set itself is easy to sort through.

Each pose has its own clear thumbnail. Plus it’s just 4 poses.

It won’t take much to cycle through them.


3. Pose Pack #111: “Let’s Go!” by Simsulani

Pose Pack #111: “Let’s Go!” / Sims 4 CC

Check Out This Pose Pack

Long road trips are always better spent with a group of friends.

No matter how rough the roads or how far the destination, you’ll focus only on the sweetness of the journey (and not the sweatiness of your brow).

And if you want to channel this sort of new-age-inspired wanderlust with your Sims, Simsulani’s Let’s Go! pose set is the perfect pack to use.

It’s got 7 poses in total: 3 couple poses (a driver and a passenger, both in high spirits) and 4 group poses—two for a group of four friends, and two for a family.

Honestly, the lighthearted spirit that the creator was going for definitely shines in all seven poses.

Just look at those bright expressions!


4. Broken Down Car Pose Pack by Lorie’s Sims 4 Poses

Broken-Down Car Pose Pack / TS4

Check Out This Pose Pack

If I know storytelling Simmers (and I do) there’s going to be a use for this pack.

I can feel it. A car breaking down is one of the best plot devices for building budding relationships, or for keeping characters away from other story arcs happening off-screen.

If you’re constantly building, expanding, and recording your Sims 4 universe, I guarantee you’ll have a use for this pack.

Plus, the quality of the pack in general is great.

Really clean lines, expressions, and limb placement.

The in-game pose list is pretty clear-cut too. There are 6 couple poses total: two with the driver and passenger in the car, driving as normal, and four with them outside the car.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to switch out the regular car for its broken-down version by pose set 3, otherwise the scenes of the driver fiddling with the car engine won’t make much sense.

I also had some trouble sourcing the exact car from the links in the creator’s description, so I’ll drop them here.

This is the original non-broken down car that the creator uses, and this is the version when it goes kaput.


5. Car Show Models Poses Set by FlowerChamber

Car Show Models Poses Set / Sims 4 CC

Check Out This Pose Pack

You know what?

If your Sim wants to pose all haughty and cool-like next to their $2M Simoleon car, then they should. That’s the vibe I’m getting from this pack.

EA knows they deserve that car in their garage (especially since we don’t yet have – and probably never will have – functional cars in Sims 4).

But these poses basically feel like very rich Sims who know exactly where they stand and what they want.

If you need wealthy self-assured Sims for a story you’re spinning, this pack can give you that.

If you just want to take some cool photos of your Sims decked to the nines next to expensive custom cars, this pack can give you that, too.


6. Ride in the Car (Pose Pack) by Beto_ae0

Ride in the Car (Pose Pack) for The Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

Summer road trip — and the whole clan’s invited!

If you’ve got two families hitting the road with a child and a toddler in tow, Beto_ae0’s pack can give you two very wholesome group photos.

Basically, you’ve got four Adults/Young Adults, one child, and one toddler beaming at the camera as they squeeze into a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

It’s a scene straight out of a feel-good Hallmark movie, and I think it looks great.

It’s also the perfect pose pack for Simmers like me who prefer to play with full houses.

(Chill, relaxing, single-Sim gameplay? I don’t know her)

By the way, I have to stress that you should use the exact car the creator links in the description. Any other car – even one with open tops – may result in awkward clipping. Believe me I tried.


7. Tinwhistletoo’s Hollywood Car Chase by tinwhistletoo

Tinwhistletoo’s Hollywood Car Chase Poses for Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

As someone who loves a good car chase, regardless of the type of movie it’s in, this pack has to be my favorite. Hands-down.

I’m not going to go into how creative it is, because I think that’s a given (seriously, how many pose packs have you seen depicting a car-chase-shoot-out classic?)

I’m not even going to harp on about the quality too much.

I’ll just say that the expressions are completely accurate for an action scene setup involving cars and guns.

And the poses manage to portray the intensity of the scene perfectly – despite the fact that the models are completely still.

What really got me here was how fun the pack was to setup because of the surprisingly descriptive (and imaginative) labels.

The creator opted for a simple A1, A2 approach for each pose. But they put the Sim’s commentary as the description.

This honestly made for a pretty interesting read.

I won’t list down all of the lines here, but personal favorites include, “is that a gun?!”, “hold on!”, and “whoa, slow down!”

The pursuing car (a Porsche by lorysims) and the gun are separate downloads. But the creator was kind enough to bundle the getaway car with the pose .package file.

Anything else you might need is linked in the post description.


8. Car Conversations by The Simsation

Car Conversations Pose Pack for The Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

“When she’s not in the mood, she’s not in the mood.”

And that sums up this pose pack pretty succinctly.

It’s just two simple couple poses, but they’re loud enough to spin a clear narrative.

Car conversations? It ain’t happening.

For some reason or another, the driver has pissed the passenger off. The preview photos and the in-game pose list do specify one Female and one Male model for the poses, but roles are actually pretty unisex.

I tried it out with two Male Sims and got about the same results.

Overall this is a nice simple car pack for storytelling.


9. MLSC CH11 Car Poses by beverlyallit

MLSC CH11 Car Poses / Sims 4 CC

Check Out This Pose Pack

This pose pack has two narratives going on.

One part portrays a pretty serene car ride with a couple of quiet passengers (one of whom is asleep) and a driver who’s just focused on getting everyone home.

The other part portrays a driver speeding and a passenger who’s just not having it. It’s got 6 poses for two Sims – the driver and the passenger – and they’re an all-in-one animation-type pose.

Even though this is a fairly common theme with other Sims 4 driving pose packs, I like the creator’s take on it.

Aside from the driver’s blatant cocky attitude and the passenger’s obvious panic (all beautifully portrayed in their expressions, by the way), I like that the creator bundled it with quieter & calmer car scenes in the same pack – i.e. the first few poses with the sleeping passenger and the quiet driver.

It gives the player a good deal of variety in one pack, which I can always appreciate.


10. Car Spirit by Narokissims

Car Spirit Poses by Narokissims / TS4

Check Out This Pose Pack

What, exactly, is car spirit?

Can’t say I’m too sure either.

All I can tell from this pack is that it’s basically a Sim or two hanging out in a car, not giving a toss about anyone or anything else.

They’ve got a cold drink, a sweet ride, and the open road in front of them.

Honestly? They look cool.

On the practical side of things, I don’t know how safe their poses actually are.

I mean, arms out the window, feet up on the dashboard? That doesn’t seem like the most secure position to be in.

But in the grand scheme of things I’m sure they’ll be fine.

And if we Simmers get some sweet screenshots out of the deal, then hey. Who’s complaining?


11. Drive Far Poses Set by FlowerChamber

Drive Far Poses Set for The Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

Need a driving pack that screams “I’m a cool, capable chick” for your Sim? FlowerChamber’s Drive Far pose pack is textbook unflappable female aka the girl who’s got her life together.

She drives a sweet ride so you know she’s independent.

She touches up her makeup in the rearview mirror because she’s gotta look good 24/7.

And she totes around her coffee order and takes selfies for the ‘gram because she’s just that awesome—and she knows it.

On that note, don’t forget to download the phone and coffee/slush accessories to make those specific poses work.

The creator linked inabadromance’s iPhone accessory, but they didn’t link tok-sik’s Slush. Don’t worry though – you can find it here.


12. “I Can’t Do This Anymore” Pose Pack (Part 2) by sim-plyreality

“I Can’t Do This Anymore” Pose Pack (Part 2) Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

Yeah, oof. The title of the pack alone pretty much sums up what it’s about.

People are breaking up, and they’re doing it on the road.

(Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure in this scenario they’ve pulled over)

But yeah, back to the pack. It’s 4 couple poses and 6 solo poses – one for the passenger (the dumper) and five for the driver (the dumped).

The in-game pose list uses Male and Female for the labels. But honestly? I tried them with two Male rigs and two Female rigs. Both came out great.

So I’m gonna safely say these poses can be unisex.

Bonus points need to be awarded for the models’ facial expressions.

All the screenshots I snapped from this set were pretty darn heartbreaking, and I was not prepared.


13. Limo Rendezvous Pose Pack by Neutral Supply

Limo Rendezvous Pose Pack for The Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

Remember the untouchable CEO from maylilysims’s Male Poses for Car pack?

This is the Female equivalent.

But if that dude was cold and aloof, this queen’s burning hot and self-assured.

Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but really. Check out the preview photos.

The expressions and interactions between both models speak volumes. And those volumes translate into one heck of a spicy story, if you ask me.

But I digress.

The creator does admit that they’re pretty specific poses. They’re not the kind you can just whip out on a whim to use as general filler.

But I’m pretty confident that a handful of Simmers can find use for these in-car interactions.

P.S. the custom limo linked in the description seems to have been taken down, but I found that the poses work (to a degree) with mostly any car model with a spacious backseat. You just need to adjust the statues to make them line up.


14. Awkward Car Ride Poses by wa-royal-tea

Awkward Car Ride Poses by wa-royal-tea / TS4

Check Out This Pose Pack

This pack may only have a handful of poses (4 in total, if my math’s correct). But it’s one of the most relatable packs on this list.

It’s also one of the most usable, if I know Sim storytellers.

We’ve all had awkward car rides, right? With that guy or girl that we just don’t like? Or that friend of a friend of a friend that we don’t even remember the name of? Or that one suitor that just won’t take a hint?

At some point, we’ve ended up in a car with them.

And for some unknown reason, they insist on holding a conversation.

What do you do? You feign sleep.

Okay, so it may not be as common as I think it is. But I promise – this situation does happen in real life.

And I am beyond ecstatic that someone perfectly captured it in a couple of custom poses.


15. Pose Pack #3 (Car) by Crispy Cucumber

Pose Pack #3 (Car Poses) by Crispy Cucumber / Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

If you need simple, wholesome shots of an Adult/Young Adult Sim very much in love with their ride, this pose pack should tick all the boxes.

You’ve got a healthy blend of harmless photo-worthy poses, and some expected “stolen” shots of the Sim at the wheel.

But there’s one other pose that caught my eye. And honestly, it played a huge role in cementing this pack’s spot on this list.

That’s the “hugging car” pose (as it’s labeled in-game). And it is exactly what you expect it to be: one Sim draped lovingly over the hood of their car.

I feel like that concept alone should be enough to sell this set – especially if you’re after something real fancy like a Lambo.

But if you need visuals, feel free to scroll through the preview photos.

OK jokes aside, these are just some pretty basic shots of a Sim posing with a car.

And I think they’re general enough to be useful for a variety of narratives.

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