Sims 4 Fendi CC: Bags, Clothes & Attire

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If there’s one thing most Simmers know well, aside from all of the best cheats, it’s fashion.

The fun of making a Sim in CAS is a huge part of the game – and what makes it so fun.

You get to create a person from scratch, including their clothes. And thanks to custom content, their wardrobe has no limits.

A Sim isn’t actually restricted to what’s available in the base game or from packs. You as the player can find pretty much anything you want to give them the physical appearance that you feel is fitting.

So, why not go with luxury?

Designer clothes and accessories aren’t something everyone can afford to enjoy. But in this game, they’re free!

You can overload your Sim on Fendi goods if you’d like, or just stick to a statement piece like one of their amazing bags.

Either way, the CC makers know what they’re doing. Their creations are nearly inseparable from the real thing, as far as the appearance goes.

They’re so impressive, in fact, you may forget you’re looking at a pixel version! But it’s still your Sims hat get to have the most fun here with all the abundance of Fendi items at their simulated fingertips.


1. Ariana Grande Fendi Puffer Jacket

Ariana Grande Fendi Jacket for The Sims 4

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Puffer coats are already iconic.

They’re warm and very trendy while still being practical.

But this isn’t a design that’s meant strictly for appearances, as a lot of clothes are.

Functionality and practicality blended flawlessly together is what makes something stand the test of time, returning year after year as a beloved wardrobe staple.

So throwing the signature Fendi pattern on one has to be one of the most genius moves ever.

Ariana Grande herself proved that when she rocked an oversized version one fine winter.

That’s the very thing that has been recreated here, now just for your Sim’s usage. The creator definitely nailed the “puffy” part. It’s even thicker than the jackets that come with Seasons!

All of the real life glamor found with Ariana’s memorable coat is found here. The pattern is downright perfect, and the colors of orange and brown make for just as great of a look.

On your Sims, the coat will remain unzipped, so make sure you have a great top on hand for them to wear under it.


2. Fendi Shorts

Fendi Shorts / Sims 4 CC

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Shorts aren’t something that usually get a lot of focus in the high fashion circuit.

I don’t have the slightest idea why.

I mean, what’s more comfortable and casual than a nice pair of shorts?

Well, obviously the Fendi designers knew the answer to that is “nothing.” These also serve as a reminder that fashion doesn’t always have to be boundary-pushing or groundbreaking stuff either.

These are simple shorts for men with the Fendi pattern in a stylishly short length.

Yes, I say they’re short shorts!

Some guys may not like that declaration – but they’ve above the Sim’s knees, which can’t be said for many other options in the game.

They’re even hot-weather enabled, so when the heat is scorching, your Sim can still take on the day in some Fendi gear.


3. Fendi Mini Bag Accessory

Fendi Mini Bag Accessory / TS4 CC

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Like most big names, Fendi has a lot going on.

It’s just not good business to stick to only clothes or only bags, so they basically do it all. And amazingly enough, so do Simmers.

Purses are tragically absent from the game despite playing a big role in many women’s lives.

I mean, not only do they carry our most precious items, but they can serve as part of an outfit as well.

If you’ve ever felt like something is missing when you’re creating Sims in CAS, especially when it comes to their formal outfits, then this is it.

These amazing mini bags from BADDIESIMS come in eight fantastically swatches.

No two are alike, either.

She included the hottest styles available like solid white and brown leather, options including that trademark design, and even some with the label’s name spelled out in colorful, bedazzled letters.


4. Fendi Roma Handbag

Fendi Roma Handbag / Sims 4 CC

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We’ve already seen with the Fendi shorts that an item doesn’t have to get overly crazy in its design to make an impact.

As many bags as you’ll find from Fendi that are notably luxurious, there are plenty that are more understated.

This handbag is one of those understated items.

It’s as simple as it gets: a plain solid colored bag with the brand name on the front in equally modest letters.

See? No frills.

But it’s still as cool as can be.

And it’s based on real handbags that are essentially identical.

So when used in your game, your Sims will be channeling the energy of upper class, regal lifestyles.


5. Fendi Sweater

Custom Fendi Sweater for The Sims 4

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Man, I don’t think there’s anything better than a good sweater.

Whether it’s your own personal wardrobe or your Sims’, you can never have too many sweaters.

They’re multi-faceted and classically stylish in so many ways.

You have baggy sweaters, form-fitted ones, retro styles, trendy, modern, cropped… the possibilities are unlimited.

The only requirement for something to be a sweater is that it’s made out of a knit material, I believe.

Every inch of this sweater is deeply, awe-inspiringly stylish.

Many that can be found for Sims may be shapeless and bordering on frumpy, which isn’t always a bad thing by any means.

But here you have a perfect choice for an outfit that you’d like to be casual and classy in equal measure.

The collar, cuffs, and bottom hem have a ribbed texture too. And it’s just fitted enough that with the right pair of pants, it’ll appear to be tucked in.

With other bottoms or skirts, your Sim’s midriff will peak out a little.

And the swatches are equally striking, including the good ol’ Fendi brown as well as pink, gray, white, and black.


6. Fendi Fur Bags

Fendi Fur Handbags / Sims 4 CC

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Now here’s something that many consider to be Fendi’s trademark product:

Fur bags.

SimmerKate captured the essence beautifully here, with the bold colors and velvety fur texture.

As expected, the Fendi design is prominent throughout, and the gold clasp is a nice extra bit as well.

This is a great mid-sized bag – and it has a lovely black strap.

Most of the other items you’ll see on this list are for CAS.

But this is actually something that can be used in your Sim’s home.

You can bring the glamorousness of their outfit to their home, as I imagine most designer brand lovers enjoy doing.


7. Fendi Snow Day Set

Fendi Snow Day CC Set for The Sims 4

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Winter is not an easy time to stay fashionable.

This is a broad statement completely dependent on where you live, of course. Australians may not be all that affected by the “colder” months, but that’s not the case for those of us above the equator.

Winter is a constant battle between trying to not freeze to death, and trying to not look like we’ve been inflated.

Layers are responsible for that, by the way.

No one in their right mind goes bare under a coat – but it’s all the layers plus scarves that can create a rather unpleasant look.

However, this creator has got it all figured out.

What we have here is a head to toe Fendi set, crafted specifically for snow days.

Included is a lovely puffer coat, snow boots, ski goggles, and a bodysuit.

Altogether it makes for a fabulous and warm outfit.


8. Fendi Bikini

Fendi Bikini / Sims 4 CC

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Many people tend to get a bit crazy about whether or not they have a proper beach body.

Thankfully, with body positivity on an ever-rising scale, that’s thankfully not as much of a stressor for many as it used to be.

But you know what people don’t ask enough… do they have a proper bikini?

It doesn’t matter how great you look if your choice of swimwear doesn’t do it justice.

There are millions of choices out there for you to enjoy the sun and water, but any old thing won’t do.

Your Sims need something that’s modern and eye-catching, such as this Fendi bikini CC.

The world has come a long way since this game debuted in 2014, after all. And it’s high time their swimwear reflected that.

This is the bikini of the 2020s woman who wants to feel like a boss, as well as look like one.

It’s your typical two-piece design, but what really sets it apart is the Fendi pattern bordered by the bright edges of the bikini.


9. Fendi Mini Peekaboo Mink Bags

Fendi Mini Peekaboo Mink Purses for The Sims 4

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Mink products have been a sign of class for decades now.

And Fendi has been continuing that tradition.

Their mink bags are beloved for their unique style and top-tier quality.

This CC is another clutter option for your Sim’s home. Use this for closets, shelves, tables, whatever you please.

There’s no such thing as a bad place for a Fendi bag!

The appearance of these bags is as luxurious as you’d expect from the real thing, with a sleek surface and fantastic quality. Each of the four options offered here is vastly different, including three distinct mink swatches as well as a cream colored sheepskin one.


10. Fendi Dress

Fendi Logo Dress / Sims 4 CC

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Here’s something different for the final item on this list: a body-conforming Fendi dress.

This is yet another item that has been flawlessly recreated from the real thing. If you’re out of the loop with luxury fashion like I am, then it may surprise you that Fendi dresses even exist.

But this is nothing short of impressive.

It’s a long sleeved design that will reach your Sim’s knees.

And the fitted material will accentuate her curves in all of the best ways, too.

The three swatches available are awesome, and complement the dress really well overall. And why shouldn’t they?

This originally came from the masterminds at Fendi, and was brought to The Sims 4 by the genius of its players.

The results are unforgettable!

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