Sims 4 Springtime CC: Clothes, Décor & More (All Free)

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Ah, Spring. The beginning of sunshine with some rainy days.

The rise of the sun as the Easter Bunny comes to play.

Maybe some basketball and college trips end up on the calendar.

Let’s all thank spring for playing its seasonal part.

While many consider spring a transitional season, I’m here to share some awesome Sims 4 spring-related CC to show why spring can make its case as the best season of the year.

Let’s go!


15. Shapes of Spring Walls

Shapes of Spring Wallpaper CC

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Creator marcorse gives us this custom spring wallpaper to kick us off.

Floral patterned walls coming in 6 unique colors with 3 different wall heights. Very unique.

I’d say the royal blue pattern is especially catchy, making for great wallpaper as the season turns.


14. Happy Spring Day Dress

Happy Spring Day Dress CC for The Sims 4

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Spring is the season where dresses make an almighty return to the wardrobe.

This dress by Devirose is a callback to 3 dresses from the Sims 3, paying this homage as beautifully as possible.

It features 6 swatches with 6 variations, giving a lot of choice for how you want to be strutting around town.

It also includes a delicious silver necklace, a great accessory to be the cherry on top of this awesome outfit.


13. Up the Garden Path – Watering Can

Watering Can Springtime CC - TS4

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Garden season is upon us!

As spring arrives, we know all your Sim’s gardens open up as well. And this means all your beautiful plants must be fed.

Selmar8 gives us a watering can CC with some swag, letting your plants feel like a part of the family.

The watering can is tinted in light red with white glimmering sparkles patterned across it. So you can feed your plants all those yummy nutrients, and look good doing it.


12. Little Rose Dress

Little Rose Dress CC - TS4

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The little ones need their seasonal swag as well.

And this little rose dress comes packed with 4 different designs, the standout being the all-black dress with pink flowers.

Help your toddlers understand the changing of the seasons, and have them enjoy the sun with some swag!

Especially those over energetic ones, they’ll love this.


11. Duke Blue Devils Basketball Kit

Duke Blue Devils CC for The Sims 4

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March Madness is a yearly college basketball tournament which crown the national champions.

The tournament is known for buzzer beaters, creating stars, and most importantly…

It takes place in March!

Here we see creator RJG811 offering CC of the jerseys of one of the most popular teams: the Duke Blue Devils.

They’re popular for their legacy, and stunning bold blue jerseys, so these outfits are designed to match to a tee (even including the Nike logo).

Can’t talk about spring without mentioning March Madness, of course.


10. Three Birdhouses on a Stick

Birdhouses and Birdfeeder CC - TS4

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As the cold winter weather falls out, the birds begin to chirp again at the start of spring.

So these birdhouses are nice little décor pieces to display in your yard. Just to encourage the birds to come out and enjoy the weather.

Coming in a set of 3 and featuring 3 different color variants, this is a perfect place to feed all the little birdies flying back into the community.


9. Easter Greeting Cards

Easter Greeting Cards in Simlish - TS4 CC

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Easter is a major holiday in the spring season.

And you can use these greeting cards by bsmith to reach out to all your Sim family and friends on the holiday.

This clutter set also features a décor Easter egg, Easter tree, and a cross.

And here’s a fun little detail: all the cards are written in Simlish to add a touch of realism. Awesome!


8. Easter Dress for Toddlers

Easter Dress for Toddlers - TS4 CC

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As we continue on with this Easter trend, we know that majority of the fun of this holiday is for the kids.

Not many adults are doing Easter egg hunts (nothing against it though).

And these cute toddler outfits are perfect for the holiday.

You’ll get 3 unique designs with this CC. The one in all yellow draped with Easter eggs is my personal favorite.

Creator lillka really gave us a treat with this adorable outfit.


7. Springtime Floral Wall

Springtime Floral Wallpaper CC

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For this CC, creator megsimple provides us with this jam-packed floral wallpaper set.

Every design is uniquely crafted, very different from the others in this pack. So lots of options to choose which styles best suit your home.

The 6 designs feature a wood panel and wood trim.

I’d argue this is the best wallpaper set for anyone looking to “Spring Up” their Sims home.

Definitely will help brighten the vibes in your household.


6. Sweet Easter Décor

Sweet Easter Décor CC Pack

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The last of our easter items may also be the cutest thing I’ve seen from any CC.

Creator Jomsims give us this décor piece featuring a beady-eyed bunny placed inside a little basket.

The cuteness of the bunny alone just makes me want it as a pet (yes, it’s virtual).

Someone should tell Maxis we need bunnies for our next Pets expansion pack.


5. Custom Umbrellas

Custom Umbrellas CC for The Sims 4

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The sunshine returning is a staple of spring, and so is the rain pouring down.

Rain is just a part of the seasonal switch, and a cool looking umbrella is a must for these situations.

Well this CC set features 4 transparent umbrellas, each with their own unique design.

One features blue raindrops with a sky-blue finish, while another features rainbow polka dots. All of them look awesome.

An extremely well-crafted object, considering how simple it is.

Now your Sim can be turning heads as it pours.


4. Spring Dress

Custom Spring Dress CC - TS4

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Dissia gives us our next CC piece with this laid-back spring dress.

A good mix of fashionable and comfy, this dress is great for painting on your easel in the sun.

We’re given 10 different swatches varying between the 5 patterns on a white or black top.

This is definitely the artsy Sim’s go-to spring outfit.


3. Beach Volleyball Pose Pack

Beach Volleyball Pose Pack for The Sims 4

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Spring break is another essential part of this season.

College kids head out to the beaches to have fun for a week and get away from their regular college lives.

And Severinka_ gives us one of the most unique items on this list: some beach volleyball poses.

Whether you’re spiking, serving, or celebrating, this pack is geared for your Sims that love to play beach volleyball in the hot burning sand.

Maybe grab a piña colada, throw on your Sim’s favorite swimsuit, and get ready to make some epic spikes!


2. Spring Outfit

Spring Outfit CC Set for The Sims 4

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Most think you need to wait for the summer to look your best…

But who said you can’t look sizzling in the spring time?

Creator puresim gives us this outfit featuring a stylish crop top and legging shorts, to help your adorable Sim look like the baddest Sim around.

This outfit features 3 colors, but I think the jet black with silver embroidery is easily the best of the bunch.

And I’d argue this outfit will definitely “spring” your Sim to the top of the hottest Sims in your community.


1. Spring Fling Stuff Pack

Spring Fling Stuff Pack - TS4 CC

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Our spring-themed CC list gets topped off with this custom content stuff pack created by a variety of Sims 4 CC creators.

This Spring Fling pack features a plethora of outfits, glasses, and haircuts, among lots of other things.

It also includes some Easter content as well. And while a lot of the clothes do focus more on women, they do have some CC stuff for the men as well.

And the best part is that you only need the base game to use this pack.

So grab it now and revitalize your Sim’s springtime experience even more!

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