Sims 4 CC: Custom Knives & Knife Blocks (All Free)

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There’s a long-running adage of “a workman is only as good as their tools”.

And there are few industries more tied to a tool than a chef is tied to their knife set.

Chop chop!

Let’s kit out your Sims’ kitchen with this variety of custom knife sets from across the TS4 CC community.

There’s lots of stuff here for budding chefs, part-time bakers, or Sims comfortable in the culinary arts.

And these are fantastic décor items for your Sim’s kitchen or for any restaurant build.


1. Clutter Narissa Knife Block

Clutter Narissa Knife Block for The Sims 4

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This colorful knife set from BuffSumm comes with a set of 7 different color swatches, from plain professional black to pops of neon with brightly colored handles.

And it’s worth mentioning that this knife block comes as part of a larger kitchen design set, made for Simmers who like to coordinate their clutter.

But of course the standalone block is still available by itself – for all you players who like to mix and match.


2. Avis Knife Block

Avis Knife Block / TS4 CC

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For something a little more modern, check out this wooden textured knife block from NynaeveDesign.

With 4 different color options for both the knife block and the handles, you can match this to any kitchen build.

And each design comes with 4 separate knives, specifically a bread knife, butcher’s knife, and two standard kitchen knives.

With a realistic wooden and metallic texture on the handles, this CC is brilliant for players that want some highly detailed clutter décor on their countertops.


3. Kitchen Deco Knife Set

Kitchen Deco Knife Set / Sims 4 CC

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Sometimes simplicity works better than anything too frivolous. And what you see is what you get with this simplistic knife set design from creator kardofe.

Coming in 4 different color swatches from light to dark woods, this set could be the perfect accompaniment to any natural wood kitchen.

Each knife block comes with 5 different knives, the kinda stuff your Sims might want for everyday use. And its small 1×1 size means it will fit nicely on any kitchen countertop.


4. Dubnium Magnetic Knife Block

Dubnium Magnetic Knife Block CC for The Sims 4

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Why take up valuable countertop space when you could mount your knife set on the wall?

This magnetic knife block from wondymoon does just that, keeping your countertops clutter-free and neatly organized.

Coming as part of a separate set of kitchen decorations, you pick and choose whether to add just the magnetic knife block, or if you’d like to pair it with any of the other 9 included designs for the utmost decor coordination.

If you’d like to check out the full set you can see it right here.


5. Helium Knife Holder

Helium Knife Holder / TS4 CC

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Yet another design from wondymoon, and this countertop knife holder comes with a professional chrome-look metallic finish.

Perfect for any kitchen with an industrial design (or even a modern restaurant).

This CC comes with 3 different color swatches, which change both the block and knife handle colors.

Again, this block design comes as part of a larger set named Helium kitchen decorations, which includes kitchenware and utensils. So you can grab the whole set to match!


6. Retro ReBOOT Georgia Knife Holder

Retro ReBOOT Georgia Knife Holder / Sims 4 CC

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Here’s a minimalist knife holder CC that comes as part of ArtVitalex’s kitchen collection set.

The knife block holds 5 knives in total, and comes with 3 different color swatches to choose from – a humble beige, a forest green, and a deep-blue metallic silver color.

This compact design fits well alongside Buy Mode clutter in kitchens of all sizes. And it can be a great addition to any kitchen countertop (regardless of your design style!).


7. Heart Cutting Board With Knife

Heart Cutting Board With Knife for The Sims 4

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This adorable design from soloriya is one incredible deco piece for either a cottage kitchen counter, or maybe for a date night tabletop.

We love a cute cutting board in any kitchen – and it doesn’t get cuter than this lovely heart design.

As part of the Olivia cookware set, you can choose from 4 different color swatches here. And this cutting board+knife CC can be found under the Clutter section of the Buy Mode menu.


8. Tyler Chopping Board & Knife

Tyler Chopping Board & Knife Set / Sims 4 CC

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ArtVitalex is back again with another kitchen clutter set – this time, with this incredible knife and chopping board CC combo.

Coming in 3 different color swatches from light to dark wood, this makes for some brilliant knife décor inside your Sim’s kitchen, or even on the patio outside for al fresco dining.

Especially if you’ve got a whole barbecue area!

The CC’s engraved writing and highly detailed textures also add an extra element of realism that definitely stands out.


9. Kitchen Utensils Mila Knife Block

Kitchen Utensils Mila Knife Block / TS4 CC

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This wooden kitchen knife block from BuffSums looks fantastic with its minimalist finish and realistic wooden texture.

You’ll notice that this block stores 6 knives in total, and comes with 8 different color swatches, including white and black (of course) as well as wooden patterns to suit any kitchen design.

The Mila knife block also comes as part of the Mila Kitchen Utensils set. So you can also download all the other corresponding items to match.


10. RETRÄTT Knife Block

RETRÄTT Knife Block CC for The Sims 4

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Anyone looking for a cheap, easy, and realistic knife block for their Sim’s kitchen – look no further!

This original knife block mesh from Veranka comes as part of an IKEA-inspired set of kitchen décor.

And this CC nails the real-world IKEA look.

I’d say the natural wood & metal design here would look great on any kitchen counter, with a set of 3 black-handled knives that come with the CC – along with a wide variety of other color swatches to choose from.

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