Best Steve Skins for Minecraft: The Ultimate Collection

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Is there any video game more iconic than Minecraft? Well, probably.

There’s the Mario series and the Legend of Zelda and the Halo series and Mortal Kombat

But is there any video game character more iconic than Steve? Yeah, actually, Mario and most of the cast of those games, Master Chief, Pac Man, Sonic, Lara Croft…

Okay, but are there any video game characters with more in-game skins than Steve from Minecraft? Ha!

With the power of the Minecraft community at large, there’s nearly an infinite number of Steve skins out there – or at least too many to count on both hands.


1. Astronaut Steve

Astronaut Steve Skin For Minecraft

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We’re starting off the list with a strong entry by creator SquidgyL whose name I absolutely love.

Quite frankly, if this were an astronaut skin list (we actually have one), then this skin might be the first one there too.

This EVA suit looks incredible.

The way Steve’s face can barely been seen through the mostly opaque glass of the helmet is so phenomenal I feel like it deserves an award.


2. Subway Steve

Subway Steve Minecraft Skin

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When I found out I would be undertaking Steve skins I was ecstatic at the creative potential I’d find.

I did not think that Subway would make an appearance on this list.

Despite the fact that I do not understand the impetus for making this skin, Deltature’s Subway Steve is undeniably funny. The logos look flawless, and Steve’s blank expression grounds the fast food worker vibe into reality.


3. Prisoner Steve

Prisoner Steve Skin For Minecraft

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Steve hadn’t always been here.

But after all these years, this was the only place he still knew.

Prisoner Steve looks like he could have stepped right out of The Shawshank Redemption, and for this very reason, I must praise creator DISHWASHERguy1 and their efforts.

I can’t tell whether that was the intention behind this skin, but Steve’s aged appearance and yard-tanned skin adds so much to the skin’s backstory that I don’t know how much it matters.


4. Martial Arts Steve

Martial Arts Steve Minecraft Skin

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Martial Arts Steve is utterly adorable.

Sure, he’s probably mastered all of the martial skills known to man and transcended his mortal chains. He’s an unbridled fighting machine.

But look at that big goofy grin on that face.

There isn’t a more adorable face than that on this side of the Mississippi.


5. Steve Holding Cake

Steve Holding Cake Skin For Minecraft

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Oh, the creativity of the Minecraft community blows me away all the time.

Skinmaker Nighthearted made this skin for the 10th anniversary celebration of Minecraft back in 2019.

In doing so, they made a skin where the head part is a cake and Steve’s whole face is on the torso.

The inversed arms lifted up to hold the cake, the complete recreation of Steve’s head, the shortened legs, all of the details in this skin are miraculous works for a celebration of a skin in and of itself.


6. Pink Maid Steve

Pink Maid Steve Minecraft Skin

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Steve doesn’t always have to be wearing suits of armor or holding swords to slay some mighty beasts.

Sometimes, Steve wants to try something else out.

I’ll be honest, this pink maid cosplay on Steve got a full spit-take laugh from me when I first saw it. And it’s still getting a hearty chuckle out of me as I’m typing this now.

I don’t know how you could react any differently seeing the little blush on Steve’s cheeks.


7. Steave

Steave Skin For Minecraft

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Oh, Steave. We meet again.

Creator Larry_der_2 made this Steve alt skin to evoke deadbeats in the vein of Trevor from GTA V.

The result of that effort is a hilarious and somewhat terrifying Steve, complete with a receding hairline, dirty wife beater, and a big, greasy mustache.

Do I hate looking at Steave? Yes.

Do I have Steave downloaded and play as him regularly? Also, yes.


8. Spider Steve

Spider Steve Minecraft Skin

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Would any of us really be surprised if Steve were an in-universe superhero?

The guy eats carrots and roast chicken to heal his wounds. He’s capable of going years without sleep. He has an endless amount of stamina, so long as he’s not too hangry.

I’m not saying Steve is a superhero, but SpiderSteve has a nice ring to it. You could definitely make a catchy theme song to that. Maybe a multi-million dollar movie franchise too.

I’m just pitching ideas.


9. Tighty-Whities Steve

Tighty-Whities Steve Skin For Minecraft

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Creator FejriTeji’s bedroom-ready Steve has been a sizable success on namemc, and you can see why.

Steve in tighty-whities feels so wrong but somehow makes a little bit too much sense when pulled off here.

The plain simplicity of white briefs matches the essence of Steve’s original outfit. It’s just… weird to see Steve in underwear.


10. Cowboy Steve

Cowboy Steve Minecraft Skin

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I’m glad to have grown up in the era of video games with properties like Red Dead Redemption, because it would have been a sad existence to not have a wild west outlet.

The times of cowboys and outlaws may be well beyond us, but they haven’t stopped capturing the popular imagination since.

I doubt you’ll be able to find yourself a six-shooter in Minecraft. But you can certainly strap on this skin, put on your best gruff voice with a drawl, and tell your friends to meet you down before the saloon.


11. Steve Zombie

Steve Zombie Skin For Minecraft

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I know that the default zombie skin is based off of the Steve model anyway.

I mean, they share the same outfit.

But creator ktheorin1’s Steve Zombie takes that concept and turns it up to 11.

Steve Zombie has a level of gore and blood that the Minecraft base game doesn’t even have programmed in. The skin is metal and zombie to the core.


12. Noob Steve

Noob Steve Minecraft Skin

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Sure, creator PikachuBird9655 made this Steve skin.

But they didn’t have to go and call him a noob.

I mean, he does have really high-waisted pants and a goofy derp face on, but that doesn’t mean he’s a noob. That’s just hurtful.

Funny admittedly, but hurtful.


13. Arabian Nights Steve

Arabian Nights Steve Skin For Minecraft

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Whether you’re looking to start your next desert civilization in your hardcore world or just trying to ride horses with your friends through the dunes, this Arabian Nights Steve skin will do just the trick.

In all seriousness, I actually love the way this skin was done by TindallTRJ.

The keffiyeh head wrap looks great, and it is balanced perfectly by how Steve is still in his regular old Steve clothes.


14. Among Us Steve

Among Us Steve Minecraft Skin

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We are living in a post 2020 world.

That means that we’re also living in a post Among Us world.

It does not surprise me at all that Steve Among Us skins exist. I knew from the moment those stubby imposters made their way onto the internet scene, they’d take over.

Although I am surprised by how much I kind of love Among Us Steve. Creator Lolbit really nailed the Amogus vibes.


15. Christmas Spirit Steve

Christmas Spirit Steve Skin For Minecraft

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I’m one of those people that firmly believes that regardless of the time of year, all seasons could be the Christmas season.

I don’t see how anyone could dislike the holiday cheer that Christmas brings. For those who are about to argue, creator Luc_Nie02 agrees with me.

Their Christmas Steve skin is brimming with so much Christmas spirit, it’s about to boil over.


16. Doctor Steve

Doctor Steve Minecraft Skin

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With all the healing Steve does from countless injuries, it wouldn’t surprise me if Steve was a doctor.

That being said, this skin does surprise me considering how flawless it looks given the fact it was released way back in 2013.

It’s not impossible, but it certainly is rare to find skins that hold up to today’s standards from back in Minecraft’s infancy. I guess the years of training that went into becoming a doctor still hold up a decade later.


17. Socially Distant Steve

Socially Distant Steve Skin For Minecraft

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Just because the pandemic didn’t digitize itself and enter into the Minecraft world doesn’t mean that Steve can’t also take some extra precautions to flatten the curve.

With how much mining and crafting Steve does, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him wash his hands once before eating.

You can never be too safe when it comes to hygiene, Steve.


18. Steve Reloaded

Steve Reloaded Minecraft Skin

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Steve Reloaded feels like an episode from a 90s or 2000s cartoon when the characters would jump forward in time and be in a different art style.

This is another of creator Nighthearted’s 10th anniversary Minecraft skins, but this time they decided to give Steve a graphics update to usher him into the new decade.

The result is an equal parts impressive and freaky Steve. I love it.


19. Herobrine

Herobrine Skin For Minecraft

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When I was a little kid playing Minecraft back in its beta days, I remember being utterly terrified of Herobrine, a Minecraft ghost story about a white-eyed Steve who would sneak up on players and steal their lives.

I’m not saying Herobrine is real, nor am I saying you should be the one sneaking up on your friends.

I’m just saying, I’m leaving this spooky skin right here.


20. Totally, Definitely Steve

Totally, Definitely Steve Minecraft Skin

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Ah, yes. A perfectly normal Steve skin, much like all the rest of these Steve skins.

Nothing out of the ordinary here.

I love this strange all-white, mask skin trend. I don’t know why it became popular, but I’m enjoying riding the wave of poorly-executed masks on blank skins.


21. Sky Blue Steve

Sky Blue Steve Skin For Minecraft

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Sky Blue Steve, as I’ve called him, must be up there for the most swag I’ve seen on a Steve in my days.

The only way I can think to describe a sky blue, cloud outfit from head to toe would be “drip,” as I believe the youths call it.


22. Farmer Steve

Farmer Steve Minecraft Skin

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Considering my favorite thing to do in any Minecraft server is set up shop near a village or where my friends are building and plop down a farm, I feel like this skin is for me.

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as living a simple life, sowing seeds and reaping harvests.

Enjoying a fresh loaf of bread and sitting on the porch after a long day’s farming. That’s what Minecraft is all about.


23. Private Investigator Steve

Private Investigator Steve Skin For Minecraft

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Between the trench coat and the monocle on this skin, creator loobo’s Private Eye Steve has a mish mash of all the character trope items that sleuths are meant to have.

I think it’s equal parts cool and adorable that Steve here has this disheveled noir investigator look, but also has an old-timey monocle instead of a cartoon magnifying glass.


24. Steve Banana

Steve Banana Minecraft Skin

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It’s Steve in a banana suit.

What more could you want?

Give it a try once, and I can almost guarantee you won’t be able to bring yourself to delete it.


25. Pixel Art Steve

Pixel Art Steve Skin For Minecraft

Check Out This Skin

The style of this Steve by skin creator borkborkbork (incredible name by the way) might’ve just risen to the top of my current favorites.

I’m not all too familiar with pixel art, nor do I really know whether or not this skin could qualify as pixel art. But I’m calling it that in lieu of a better name.

All I know is that the skin’s style reminds me of Pokémon or Stardew Valley if they were given incredibly high quality and resolution. That statement in and of itself might be the highest praise I could give a skin.


26. Downtown Steve

Downtown Steve Minecraft Skin

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This skin has been named Downtown Steve, but not because it’s related to any particular city’s downtown.

It’s just clear that this Steve is ready to hit a night out on the town.

I’ve never seen a more city-slicking, bar crawl ready skin in my life.


27. Christmas Sweater Steve

Christmas Sweater Steve Skin For Minecraft

Check Out This Skin

While plenty of these skins have featured crazy, over the top designs with hilarious or weird jokes to them, sometimes we all just need a warm, cozy Steve skin.

Though this Christmas sweater Steve might not be overflowing with Christmas cheer like the holiday skin above, creator kpJulian nailed the warm and fuzzy vibes that all good Christmas sweaters should have.

Just looking at this skin feels peaceful, like I should get a warm cup of cocoa, sit by the campfire, and type /weather rain in a snowy biome.


28. FNAF Steve

FNAF Steve Minecraft Skin

Check Out This Skin

I’m all for when artists and creators knock their work out of the park, but I think creator SkribbleMonkey might have made this skin a little too well.

Granted, I’ve been a fan, a terrified fan, of the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise for as long as they’ve been around. So it makes sense as to why I’m particularly spooked by this skin.

Nevertheless, the disjointed, decaying, animatronic Steve that SkribbleMonkey made is literally the stuff of nightmares. The way the texturing is three dimensional and gives Steve the appearance of falling apart makes me unwell.

I downloaded this skin immediately. I’m talking the moment I laid eyes on it.


29. Scottish Steve

Scottish Steve Skin For Minecraft

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Most Steve skins take the default Minecraft art style and tweak it here and there.

Some Steve skins merge Steve with other properties or themes and create a new form of skin.

Creator koroo98 literally took Steve and made him Scottish.

Something about that tickles me so much, the way that koroo98 changed the hair, the skin tone, the eyes to be as stereotypically Scottish as possible. I mean, Steve’s wearing a kilt for crying out loud.

Pair all those hilarious changes with the fact that Steve is still wearing the same blank expression he always is, and this skin is comedy gold to me.


30. Swole Steve

Swole Steve Minecraft Skin

Check Out This Skin

How I feel about creator TheDimaX’s Default Steve skin is well known.

There’s very little funnier to me than Steve, but with absolutely huge muscles.

That being said, this skin isn’t all fun and games. TheDimaX designed the muscles flawlessly, integrating precise proportions into the entirety of the skin to make Steve seem huge.

Just by looking at him, it seems like he’s significantly taller than the regular Steve and that doesn’t even have to factor in the literally bulging muscles on every inch of his body.

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