Best E-Girl CC For The Sims 4: From VSCO To TikTok

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I have no idea how new (or old) E-Girls are. I just know this aesthetic started appearing everywhere.

Say what you will about the style, appearance, and way of life… you can’t deny that their look is pretty iconic at this point.

Heavy blush, decent amount of highlight, little black hearts on their cheeks, and a pretty… questionable TikTok dance that I have yet to understand.

In this article, I’m going to list down everything your Sim needs to transform into an E-Girl before your very eyes.


1. Marsosims’ Chon-Le Top

Marsosims’ Chon-Le Top Sims 4 CC

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E-Girl and black-and-white stripes often go hand-in-hand – especially when talking about fashion.

They’re either wearing oversized 2000s band shirts, oversized t-shirts worn over black-and-white-striped, long-sleeved shirts. Also oversized.

There’s just a lot of preference for baggy.

Enter this suspiciously accurate top by marsosims.

It’s literally what I described. Black-and-white-striped long-sleeves worn under a loose, black, short-sleeved tee. There are 10 other variations of this cute shirt, but this variation (and the black-and-white AC/DC one) offer the most in-line with E-Girl fashion.

It’s not that baggy, but the style is so on-point.


2. Trillyke’s Flashback Pants

Trillyke’s Flashback Pants CC for Sims 4

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These pants may not be exclusively E-Girl fashion… especially since street style and K-pop style incorporates a lot of chains, too.

But they definitely fit the aesthetic. They’re also really, really cute.

The high-waist cut is a universally-flattering look. So you can bet these pants look great on any Sim. I also find that pairing them with the previous clothing item – marsosims’ Chon-Le top – works incredibly well, as the top is sort of cropped.

High-waist plus crop top equals effortlessly cool, which is basically what E-Girl fashion is.

The pants come in 16 color variations, with 12 solids and 4 multi-colored swatches. The most E-Girl variants, for me, are obviously the black, the army fatigues, and the black-and-white checkered one.


3. Trillyke’s Lisa Mesh Top

Trillyke’s Lisa Mesh Top Sims 4 CC

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So apparently, E-Girl fashion isn’t just baggy all over.

Mesh plays a pretty big part of an E-Girl’s daily outfit, whether it’s in the form of stockings or cute accessories.

Maybe they prefer the oversized layered look most of the time, but I have seen a fair amount of crop tops with mesh detailing.

I think the general rule is as long as it’s black, edgy, and fairly reminiscent of 2000s scene girls… I wouldn’t know.

But if you do, and you want a neat mesh-y top for your Sim, check out Trillyke’s Lisa Mesh Top. The design’s one-of-a-kind, it’s a good blend of Alpha CC and Maxis Match, and it has a great range of color options (24, with 15 solids and 9 two-toned swatches).


4. DeguTegu’s Egirl Hearts

DeguTegu’s Egirl Hearts Sims 4 CC screenshot

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Classic, simple, and straightforward.

This CC set from DeguTegu offers cute black cheek hearts in five different styles and positions.

They range from tiny, almost tear-like hearts below the outer corner of the eyes, all the way to fairly larger hearts on the lower cheekbones. And then three more variants inbetween.

Because what’s an E-Girl without her iconic heart-shaped beauty marks? I ask you.

And if it’s not little black hearts, it’s fluffy clouds or faux freckles (which we’ve also got CC for) all over the cheeks. Hey, as long as it looks cute right?

But I digress. The hearts – and all their variations – can be found in the Face Makeup category.


5. Lesbian-Sims’ E-Girl Hearts

Lesbian-Sims’ E-Girl Hearts Sims 4 CC

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Black, white, red, or pink – this version of the quintessential E-Girl cheek hearts (heart cheeks?) lets you take your pick!

They’re a little bigger than the other two options I’ve listed here, but the fact that you can change the color makes them a winner in my book.

I also think it ups their versatility.

You know; makes them useful for building other quirky characters.

Instead of an E-Girl Sim, how about a Harley Quinn cosplayer?

Or an avant-garde fashionista with a particular proclivity for the Alice in Wonderland Red Queen aesthetic? Totally your call.


6. Oddduck’s E-Girl Eyeliner V1 BGC

Oddduck’s E-Girl Eyeliner V1 BGC Sims 4 CC

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I’m going to highly recommend Oddduck’s E-Girl Eyeliner V1 BGC for the simple reason that it is the perfect two-in-one for your E-Girl.

In one .package file, you get the tiny black hearts (or stars, depending on which one you choose) on the cheeks and you get the thick black eyeliner.

With wings so sharp, they could kill a man.

Pair this combo with some nose blush, some bright pink eyeshadow, and a terrifying amount of highlighter on the nose.

You’ve got the patented E-Girl look to a tee.

It only comes in black. But as I mentioned earlier, you can choose either tiny tattooed hearts or adorable skewed stars.


7. Sagittariah’s Cold Noseblush and Calatis Body Blush

Sagittariah’s Cold Noseblush and Calatis Body Blush CC for Sims 4

Check Out The Cold Noseblush CC

Check Out The Calatis Body Blush CC

Let me preface this by saying that I am a huge fan of the “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” look.

You know, where you coat your upper cheeks and nose in liberal amounts of blush? And most of the blush is concentrated on your nose so that you look like you’ve got a really bad head cold?

Yeah. That style.

The Japanese call it Igari makeup.

The E-Girl’s call it their Everyday Look.

I call it adorable.

So I’m personally recommending Sagittariah’s Cold Noseblush and Calatis Body Blush for use.

The former is an intense matte blush that is literally a splash of color smack dab in the middle of the face. The second one lends a fetching colored glow all over your Sims’ body – even their ears!

You can combine both (which is what I usually do) for maximum airbrushed blush effect.

The noseblush has 8 color options, the body blush has 10, and all of the shade swatches work really well with the default EA skin blends.


8. Desimny’s Cupid’s Blush

Desimny’s Cupid’s Blush Sims 4 CC screenshot

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Only E-Girls could combine hearts, freckles, and blush into one unreasonably adorable fashion statement.

If you’re familiar with their makeup style, you know that liberally decorating their cheeks in multiple stamped hearts does not phase them.

And if you’re into that, then you know how cute it can look if done well.

This particular CC from Dessy captures the not-so-graphical decorative E-Girl blush nicely. Affectionately called Cupid’s Blush, it does look quite fetching paired with poofy hair, pigtails, and juicy pink eyeshadow.

The blush comes in 2 color variations: light pink and cherry red.

I personally find that the cherry red looks a little much on paler Sims. Don’t worry, though: it looks terrific on darker skin too!


9. DSCO’s Gaia Set ‘The Blush’

DSCO’s Gaia Set The Blush Sims 4 CC

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Whereas Dessy’s Cupid’s Blush has this soft, satin, if-you-squint-it-could-just-be-blush style to it… DSCO’s blush from her Gaia set has no such reservations.

This blush CC is straight-up clouds on your cheek. Fluffy, defined, and with a just a hint of color behind them.

They’re cute, they’re artistic, and they’re unmistakable.

And worry not, fruit fans; the blush comes in vibrant orange slices, too.

It’s not subtle in the slightest, but literally nobody can call E-Girl makeup “natural” makeup anyway. And they grew on me, so I’m definitely not complaining.


10. Bubblevoid’s Cheek & Nose Glow

Bubblevoid’s Cheek & Nose Glow CC for Sims 4

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Another one of my holy grails. My absolute must-haves.

I don’t have E-Girl Sims, but I do love a highlight that is good and blinding.

This one from bubblevoid fulfills all my needs, and then some.

It’s precise, it’s shiny, and it goes on the places I want it to go on (cheekbones and nose tip). I mentioned how much I love the “nasty head cold with runny nose” look. This one finishes it off beautifully.

The reason I highly recommend this highlight is because it caters to a wide variety of skin tones.

We might not have a lot of variety of skin tones in Sims 4, but we at least have the darker and lighter tones represented.

And this highlight has 12 swatches that specifically cater to default EA skin blends. You have the blinding white for the paler skins and you have the almost-orange shine for our dark-skinned beauties.

Pick it up and see for yourself!


11. Plumbojuice’s 3D Eyelashes Retexture of kijiko-catfood’s 3D Lashes Version 2

Plumbojuice’s 3D Eyelashes Retexture of kijiko-catfood’s 3D Lashes Version 2 Sims 4 CC

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Check Out The Mesh

Another E-Girl must-have is thick, voluminous, almost 3D lashes.

They pair quite nicely with the bright pink eyeshadow and the thick AF eyeliner, and they really go a long way to making the eyes look bigger, brighter, and more mesmerizing.

I’m talking for both Sims’ World and IRL, by the way.

Anyway, these 3D lashes from juice totally fit the bill. They’re a retexture of kijiko-catfood’s 3D Lashes Version 2 and they look bomb with pretty much any eye makeup.

I tested it with eyeshadow, with eyeshadow and liner, without any eyeshadow… you get the idea.

Juice’s retexture clumps the lashes together so that they look a little thicker and more dramatic.

The original mesh isn’t that bad, either. The lashes are just a little wispier and more feather-like compared to the retexture. Which one should you use?

Totally boils down to personal preference. I personally liked both.

And by the way – nope, mesh not included in the retexture. Yes, you’ll need to download it separately.


12. Feral Poodles’ Jenna Hair

Feral Poodles’ Jenna Hair Sims 4 CC screenshot

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This hair may not be specifically modeled after E-Girl fashion. But it’s basically “The E-Girl Hairstyle”.

And I know not every E-Girl wears her hair like this. But I’d say 85% of them do. And that’s good enough for me to recommend this CC!

(Because E-Girl statistics aside, it still is a pretty nice hairstyle).

Feral Poodles’ Jenna hair is so accurate, it’s not even funny. You’ve got the bangs. You’ve got the poof. You’ve got the cute little pigtails.

You’ve even got the two-toned option (a removable accessory that you can download separately).

The hair comes in a total of 63 solid swatches, with 18 EA base colors and 45 custom colors. You can download either the EA colors, the custom colors, or both (choose the Merged .package folder, in that case).

It’s a Maxis Match texture that isn’t too clunky or chunky either, so those who prefer Alpha CC shouldn’t find it off-putting.

And it works with hats, too. So you can easily plop a beanie on just to complete the cute-n-cozy aesthetic.

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